UK Neighbours Spoilers – Pierce shatters Dipi’s dream of a relationship

In next week’s Neighbours in the UK, with their affair out in the open, Dipi wants a full blown relationship with Pierce. Yet Pierce has other plans, as he opts to leave Erinsborough behind for good.

At the end of this Friday’s episode, Dipi is overjoyed when she hears from Pierce that his marriage to Chloe is over. In the final moments, she confesses to him that she doesn’t want to be with Shane any more, she wants to be with him!

Yet on next week’s Neighbours, her dreams are shattered as Pierce brings her back down to earth with a bang.

“We have a connection,” pleads Dipi. She’s desperate for their affair to have meant something, and wants it means a fresh new start with her dream man.

Yet to Pierce, it seems the affair was nothing more than a way to deal with his own marriage falling apart. “We were both struggling with our marriage,” he tells her. “I mean, we were looking for an escape, that’s what that was. “We hurt people we care about, people we love. I betrayed my wife.”

In Dipi’s eyes, it’s different now, it’s out in the open. Sure, they’ve hurt the ones they love, but that’s already happened. They’re now free to do what they want. But Pierce thinks starting a relationship off the back of an affair isn’t the way to go. “If we started something, what kind of relationship would that be, given the way it’s begun?”

Telling her he cares about her very much, he breaks her heart as he tells her that he loves Chloe.

“So that’s it?” she asks, before leaving him alone at Number 24.

Talking to Sheila later in the garden of Number 26, Dipi tells her that when she’s with Pierce, she feels happy. Like she can deserves something more from her own life.

Yet Sheila gives her a dose of reality. Of course the dream of the life of a millionaire’s wife is going to inspire her more than the slog of a struggling marriage… but at the end of the day it was just a dream.

A couple of days later and it seems Pierce isn’t going to reconsider. He decides to say goodbye to Erinsborough for good, believing a fresh start in Sydney is the only way he can carry on with his life!

He wants Hendrix to go with him, but it’s an instant no from his son. “I’m not the one who blew up my life,” Hendrix points out. Yet with Hendrix’s unlicensed joyride fresh in Pierce’s mind, he doesn’t think he can safely leave him in Erinsborough on his own.

However, Hendrix is undeterred, and has every intention of sticking around at Number 24.

Chloe is taken aback when she hears Pierce is leaving. It’s all happened so fast, but she knows that a fresh start is what they both need. Pierce has handed the deed for Number 24 over to her… meaning an awkward conversation with Hendrix is due. Chloe probably doesn’t want her ex’s son still living with her, as close as they are.

Fine, says Pierce, he’ll just sort him out a serviced apartment somewhere. But Chloe thinks it’s all too easy, and that Hendrix will never learn any responsibility if he always has his dad to bail him out.

Taking this on board, Pierce has an ultimatum for his son. If he wants to stay in Erinsborough, he’s got to do it on his own. Pierce isn’t going to give him any financial help, so he’s got to get himself a job, a place to stay, and needs to pay the rent himself!

It’ll be a shock for the son of a millionaire to have to make it on his own. How will he cope?

And as Pierce says goodbye to Erinsborough for good, what does this mean for Dipi and Chloe?

Decision time for David and Aaron

Meanwhile at Number 32, David and Aaron are torn over Nicolette’s shock offer to be their baby’s mother.

Nicolette proposes that the three have a co-parenting relationship, with David and Aaron as the primary caregivers (their dads, for all intents and purposes), and Nicolette acting as an over-invested aunt. But legally, she’d be the child’s mum.

Understandably, there are a lot of unanswered questions. David appreciates the offer, but thinks introducing a third person into their child’s life could just introduce conflict.

“Well we can just hash out all the big issues beforehand,” thinks Aaron, making it all sound so easy. But David points out that they can’t predict every possible blow up. It seems Aaron is far more into the idea than David is, who’s clearly overwhelmed by how many things could go wrong. 

The parents and extended family of the relationship – Jane, Paul and Terese – have their reservations as well.

Paul wonders why on earth they’re throwing away the opportunity they had in Canada – but is quickly reminded that they’d still need to find a surrogate mother in Australia, which could be the most difficult piece of the puzzle.

Terese also does her best to talk Paul around, assuring him that having more people involved in the relationship just means more love and support for the child. “It could also mean more arguments,” adds Jane. “Parenting is already hard enough when you’re part of a committed couple.”

Yet at the end of the day, it’s David and Aaron’s decision, as Terese reminds them.

Of course, Paul just can’t help himself. In one of the strangest encounters in a little while, Pierce sits down with Paul in his Lassiters office, and thanks him for his intervention. Paul was the one who convinced him that his marriage to Chloe was over, and Pierce is thankful that he made him come to his senses.

Before Pierce leaves, Paul asks him for his thoughts on Nicolette. Surprisingly, Pierce tells him he’d prefer to stay out of it. As they’ve never seen eye to eye, his opinion is biased, and he doesn’t want to be the one to sway Paul’s decision.

Yet after another tense encounter with Nicolette, Pierce changes his mind. He returns to Lassiters, and in Terese’s office, rips into her. “Nicolette is a conniving deceitful snake, with no morals and zero integrity. I wouldn’t throw her as far as I could spit her.”

“I’ve seen how she operates. If she wants something, she’ll destroy anything in her way to get it.”

When Paul confronts Jane about whether she thinks this is a good idea, she relents and admits she don’t know if Nicolette is emotionally stable enough to be a co-parent. How can Paul let the joint parenthood offer go ahead now?

Eventually, after Nicolette makes one more emotional plea, David and Aaron come to a rash decision – they’re going ahead with it. They’re not beating about the bush either – that evening, Nicolette impregnates herself with David’s sperm using the turkey baster method.

There’s a chance their baby dreams have just begun!

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 14th November (8500)

Dipi is devastated and bewildered when Pierce tells her they have no future together.

Yashvi is quick to offer Dipi support but is much less sympathetic towards Shane.

Nicolette is gutted by her mother’s lack of faith in her and delivers Jane a painful ultimatum.

Tuesday 15th December (8501)

Susan notices spark between Toadie and Audrey when to two agree to have dinner together.

Karl discovers an anonymous $50,000 donation towards his Movember campaign.

Discussing things over a few wines, David, Aaron and Nicolette jump into a spur of the moment decision.

Wednesday 16th December (8502)

Sheila tries to throw a spanner in the works when she learns that Levi is helping Nathan and Bea to reconnect.

David has concerns about the decision they’ve made.

Paul is horrified with David and Aaron’s decision, urging David to call the whole thing off.

Thursday 17th December (8503)

Pierce reveals he’s moving to Sydney, and that if Hendrix wants to stay in Erinsborough, he’ll have to support himself.

After arriving back from Sydney to be by Nathan’s side, Bea is soon torn between two men after a moment with Levi.

Shane worries that Pierce and Chloe’s divorce could mean that Dipi and Pierce will officially get together.

Friday 18th December (8504)

The Kennedys welcome Hendrix into their open with open arms, but he’ll have to get a job and pay rent.

As Pierce says goodbye to Chloe, he offers one last private warning about Nicolette.

Dipi breaks down in tears after she bids Pierce farewell.

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