UK Neighbours Spoilers – Ned and Yashvi get married to lure out Scarlett

In next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Yashvi and Ned realise that if Scarlett’s alive, there’s only one way to lure her out. They hold a fake wedding that she couldn’t possibly miss, but the consequences are more dramatic than anyone predicted.

There’s a huge Scarlett-shaped shock at the start of the week, as Terese borrows Bea’s work van, and rapidly ploughs it straight into Kyle.

She borrows the van while Bea is busy servicing her own car, but little does she know Scarlett has messed with it, planning on Bea being the victim of her next attack. Scarlett was angry at Bea after overhearing her belittling her, calling her pathetic, and decided she would be her next target.

Within seconds of starting the engine, Terese knows something is wrong. The steering is off, and as she goes to turn the wheel it jams. As she twists it hard and looks down at the gearstick, she doesn’t see Kyle walk out in front of her, and smashes straight into him.

Everyone is stunned, and it’s the last thing that Kyle needs after getting burnt by the falling BBQ last week. Yet Terese is convinced that it wasn’t a simple lapse in concentration on her part, and that something was wrong with the van – the wheel just wouldn’t turn!

When they investigate, the steering wheel fluid line had a puncture in it! It must have been sabotage – Bea had replaced it only a few months earlier – but who would be out to get her?

The accident sparks something in Levi’s mind – back at the police station he digs out the evidence box and confirms what he thought: Scarlett’s parents died in a freak car accident, a collision. Could she have had something to do with both accidents, meaning she’s out there after all?

He calls in Sid, the man driving the car they collided with many years ago. He goes over the story of the night Scarlett’s family dies. He was driving home from the pub, sober but speeding, when he sees car headlights coming towards him. The car drifted into his lane, and came directly at him as if on purpose. As the car got close to him, just before the impact, he saw the look of panic and confusion on the driver’s face.

Clearly there was something wrong with the car Scarlett’s dad was driving, as if their steering wheel wasn’t working. It’s too much of a coincidence for this to have happened to Bea’s van, so soon after Scarlett’s disappearance.

Yashvi had her doubts about Ned’s innocence initially, but quickly decided things seemed just too easy. The evidence of her murder clearly seemed planted, and there’s every chance that Scarlett is still out there. So when this news comes to light, she’s convinced – Scarlett is alive!

Ned himself takes a little more convincing. After his visions, he was convinced that he’d killed her, and is struggling to believe that she might still be out there after all.

Yashvi decide that if Scarlett is in fact out there, they need to do something drastic, and hold an event that she wouldn’t be able to resist attending. A wedding!

That’s right, next week sees the wedding of Ned and Yashvi.

Of course, it’s all for show, and the couple’s relationship is still officially on hold. But Yashvi knows that Scarlett can’t bare to see her beloved Ned have a happy wedding day with anyone other than her, and will have to step in and try to ruin it.

At breakneck speed, they organise the ceremony – celebrant, rings, dresses, the works. Yashvi posts a video online declaring that she and Ned still love each other and are going to get married, but with the video hidden from all of her friends and family. That way it’ll only be the inner circle – Levi, Bea, her and Ned – who turn up on the day.

That part of the plan fails, and when Shane and Dipi turn up unexpectedly, Yashvi sounds almost genuine when she explains the reasons for going ahead with the wedding at such short notice.

As the couple say their “fake” vows at the pavilion, in front of a real celebrant and with Shane even walking Yashvi down the aisle, they both seem really sincere. Yashvi has already realised she still loves Ned; she feels guilty for not standing by him over the past couple of weeks, but has been grappling with the fact she can’t trust him.

Now, seeing her ex standing there in his wedding suit, she’s thinking that maybe they do still have a future together.

As they had hoped, Scarlett is watching on from afar, having believed every word of their plan. Seeing Yashvi explain to her parents why she decided to marry Ned was the final straw and she’s holding back the tears.

She’s waiting for just the right moment, and as they both say “I will,” she suddenly appears from the shadows.

Yet there’s one twist that nobody expected. She’s come armed. As she runs towards them, they see she’s holding a jar of a mystery liquid. Acid! If she isn’t going to be happy with Ned, she doesn’t want anybody else to be.

Throwing aside the lid, she gets ready to make her attach. Fortunately, Levi manages to jump in just in the knick of time, knocking her as she runs towards them. As she stumbles, she manages to knock the vial of acid all over her own face.

Screaming in pain, the acid begins to take effect and burn into her skin. Not only has her plan failed, she’s incriminated herself in front of two of Erinsborough’s police officers, and suffered horrific burns in the process.

Is it game over for Scarlett?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 9th November (8475)

Dipi is less than thrilled with a trip away that Shane has planned, especially when Pierce outlines a much more romantic version of what a trip away with him would look like.

Hendrix’s concerns about Chloe & Pierce’s marriage grows, especially when he sees Nicolette taking advantage of the tensions.

Jane realises that Nicolette’s time in London coincided with Mrs Mangel’s death, confronting her daughter about whether the two events are connected.

Tuesday 10th November (8476)

Terese borrows Bea’s van while her car in being service, losing control of the vehicle and driving straight into Kyle.

Jane learns that the stress of Nicolette’s confrontation with Mrs Mangel may have led to her death, derailing everything they’ve worked to resolve.

Wednesday 11th November (8477)

Bea inspects the van and finds a puncture in the steering wheel fluid line.

Ned thinks he catches a glimpse of Scarlett.

Terese’s claims remind Levi of the accident that killed Scarlett’s parents.

Thursday 12th November (8478)

Kyle, now on crutches to accompany his burnt arm, is paranoid that a third injury is right around the corner and so accident-proofs the house.

Ned moves into The Hive to protect his family, unaware he’s wandered right into Scarlett’s hiding place.

Bea, Yashvi, Ned and Levi are all convinced that Scarlett is alive, but Detective Graves isn’t convinced.

Friday 13th November (8479)

Ned worries about the emotional repercussions of Yashvi’s plan to stage a fake wedding to draw Scarlett out of hiding.

Pierce hears that Lisa has had her baby, withdrawing from Chloe and seeking comfort from Dipi.

Exchanging their fake vows, Ned and Yashvi are moved by their words to one another.

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