Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette sabotages Audrey and Toadie’s love life

In the final week of Neighbours in the UK, there’s trouble for Nicolette as Karl gets one step closer to finding out the truth about their stolen lottery win. The answer – try to drive Audrey out of town.

Next week sees just three episodes of Neighbours, with the final episode of the year airing on Wednesday 23rd December. The show will be off air until Monday 4th January 2021, leaving the UK 4 weeks behind Australian airings when it returns.

Pierce’s piercing prophecy

With Pierce gone for good, Chloe can finally start rebuilding her life. Yet there’s one thing weighing on her mind – the warning Pierce gave her before he left.

Aaron and David are split on whether Pierce’s warning is worth worrying about

Pierce warned her that Nicolette will do anything to get what she wants, and suggested she’s only helping David and Aaron with their baby plans as a way to get closer to Chloe.

Of course, Chloe doesn’t want to believe it, and Aaron thinks it’s complete crap. Pierce was never a fan of Nicolette’s, of course he’s going to be biased. “Please don’t let his bitterness towards her get into your head, okay?”

Yet David has doubts. They know that Nicolette liked Chloe a lot, and Chloe is now single again. He’s worried Nicolette sees their baby plan as a way to be a permanent fixture in Chloe’s life.

As Aaron points out, it’s a pretty extreme way of going about things – “I think there’s a lot easier ways to get a girl than to have their brother’s baby!” – but David is worried that more and more people seem to be raising concerns about Nicolette.

When Chloe asks Nicolette directly whether there’s any truth to Pierce’s allegation, Nicolette flat out denies it – but is Chloe convinced?

Scared everything is falling apart, Nic calls a meeting of Chloe, Aaron, David and Paul so everyone can get things off their chest. David expresses his concerns about what Pierce said, but Nicolette reassures them all that her baby desires have nothing to do with Chloe. She wants to have a baby, to have a family, but not in the conventional way.

She wants to be a mother, but with David and Aaron doing all the heavy lifting. Chloe and Aaron are won over, but David still has his reservations. Even he can’t figure out why he’s having a hard time trusting Nicolette – is just he nervous about the baby situation in general?

However, despite David’s reservations, what’s done is done – if Nicolette’s turkey baster plan worked, she could already be pregnant, and they’ll find out soon enough. 

Nicolette’s sabotage plan backfires

Of course, Nicolette’s feelings for Chloe aren’t the only thing that could jeopardise her family plans. There’s the small matter of that lottery win…!

Across the street, Karl still hasn’t hit his Movember fundraising target, meaning Susan is “stuck with Zorro” for a while longer, as Karl has no plans to shave any time soon. “Darling, it’s for a good cause,” he reminds her, but she’s fed up of it.

“I just wish Audrey had given you some of her winnings, then that thing’d be gone by now,” quips Susan.

That gives Karl an idea. Audrey told him that her nurses’ lottery syndicate windfall came when she was working in Canberra… where she was working alongside Nicolette. Was Nic also part of the winning syndicate? Maybe Karl could tempt her into making her own generous donation!

Susan thinks that if Nicolette has never mentioned a lottery win, then either she wasn’t part of the syndicate, or doesn’t want anyone to know about it… but Karl isn’t going to let a little thing like that get in the way of things. “Don’t worry darling, I can be discrete” says Erinsborough’s least subtle man.

When Karl bumps into Nicolette at Harold’s, he presses her for a donation. When she tells him she can’t afford much, he quietly tells her that he knows about Audrey’s nurses syndicate lottery win, digging a little to see if Nicolette was part of it.

Audrey’s presence in town has been spooking Nicolette for months – will she ruin everything?

Nicolette is forced to cover her shock that Karl knows about Audrey’s riches. She makes it clear she wasn’t involved, and Karl believes her, but Nicolette is terrified that the truth is one step closer to being revealed.

Meanwhile, Audrey and Toadie continue to get on like a house on fire, as they finalise where the Sonya Rebecchi Foundation funds should go. They’re planning to use some of the funds to run art classes for underprivileged kids, and Toadie has the perfect candidate in mind for the teacher.

Nicolette confronts Audrey, but Audrey tells her to back off – she’s sticking around, and their secret is safe!

Nicolette can’t help but notice how close they’re getting, and asks Audrey how she’s going to carry on helping the foundation after she leaves town.

“Actually, I wasn’t planning to,” Audrey tells her. “I got offered a permanent job at the hospital, so I’m looking for somewhere long term to live.”

Nicolette is stunned. She’s worried that Audrey will get so comfortable in Erinsborough that she’ll end up blabbing about their little secret, or that Toadie will discover the truth about her anonymous donation.

Soon after, Toadie proposes to Ned that he runs the kids’ art classes, and asks him to do a practice session for him and Audrey.

As they gather at Lassiters lake, Ned’s part in proceedings is very limited. It quickly becomes far more of a date than an art class, as Toadie and Audrey share a picnic and Prosecco.

Audrey seems nervous, obviously put out by her earlier argument with Nicolette. She expresses to Toadie that they don’t know each other that well, and that she’s scared that once Toadie gets to know her better, he won’t like her.

Of course, Toadie can’t believe that, and tells her she has nothing worry about. “You’re kind, generous, genuine. Goofy. Sweet, selfless. I don’t want to make you blush again, but if it’s not already obvious, I kinda like ya.”

As the Prosecco flows, it’s obvious there’s something between them. As Ned leaves them in peace, they share their drawing attempts, before sharing a kiss!

Just as they’re doing so, Nicolette and Chloe walk past, with Nicolette shocked to see her ex partner in crime cosying up with a Ramsay Street resident.

If the two of them get together, she’s stuck with Audrey for good.

When Jane tells her daughter that the Kennedys practically raised Toadie, Nicolette realises that Karl and Susan may be the key to sabotage Toadie and Audrey’s budding relationship.

Interrupting their dinner date at The Waterhole, Nicolette sows the seeds of doubt as she tells Karl and Susan that Audrey’s massive donation “does make me wonder if she has an agenda.”

When you’ve got a lot of money, you can use it to get what you want, says Nicolette. She tells the Kennedys that she wouldn’t be surprised if Audrey donated the cash to make Toadie pay her a bit of attention. “It wouldn’t be the first time. Audrey has a habit of over-investing in her boyfriends. Just keep an eye on him, I wouldn’t want him feeling obligated.”

And just like that, she makes her exit, leaving the Kennedys to mull over this new information.

Her plan works perfectly. Karl, unable to control himself, ends up spilling to Toadie about Audrey’s lottery win, and that she was the one who donated the $50,000. Toadie is gobsmacked – why would she keep something like that a secret, and what’s her agenda? Is he now indebted to Audrey?

Either way, there are major fireworks to come when Neighbours returns to the UK in 2021.

Here’s the full spoilers for the final week of Neighbours in the UK for 2020:

Monday 21st December (8505)

Nicolette sees that Audrey is becoming very involved in the community and fears this will lead to their secret being exposed.

Chloe doesn’t know what to make of Pierce’s warning. Aaron doesn’t believe a word for it, but David fears it may be true and Paul believes it wholeheartedly.

Tuesday 22nd December (8506)

Kyle learns that Bossy’s brain tumour has returned so decided to fly back to Germany for one last cuddle.

Nicolette stews over Audrey’s budding romance with Toadie, planting a seed of doubt with Karl that Audrey is obsessive and Toadie should be cautious.

Sheila mistakes Clive’s kindness for romantic interest.

Wednesday 23rd December (8507)

Sheila is determined to rekindle her relationship with Clive.

Hendrix is furious to learn that Ollie was the one who reported him for driving unlicensed.

Bea learns from Roxy that Levi still has feelings for her.

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