UK Neighbours Spoilers – Paul blackmails Pierce and wins back Lassiters

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In next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Paul discovers Dipi and Pierce’s affair, and uses the knowledge to win back his share of Lassiters. But will the business deal be enough to buy his silence?

Next week, Dipi is upset at the thought that Yashvi could have been seriously hurt by the acid attack at her fake wedding to Ned. Shane, still trying hard to right all his past wrongs, does the sensible thing and calls off their camping trip so they can be closer to their daughter, and to give Dipi some time to come to terms with what happened.

Yet in what’s becoming an ever more frequent occurrence, Dipi organises another secret rendezvous with Pierce to clear her head rather than even trying to open up to her husband.

Jumping on the regifting bandwagon, Pierce hopes Dipi will be happier to receive the diamond necklace than Chloe was

The pair meet at their usual haunt, Pierce’s office in Lassiters, where Pierce presents her with the diamond necklace he’d originally bought for Chloe. Dipi initially refuses to take it, knowing who it was meant for and how difficult it would be to explain. However, when Pierce tells her he wants it to brighten her day, she softens to the idea.

They decide to keep it their little secret, perhaps something Dipi can wear on their future bedroom encounters.

Meanwhile, Paul’s frustrations over Pierce’s ownership of Lassiters are bubbling to the surface. The three way shared ownership between Paul, Pierce and Terese is leading to continual power battles, and Paul isn’t used to not having his own way. Despite Terese’s best efforts to calm him down, he wants a solution.

Thankfully, there’s an answer just around the corner, as their worlds collide.

Unable to keep away from each other for more than a few hours, Dipi and Pierce meet in Pierce’s office later that night. Having seemingly forgotten Yashvi’s ordeal, Dipi is now totally relaxed, and suggests ways that she can thank Pierce for his generous gift. It seems a thank you card isn’t what she had in mind.

She demands he sit on the sofa, and, as she locks the door and closes the blind, she undresses. They think they’re alone, but neither has any idea that their secret is about to get blown wide open.

As Paul walks past the office that he shares with Pierce, he hears noises inside. Confused as to who would be in the office with Pierce at this time, he tries the door. Locked.

Peeking through the gap in the blind, he sees his ticket to getting Lassiters back under his control. There’s his Lassiters co-owner, getting down to a very different kind of business. Paul’s smirk says it all!

Paul knows he can get Pierce to agree to whatever he wants

The next day, Paul confronts Pierce in The Waterhole, casually dropping into conversation that that the hotel will no longer be using the wines from Pierce’s business. Unfased and used to Paul’s mind games, Pierce reminds him that they own the same share of the hotel thus have equal decision making power. It’s then that Paul hits him with his secret weapon.

“As of today, everything’s changed,” Paul tells him.

“A little tip here. If you’re going to have a liaison with somebody who’s not your wife, don’t do it in a shared office.”

With Pierce exactly where he wants him, Paul makes his demand. He wants Pierce to sell him his share of Lassiters, handing back full control of the hotel to Paul and Therese.

He’s happy to pay Pierce his original investment, shrugging off Pierce’s remark that the hotel has increased in value since he bought in.

Pierce has no choice, he’s cornered!

Pierce has to come up with an excuse for why he’s selling his share of the hotel… will Chloe believe it?

Chloe can’t believe it when Paul asks her to take the Lassiters wine off the room service menu – why would Pierce agree to his signature wine being removed? When she later questions her husband, he claims he’s just tiring of constantly battling with Paul, to the point where he’s considering selling his share of the hotel.

He tells her that he’s passionate about wine, not hotels, and that it’ll be better for everyone if he calls it quits.

Paul has his hotel back, and the portrait he previously hated now takes pride of place in reception

And just like that, the deal is done, Lassiters is officially a Paul Robinson hotel once again.

His portrait even ends up hanging in reception, with Mrs Mangle now pride of place in the Kennedys’ living room (a move which isn’t likely to prove popular with Susan!).

Shane is more than a little concerned when Nell discovers a diamond necklace in Dipi’s jewellery box…

Yet has Pierce sold his share for nothing? This is Paul Robinson we’re talking about, and when he hates someone, they know about it. Just hours after they finalise the hotel deal, Paul has another ultimatum for Pierce, and this one’s going to be a lot harder to go through with…

What’s more, back at Number 30, Nell uncovers the diamond necklace in Dipi’s drawer! Toadie is impressed, asking Shane when he splashed out such a lavish gift… but of course, Shane has no idea where it came from!

The truth isn’t going to stay hidden for long…

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Audrey piles on the pressure for Nicolette to pay back her share of their stolen lottery winnings.

She turns up uninvited at Number 32 at the tail end of Nic’s birthday celebrations, and corners her again the following day at the hospital. Nicolette can’t escape.

Nicolette claims she’s on track with their plan to save up and repay the money, but in reality she has no intention of doing so. When Audrey spots Nic sporting a brand new expensive watch, she realises that her former partner in crime is lying to her.

When she keeps pressing, Nicolette eventually confesses – she isn’t giving the money back, and there’s nothing Audrey can do about it! If she blabs, it’ll cost them both their nursing licences. How will Audrey handle this bombshell?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 14th November (8480)

Despite falling victim to her own acid attack, Scarlett refuses to co-operate with police.

Seeing Pierce offer his support to Dipi after hearing about what happened to Yashvi and Ned, Chloe is reminded of what a good guy her husband is.

Paul stumbles upon Dipi and Pierce at Lassiters.

Tuesday 15th November (8481)

It’s Nicolette’s birthday, but she’s struggling to enjoy the day with the tension between her and Jane.

Paul is nothing but smug with the knowledge of Pierce’s dirty little secret, wasting no time to use it to his advantage.

Wednesday 16th November (8482)

Exam stress is getting to Harlow, only worsening when she finds out she’s too late to apply for special consideration, leaving Hendrix to put himself on the line to try and help her.

Pierce must decide to either come clean with Chloe or sell his share of Lassiters.

Jane and Nicolette finally sit down and talk about everything surrounding Mrs Mangel’s death, both finally finding some closure.

Thursday 17th November (8483)

Audrey keeps trying to wiggle her way into Nicolette’s life, causing Nicolette to snap and admit she has no intention of paying the money back.

Concerned about his grandmother in the wake of her breakup with Clive, Kyle sets up an online dating profile for Sheila.

Terese confiscates Harlow’s phone to remove unnecessary distractions while studying, leaving Hendrix worried that Harlow is upset at him for sending her photos of the exam paper.

Friday 18th November (8484)

Dipi has a close call when Nell finds the diamond necklace in her room, and while she’s able to convince Shane it’s just costume jewellery, she begins to wonder how much longer she can keep lying.

Harlow is caught with the photos of the biology exam paper on her phone.

Pierce reveals to Dipi that Paul knows about their affair, but that he’s brokered a deal to keep him quiet.

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