Home and Away Season Finale Spoilers – Colby is cornered, as the police raid the garage


Plus watch the 2021 Promo above for another teaser of what’s in store when Home and Away returns in early 2021.

The Australian Season Finale of Home and Away is just a matter of hours away, airing in a triple-bill from 7pm. It looks like we’re set for a a wild ride in the show’s final hour and a half of 2020.

Prison showdown for Colby

Cops don’t do well in prison. It’s something Dean has made clear time and time again, and we’ve always presumed it’s foreshadowing a major twist in the Colby Thorne story.

In the final episode of the year, Colby’s (Tim Franklin) prison mates discover his identity, and he’s not set for a good time.

Jasmine (Sam Frost) visits him tonight, deciding their friendship isn’t worth throwing away because of what he did. She decides that Ross put him and Bella through so much that his actions made sense. Talking to TV Week, Sam says: “While she knows he’s done the wrong thing, she also knows he’s a good person. Ross was a dangerous, violent man, so she can understand why he did it.”

Yet could the visit be Colby’s last?

Not long after she leaves, telling him to take care of himself, Colby is surrounded by inmates. Clearly someone knows who he is, as a fellow prisoner tells him “You really thought that you’d get away with it… Constable Thorne!”

With Tim Franklin seemingly no longer filming for the show, we don’t suspect this showdown to go well.

Kieran struggles with his anger issues

Kieran (Rick Donald) has returned to Summer Bay to try and patch up the shaky relationship between him and his mum Martha. So far, things have gone reasonably well, and he’s even made a good first impression on Alf.

Although Martha has warned Alf about her son’s alcoholism and his past violent tendencies, Kieran explained that he’s managed to stay on the wagon of late, and is finally tuning his life around. Alf has known a few friends who’ve suffered with alcoholism, so he understands the struggle.

Could he be on the road to recovery?

Yet things take a turn for the worse in the season finale, as Kieran attempts to get himself a job. He’s bagged a van in the caravan park thanks to Alf’s generosity, but wants to be able to pay his own way, so asks Jasmine for a job at the gym.

We’ve already seen Kieran’s pushy side, as he attempted to get Marilyn to tell him where Martha lived, or at least give him her phone number. While Marilyn stood her ground, she was clearly a little unnerved by Kieran’s insistence, and there was a definite tension in the air. Yet it was soon forgotten when Marilyn discovered his true identity.

Unfortunately, he has a harder time controlling himself this week. Jasmine, fresh from her visit to the prison, is a little dismissive when Kieran approaches her to ask for a job. She tells him to drop a résumé into the gym and she’ll take a look over it, but for Kieran that isn’t enough. He keeps pushing, and refuses to leave her alone until she offers him at least an interview – better yet, the job.

Not the best first impression!

In the end, Lewis, Jasmine’s old uni friend who she’s just been reunited with at the prison, has to step in. The rejection hits Kieran badly, and he storms off, before exploding in anger outside the Surf Club. He punches a tree, unable to control his short fuse.

Rick Donald, who plays Kieran, spoke to Sunday Mail about his new character, and describes him as a “tornado stirring things up”. He’s a troubled man with a history of mental illness, and he’s not set to get over his demons quickly.

“The writers were really keen to explore it … and try to get a true representation of the struggle,” Rick told the Sunday Mail. It’s not going to be a storyline where he comes in, gets drunk for a week, and gets magically fixed.

We’re expecting plenty more outbursts during Kieran’s time in the bay… but who will be the next person in the firing line?

The arrival of Lewis

©Luke Arnold

As we wrote about on Thursday, a brand new character arrives in the bay in the season finale, and he’s set to have a big impact on two Summer Bay residents.

Lewis Hayes (Luke Arnold) is an old friend of Jasmine’s, and they share a deep connection.

The two had a fling when they were in uni together, but ended up going their separate ways, and Lewis went onto marry Jasmine’s best friend Anna. Unfortunately, his wife died, and he’s been left a widower.

Now, he’s occasionally working in the infirmary at the jail, and Jasmine bumps into him when she goes to visit Colby in tonight’s season finale. She’s surprised to see him again after so long, but has a big smile on her face as she reunites with her old flame. Are there still feelings there?

He’s set for big drama, as it turns out he has a vendetta against Dr Christian Green. He blames Christian for the death of his wife, and struggles to let it go.

Will his reformed connection with Jasmine, who’s also grieving the death of her own partner, be enough to get him over his desire for revenge?

Tane and Ziggy get jiggy

A romance for Tane (Ethan Browne) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) has been brewing for weeks, and they came close to sharing a kiss after spending an evening at the farmhouse in last week’s episodes. Tane was a gentleman and left Ziggy at the end of the night without making a move, but it’s clear there’s an attraction between them.

Now, in tonight’s extended season finale, they finally hook up.

Ziggy is fuming with Tane for the stolen goods debacle, which goes from bad to worse as the cops raid Summer Bay Auto. Yet she has a hard time staying mad at him when she finds him drinking alone at Salt.

“She likes Tane as a person, and can see he’s been struggling, so she wants to help,” Sophie told TV Week, talking about her budding new romance with Summer Bay’s newest bad boy. “But in that friendship, she begins to develop feelings for him.”

As Dean warned Tane last week, broken men seem to be Ziggy’s type. She tries to fix them, then they end up in bed together. It seems Dean might have been right.

They drink together and go over what went down at the garage, and it isn’t long until they’re back at the Parata house, both a little worse for wear. Not thinking straight, they both give into temptation and spend the night together.

Sophie explained to TV Week how she often acts first, thinks second. “Whether [Ziggy] has feelings for him is yet to be determined.”

Yet what does this mean for Dean and Ziggy? The next day, with Tane watching on, Dean approaches his ex at the beach. He’s not one to give in easily, and once again begs her for another chance.

“I love you,” he reminds her. “Nothing will ever change that”

They have so much history, and if it wasn’t for Colby then they’d still be blissfully happy together. Can he win her over?

And with Tane no stranger to a criminal past, what makes him a better catch than Dean?

And what of *that* armed robbery?

Tane and Ari have been backed in to a corner – they feel like they have no choice but to carry out Paul’s armed robbery. If they don’t, then Paul and Leon will send the incriminating photos of their last job straight to the cops, meaning almost certain jail tim,e for the two of them.

In the last seconds of Thursday’s episode, Ari received a text from Paul:

“Job is set up for next week. Call me for details. Paul”

The job is an armed robbery at a league club in Reefton Lakes. There’s no backing out now, or there’ll be trouble.

We know absolutely nothing of the results of the armed robbery, with it having been kept completely under wraps. We know that Heath Braxon returns at some point either in the finale or early in 2021, and gets caught up in the Parata drama, but as for how the Paratas get on with their job for Paul, it’s set to be a complete surprise.

One shock twist is that the police turn up at Summer Bay Auto during the final episode of the season, searching for stolen goods! They’re closing in on the stolen van case, and someone or something has linked them to Justin’s garage.

How did they find out where it had been stashed? And did they leave any clues before Willow and Ziggy drove it to its new home?

Tane is quick to confess to Justin that he’s the cause of the police raid. Will Justin keep quiet for Ziggy’s sake, or dob Tane into he cops?

Plus does the show have any final twists in store? There’s a lot to fit into an hour and a half, but the show managed to keep the identity of Witness X a complete secret until the moment it was revealed to be Willow, so we’re hoping there may be some additional surprises thrown in as the final moments of 2021 air.

Home and Away returns to both Australian and UK screens in early 2021.

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