UK Neighbours Spoilers – Audrey’s donation secret is revealed

In next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Karl discovers that Audrey was the anonymous benefactor who gave $50,000 to Sonya’s fund. Will he pry deeper into how she had so much money to give away, and can he keep it a secret from Toadie?

Audrey is throwing herself into fundraising, helping out with the Sonya Rebecchi Foundation every way she possibly can. On top of that, She and Toadie are getting along very well, even bonding over wrestling. It looks like Audrey is going out of her way to get close to Toadie, a fact that isn’t lost on Karl and Susan.

As always, the Kennedys can’t help but meddle, and encourage Toadie to pursue her. “Oh, I don’t think she’d be interested in me… not after diarrhoea dinner“, says Toadie, his disastrous first date with Audrey still fresh in his mind. But Susan convinces him to give it another shot, and he invites her to dinner there and then.

As Audrey, Toadie and the Kennedys discuss the foundation, Karl tries to convince them that the entirety of the $50,000 anonymous donation should go to Movember. However, the others aren’t sure that’s what the mysterious donor would want – and anyway, Toadie and Audrey have already discussed how they plan to spend the money.

The conversation inevitably returns to who the mystery donation was. When Karl ask Audrey if she has any idea who the unknown benefactor could be, she feigns ignorance – she’s new in town, how would she have any idea?! To change the subject, she claims she’s going to make a donation to Karl’s Movember cause herself.

Later, the two share a second dinner date at Number 30, this time with none of the toilet troubles that marred their first date. Toadie has made sure that Karl hasn’t had anything to do with the wine choice, and everything seems to be going smoothly. There’s clearly a spark between them.

Yet trouble is on its way.

Over at Number 28, Karl spots that a Movember donation has come through from “[email protected]” – which is the exact same email address that made the $50,000 donation to Sonya’s foundation. Of course, this new Movember donation came in around the same time they were at Harold’s, just when Audrey said she was going to donate.

Karl puts two and two together, realising Audrey was the one to make the generous donation to Toadie’s foundation!

Never one for subtly, Karl heads to Number 30 right away and interrupts their date, making a Nell-related excuse to get Toadie out of the way. Clearly this is something that couldn’t wait until the morning!

With Toadie in the other room, he then pounces on Audrey, asking her outright whether she made the $50,000 donation.

Audrey, cornered, has no choice but to admit to it.

She claims that it was from her, but pretends she’s part of a syndicate of nurses who made the donation. Thinking on her feet, she tells Karl that they came into a lottery win some years back, in Canberra, and they decided to use the money to help those less fortunate. Karl is blown away by her generosity, but she asks him not to tell Toadie, claiming she’s worried that money changes how people see others.

“Oh, not Toadie,” reassures Karl, but seems willing to keep the news to himself.

Yet this is Karl Kennedy we’re talking about – how long can it really remain secret? With Nicolette potentially having David and Aaron’s baby, if the truth about their stolen lottery win comes to light, it could disrupt the lives of countless Ramsay Street residents!

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 14th November (8500)

Dipi is devastated and bewildered when Pierce tells her they have no future together.

Yashvi is quick to offer Dipi support but is much less sympathetic towards Shane.

Nicolette is gutted by her mother’s lack of faith in her and delivers Jane a painful ultimatum.

Tuesday 15th December (8501)

Susan notices spark between Toadie and Audrey when to two agree to have dinner together.

Karl discovers an anonymous $50,000 donation towards his Movember campaign.

Discussing things over a few wines, David, Aaron and Nicolette jump into a spur of the moment decision.

Wednesday 16th December (8502)

Sheila tries to throw a spanner in the works when she learns that Levi is helping Nathan and Bea to reconnect.

David has concerns about the decision they’ve made.

Paul is horrified with David and Aaron’s decision, urging David to call the whole thing off.

Thursday 17th December (8503)

Pierce reveals he’s moving to Sydney, and that if Hendrix wants to stay in Erinsborough, he’ll have to support himself.

After arriving back from Sydney to be by Nathan’s side, Bea is soon torn between two men after a moment with Levi.

Shane worries that Pierce and Chloe’s divorce could mean that Dipi and Pierce will officially get together.

Friday 18th December (8504)

The Kennedys welcome Hendrix into their open with open arms, but he’ll have to get a job and pay rent.

As Pierce says goodbye to Chloe, he offers one last private warning about Nicolette.

Dipi breaks down in tears after she bids Pierce farewell.

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