UK Neighbours Spoilers – Shane and Pierce fight as tensions bubble over

In this week’s Neighbours in the UK, tensions between Pierce and Shane reach breaking point as they fight in front of their kids at Schoolies.

This week, the teens head to Schoolies, the big drunken blow-out to celebrate the end of their time at Erinsborough High. Hendrix can’t wait to just get drunk and party, and put thoughts of his dad’s affair behind him for a few days.

Jay is the street’s newest arrival, but will his history with Mackenzie cause future issues?

Jay tags along as well, giving him a chance to get to know his new Ramsay Street friends a little. However, there’s one person he already shares a connection with. It turns out Jay and Mackenzie were in the same class together when they were younger, back in Bourke. 

There’s only a few seconds of discussion, but it hints at some drama yet to come. “You remember that jerk, Tommo Wilson?” asks Mackenzie, referring to the class they were both in during their childhood. “Hated anyone who stood out from the class. You know, total bully and sadist, made people cry for fun”.

Jay denies any memory of him, but the nervous look on his face makes it clear there’s still a friendship there. Could this blow up in his face in weeks or months to come?     

Mackenzie and Harlow give Schoolies a miss after Richie’s bad behaviour

Yet not all of the teens end up making it to Schooies. When Mackenzie spots Corin and Richie talking and looking suspicious in Harold’s, she goes over to find out what’s going on, and overhears them talking about Corin’s sexual proposition from last week. When she asks for an explanation, Corin tells Mackenzie her plan outright: “Just so you know, if you won’t give it to Richie, I will.” 

It leads to a tense confrontation between the couple. Mackenzie had already asked him if Corin was flirting with him, so is angry that he didn’t mention her sordid proposal. When Hendrix tries to brush it aside and claims Mackenzie is overreacting, she and Harlow both decide not to go to Schoolies, leaving their boyfriends to it.

International Men’s Day special

In an episode which aired in Australia on International Men’s Day (Thursday 19th November), almost all of the male cast head to Schoolies in an episode designed to focus on the issues affecting men and men’s mental health in 2020.

The episode explores the struggles that many men face, such as mental health, toxic masculinity, relationship pressures and same-sex parenting, with an encouragement for men to support each other.

Oli introduces Richie to The Ladder, but Hendrix is not impressed

Stealing Pierce’s Mercedes and a crate of his wine, the boys head off to the Schoolies campsite with Oli, by far the most laddish of the bunch.

It soon transpires there’s an app called “The Ladder“, a new social network the Erinsborough High boys are using to rate girls in the school on who’s the best in bed. It’s taking the school by storm, and Oli loves it.

Richie, fed up of people thinking Mackenzie’s trans status is the reason they haven’t slept together, succumbs to social pressures and decides to add her to the app. He weirdly has the best of intentions – he rates her as good in bed, hoping it will shut people up. However, it’s not long before he realises it was a very bad move.

Hendrix, meanwhile, tries to convince the boys that they can’t talk about girls like pieces of meat, or treat them that way. He’s disgusted that his friends are on the app and think it’s okay to judge girls on their sexual prowess – writing it off as “having a laugh” is not an answer.

“Do you realise what year this is, mate, what century?!” He’s had enough of Oli’s attitude, and gives him a piece of his mind. “Ranking girls like they are pieces of meat, it’s gross mate. You are sick, you should be ashamed of yourself, all of you!”

Good on you, Hendrix.

Back in Erinsborough, Pierce discovers that Hendrix has stolen his car. He decides he’s got no choice but to head to the party and chastise his son, and gets a lift from Arron, with Paul and David in tow.

Over at Number 30, Shane is more upset than ever after Dipi continues to refuse to talk about her affair. He very narrowly manages to resist heading back to the drugs, but thankfully is interrupted by Karl and Toadie as he mulls over the decision.

When Pierce comes over and lets him know Jay and Hendrix have taken his car, he angrily decides to head to the Schoolies campsite as well. Knowing it could take a turn for the worse, Karl and Toadie jump in the car with him to keep him under control.

Weeks of tension bubbles over as Shane and Pierce fight

aS they get to the camp site, the tensions eventually spill over. Shane and Pierce argue over Shane’s erratic driving, their flawed parental practices, and eventually the affair, leading to Shane lashing out and attacking Pierce.

After the fight, he sits down for a heart to heart with Karl and Toadie. He can’t take it any more – comparing himself to Pierce, he realises that Greyson can give her everything, while he’s only given her 20 years of hardship.

Shane sees himself as a failure of a husband and a man, but Karl convinces him that he needs to stat thinking about himself

“I can’t expect her to want me back when all I’ve ever done is fail her”.

Karl assures him that he’s not a loser, and his first step to fixing his marriage is to see himself in a better light. Shane is downtrodden and convinced that he’s not a good enough husband, not a good enough man, but Karl tells him that these flaws just makes him human.

Karl and Toadie convince him that things started to unravel when he went to Uni, and decided he had to achieve something by a certain date. He needs to stop putting pressure on himself, to stop focussing on who he thinks he should be for Dipi. He needs to think about himself for once – who should he be for him?

Will the pep talk make Shane re-think things, and focus on himself?

Levi, Bea and Pako come face to face

Meanwhile, the truth comes out about Nathan, aka “Pako”, the guy who landed Levi in hospital when he was a kid. This week, Levi writes him a letter, explaining the emotional and physical damage he caused him with his actions all those years ago. It works, and the cathartic experience leads him to put some of his trauma behind him.

Yet there’s a big shock in store. Sheila isn’t feeling as relaxed, and decides she wants to meet Pako in person to talk things though. She’s been struggling with her own demons, still feeling guilt over her part in what happened.

She also wants to see if Pako’s apology was genuine, and arranges to meet him at Lassiters to talk things through.

Levi and Bea are stunned to see Sheila chatting to Nathan, or Pako as Levi knows him

Levi and Bea, fresh from a Krav Maga training session, head around the corner to see Sheila waiting alone. Is she waiting for a date, Levi jokingly questions. Yet as they watch, a man comes around the corner…

To Bea, it’s Nathan, the man she’s been dating and who suddenly ghosted her.

Yet to Levi, it’s his attacker, Pako, the man who attacked him and the cause of his epilepsy!

The pair had no idea they both had a connection to him, and it’s too much for either of them to handle.

Nathan has arrived in town to make amends, but his date with Bea may have ruined everything

How will Levi react to the news that the girl he’s into has a connection to the man who almost ruined his life? Will this jeopardise any chance they had of being together?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 7th November (8495)

After his heart attack scare, Pierce’s bloodwork shows evidence of stimulants that he knows he didn’t take.

Dipi suspects Shane drugged Pierce, leading her to admit to Jane that her marriage is over.

David is set to fly to Canada to begin the surrogacy process, but Nicolette comes forward with an offer just before he leaves.

Tuesday 8th December (8496)

Sheila decides to meet with Nathan to help get some closure, but when Bea and Levi interrupt the meeting, everyone is horrified to learn that Bea has been dating Levi’s attacker.

Everyone is shocked by Nicolette’s offer to be David and Aaron’s surrogate, leaving the couple with a lot to consider.

Wednesday 9th December (8497)

With tensions still running high between Hendrix and Pierce, all Hendrix wants to do now that exams are over is to party.

Shane is pleased that Dipi agrees to talk with him, but she later reneges on the meeting, leaving Shane at breaking point.

Bea questions her taste in men.

Thursday 10th December (8498)


The boys are ready to let loose at Schoolies.

Hendrix finds out about “The Ladder”, an app that the boys at school are using to rank their female classmates.

Pierce heads off to the campsite after Hendrix steals his car, with the rest of the Ramsay Street men eventually tagging along.

Shane’s grievances with Pierce get the better of him on the road and things turn physical between the pair once everyone’s at the campsite.

Friday 11th December (8499)

Shane tells Dipi that he’s tabling his efforts to fix their marriage to work on himself privately, which comes as a relief to Dipi.

Pierce arrives home with the sad realisation that things are over for him and Chloe, which devastates Hendrix.

Richie is ashamed when he admits to Mackenzie that he submitted her to “The Ladder”.

Neighbours summer promo gives 2021 clues

Neighbours dropped something a little special a few days ago – a dance promo for the show, featuring Benny Turland (Hendrix) strutting his stuff around Erinsborough as he interacts with all our favourite chracters.

The slick new promo also gives away some major clues for some relationships coming up over the Australian summer and into 2021. View the full promo above, and click here to read our article analysing every last second.

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