Home and Away Spoilers — Dean has a heartbreaking decision to make

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, as Dean celebrates his son’s birthday for the first time, he’s confronted with a bitter face from the past and has to deal with a difficult decision…

It’s been a rollercoaster few weeks for Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor). With his part in the cover-up of Ross Nixon’s murder under scrutiny from returning Detective Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz), the increasing distance that was forming between Dean and girlfriend Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) proved too much, and he was forced to reveal the truth to her. Sadly this didn’t make the situation any better, with Ziggy promptly splitting up with Dean over his deception.

On top of all that, the return of former friend-with-benefits Amber Simmons (Maddy Jevic) into his life brought about it’s own shock revelation—that Dean was father to her five year old son Jai (River Jarvis).

When the break-up with Ziggy caused Dean to skip town for a few days, Amber was less than impressed. On Dean’s return, she blasted into him—telling him that he couldn’t just disappear now that he has responsibilities to his son. The two sorted things out and Jai had his first sleepover at Dean’s place, only to land up in hospital with an ear infection!

When Dean later learned that Jai’s birthday was coming up, he was saddened to hear Jai tell Irene (Lynne McGranger) that he didn’t need any birthday gifts. Dean knew the routine all too well from his own upbringing, and asked a recently unemployed Amber just how tight money was.

When Dean offered to contribute, Amber flat out refused and promptly left the diner. She later confided in Willow that she didn’t want to end up in a situation where Dean tried to control how she brought up Jai, but Willow reminded her that Dean grew up without a father and he’s simply trying to make sure he’s a good dad himself—there’s no alternative agenda. Amber eventually put her pride aside and told Dean that Jai would love a bike for his birthday.

Dean and Amber face another hurdle this week however, after the question of Dean’s mother Karen (Georgia Adamson) is brought up. When John (Shane Withington) asks Dean what Karen thinks to being a grandma, Dean is forced to admit that he hasn’t actually told her yet.

Dean tells Willow that he’s worried about what Karen might say, and whether she thinks Jai would be better off without Dean as a father, but Willow manages to waylay his concerns. With the guest list growing for Jai’s birthday party, Dean approaches the subject with Amber about Karen meeting Jai, only for Amber to shoot the idea down immediately. She makes it clear that Karen will never meet her grandson or be a part of his life.

Although he had a tough upbringing, Dean wants his mother Karen (Georgia Adamson) to be part of her grandson’s life

Amber remembers how Karen was back in the day, and refuses to believe that she could have changed for the better. That evening, as he puts together Jai’s birthday present, Dean is reminded of a similar bike he had as a kid and decides to phone Karen. He gets through to her voicemail and asks her to ring him back, as he’s going through some stuff that he needs to tell her about.

The next morning, Dean and Amber once again discuss the issue of Karen, and although Amber appreciates that Karen is now on medication, she tells Dean that all it would take is for Karen to have one bad day. She refuses to put Jai through that. At that moment Karen returns Dean’s phone call, and Dean is faced with the dilemma of whether to tell her that she has a grandson or keep it from her…

Later on, the guests arrive for Jai’s birthday gathering near the beach, and Jai is thrilled when Dean presents him with his bike. It’s a huge moment for Dean, but his face falls when Jai calls out to another arrival—Amber’s mum, Francesca (Joanne Hunt).

Making little effort to hide her animosity towards Dean and Willow, Francesca makes it clear that she in no way approves of Dean being a part of Jai’s life. If she had her way, he wouldn’t know about Jai at all. As Jai is distracted with Dean and his bike, Amber and Willow pull up Francesca on her attitude, and she reminds Amber that Dean and Willow were part of the reason that Amber’s brother Jai is dead.

When John later shows up, having wangled an invite after befriending Jai over the past few weeks, he puts his foot in it by asking whether Karen would be along anytime soon. Jai asks who Karen is and Francesca quickly tells him she’s no-one to worry about, but Dean chooses the moment to reveal to Jai that Karen is his other grandmother.

Willow and Dean later surprise Jai by telling him that further celebrations and cake are waiting at the diner, but Francesca is quick to tell them that it’s about time she, Amber and Jai were leaving. When she makes another snarky comment towards Dean, Amber stands up to her mother and announces they’ll all be going to the diner. Pulling Francesca aside, Dean tells her that if she ever dares to put him down in front of Jai again, there’ll be trouble.

The party is a success, despite Francesca continuing to make disapproving comments, and afterwards Dean asks if he can speak to Amber alone.

Dean is fuming about Francesca’s hostile presence at the party, and is concerned about what Francesca could be telling Jai about Dean. He’s already learned that Jai has been told all surfers are trouble, and is worried that Francesca is going to fill his mind with more rubbish.

Dean then demands that Karen be allowed into Jai’s life, asking why it’s fair that Amber’s mother be allowed into Jai’s life and not his own. Amber replies that unlike Karen, her own mother isn’t a psycho, and tells Dean in no uncertain terms that if he cannot deal with her decision, then he won’t be able to see Jai either!

Will Dean risk losing his son or convince Amber to change her mind?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 9th November (Episode 7431)

Ziggy hires Tane at the garage.

Justin is unsure if his symptoms are imaginary or real.

Dean’s attempt to introduce Jai to his mum receives an unexpected roadblock.

Tuesday 10th November (Episode 7432)

Whose mother will ruin Jai’s birthday?

Justin uses Leah as a decoy to seek Christian’s help.

Tori protests there’s nothing going on between her and Christian.

Wednesday 11th November (Episode 7433)

In attempting to help Colby, Taylor makes a mistake.

Can Dean get through to Amber?

How will Tori broach Justin?

Thursday 12th November (Episode 7434)

Angelo’s snooping reverberates through the Bay.

Bella and Nikau can’t get on the same page.

Ari attempts to buoy Tane’s mood.

Friday 13th November (Episode 7435)

Jasmine and Ryder form an unlikely alliance.

Can a bit of forced intervention save Nikau and Bella?

Will Tane’s perceived grievances cause him to do something stupid?

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