Neighbours Spoilers – Jane and Clive sleep together

In the latest Neighbours spoilers, Jane and Clive get drunk and spend the night together, scuppering Sheila’s plans to reconcile with her ex.

These episodes will air in Australia from Monday 30th November, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 21st December. Friday’s episode will air in the UK on Christmas Day, with the Kennedys hosting a Christmas party.

An unlikely pairing

Clive tried making Sheila jealous to win her back… before finding out the truth about Levi’s results

Sheila (Colette Mann) has always continued to love Clive (Geoff Paine), despite breaking things off with him earlier in the year. She’s still racked with guilt over tampering with Levi’s test results, and thinks Clive deserves better than her. She continued to push him away, despite his best efforts for them to patch things up.

When Clive discovered the truth about the amended test results, even he was forced to admit that it was a step too far, and accepted it was over.

This week, as Clive helps her with her guilt over Levi’s beating, Sheila begins to warm to the idea of giving things another go.

Clive lends her a sympathetic ear in next week’s episodes, encouraging her to let go of her guilt and stop torturing herself. Unfortunately for Sheila, she mistakes his friendliness for romantic interest, and it makes her think that maybe they can get back together after all.

Talking to TV Week, Collette explains how Sheila never stopped loving Clive. “She just felt that she didn’t deserve him after fiddling with Levi’s medical report. She’ll always have deep feelings for him, no matter what happens.”

Later in the week, Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Karl (Alan Fletcher) throw an early Christmas party. Although Christmas is still some weeks away, the UK is now 3 weeks behind Australian airings, and next Friday’s Australian episode will coincide with Christmas Day in the UK.

Bea and Levi’s will they, won’t they romance ends up causing two others to end up in bed

Unfortunately for Sheila, Roxy (Zima Anderson) has a plan to unite another confused Erinsborough couple, which backfires with spectacular effect. Bea and Levi both like each other, but it feels like as soon as one expresses any interest, the other’s mind is elsewhere. Recently, Levi confessed that he has feelings for Bea, at the exact same time as Bea met mysterious new face Nathan.

Next week, Roxy lets slip to Bea that Levi still has feelings for her, leaving her torn over which man to choose. So, Roxy puts a plan in action. She spikes the punch at the Kennedys’ party, hoping the extra booze will be enough to get the conversation flowing between Levi and Bea, and lead to something more.

Yet it loosens things up for an unlikely Erinsborough pairing. As Sheila vies for Clive’s attention, Jane also seems interested in the doc. The pair have known each other for decades, and ss they both drink more and more of Roxy’s punch, they get closer and closer. Jane is inadvertently blocking Sheila’s attempts to reconcile!

The biggest shock comes the next morning. As Jane wakes up, with a headache from the night before, she’s taken aback when she looks over and sees Clive fast asleep in bed next to her!

Will they confess to what they’ve done?

Audrey is the only person who knows what Nicolette did

Audrey puts down roots in Ramsay Street

Elsewhere, Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) tries to banish Audrey (Zahra Newman) from Erinsborough, as her old friend begins to put down more roots in town.

She’s secretly hoping that Audrey will just go away. The arrival of her old friend and colleague has brought back bad memories of their past, with Audrey the only person who knows her big secret. While working in London, Audrey and Nicolette secretly pocketed a lottery ticket of a dying man, which went on to win them $100,000.

Audrey, racked with guilt, arrived on Ramsay Street pleading with Nicolette to return the money. However, with Nicolette having already spent most of her $50,000 share, that was out of the question. In Nicolette’s opinion, their patient’s family treated him terribly, with her and Audrey essentially providing all of his support in his final years. The thought of handing over the money to an estranged family seemed the worst possible option.

This week, Audrey gets close to a Ramsay Street resident who’s been nothing but unlucky in love over the past few years – Toadie. 

Audrey decides that if they’re not going to pay back the money, it should at least go to a good cause. Toadie is in shock when The Sonya Rebecchi Foundation receives an anonymous donation of $50,000 – he’s overwhelmed at such generosity, but has no idea who the benefactor is.

Audrey is actually interested in Toadie romantically, but will Karl and Nicolette put a stop to things?

Although Audrey is happy to keep it this way, she does want to know where her money’s going. She decides to befriend Toadie, to see what the plan is for her donation. As the pair share a dinner date, they get on better than them expected, and there’s clearly a spark between them. Suddenly Audrey is interested in Toadie for more than just his link to the foundation.

Unfortunately for the loved up couple, Karl could scupper everything. Karl has already been suspicious after witnessing tension between Audrey and Nicolette, and is in for a shock when he discovers the identity of the benefactor. As he’s working on his Movember fundraising efforts, he stumbles on Audrey’s anonymous donation, and realises who it was.

If he discovers the reason for the donation, the truth risks coming out. Meanwhile, Nicolette is rocked when she sees Audrey getting close to Toadie, worried that if they strike up a relationship then she’ll never be rid of her.

When she figures out that Karl is once again delving into Audrey’s past, she spots an opportunity. She tells Karl that Audrey has always had a history of being obsessive, and that perhaps he should intervene before Toadie gets hurt.

As Karl knows the damage Toadie’s recent failed romances – Dee, Angela Lane, Rose Walker – have done to his self esteem, will he step in to warn Toadie off Audrey?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 30th November (Episode 8505)

Nicolette sees that Audrey is becoming very involved in the community and fears this will lead to their secret being exposed.

Chloe doesn’t know what to make of Pierce’s warning. Aaron doesn’t believe a word for it, but David fears it may be true and Paul believes it wholeheartedly.

Tuesday 1st December (Episode 8506)

Kyle learns that Bossy’s brain tumour has returned so decided to fly back to Germany for one last cuddle.

Nicolette stews over Audrey’s budding romance with Toadie, planting a seed of doubt with Karl that Audrey is obsessive and Toadie should be cautious.

Sheila mistakes Clive’s kindness for romantic interest.

Wednesday 2nd December (Episode 8507)

Sheila is determined to rekindle her relationship with Clive.

Hendrix is furious to learn that Ollie was the one who reported him for driving unlicensed.

Bea learns from Roxy that Levi still has feelings for her.

Thursday 3rd December (Episode 8508)

The Rebecchi family come together to clean up Harold’s after it’s trashed, leading Shane to ask about Dipi’s true feelings for Pierce.

Finally listening to Ned’s parallels between their relationship and her parents, Yashvi realises she was too hard on her father.

Hendrix manages to delete the CCTV footage of the complex for Jay, making him late for his first day of work.

Friday 4th December (Episode 8509)

Roxy spikes the punch at the Kennedys’ Christmas party to loosen Bea and Levi up.

Yashvi apologies to Shane over her treatment of him.

Sheila is determined to win Clive back at the Christmas party, but is unintentionally blocked by Jane.

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