Home and Away Spoilers – The Paratas are arrested after a drug gang showdown

In the latest spoilers for Home and Away in Australia, the Paratas are arrested as the drug gang show up wanting revenge! Yet the arrestor soon becomes the arrestee, as Colby Thorne himself ends up behind bars later in the week.

It’s been a tough year for the Paratas. They first arrived in Summer Bay at the end of last year, with Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) getting caught up in the siege at Northern Districts Hospital, which eventually lead to the deaths of Mason Morgan and Robbo Shaw.

The rest of the family arrived shortly after, with Ari, Tane (Ethan Browne), Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Gemma (Bree Peters) making Summer Bay their home. After originally struggling to find anywhere to live, they spent most of their time sleeping in their car, before Gemma and Nikau temporarily shacked up with Marilyn and John. And that didn’t end well for anybody.

They came to Australia for a fresh start after the death of Nikau’s father in a bank robbery gone wrong, but it’s been harder than they first envisioned to leave their criminal past behind. They’re now living in a lovely 3-bed bungalow just across the road from John Palmer, initially funded by Tane’s unspecified dodgy dealings, which seemingly brought in more than enough money to fund the place.

After some encouragement from Ari and Mackenzie (Emily Weir), Tane eventually decided to leave his criminal past behind once and for all, and started earning an honest wage in Salt. It wasn’t exactly the same amount his other activities generated, but it was enough to get by.

Yet after being forced to give up that job thanks to his uncontrollable crush on Mac, and with his brother breathing down his neck, he felt like his life wasn’t in his own control.

Now, in an ill-fated attempt to regain some control over his life, he’s ended up in a very sticky situation. Within a matter of hours of getting a job at Summer Bay Auto, generously given to him by Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and her rather poor judge of character, he ended up using the garage as location to store stolen goods.

They were only meant to be there for the night, but after the cops got wind of what was going on and one of his crim buddies was arrested, he had no choice but to hide the van there and come up with a new plan.

Yet in an unexpected turn of events, Ziggy managed to dispose of the van, handing it over to Willow’s (Sarah Roberts) River Boy mates. They ask no questions, but once the van’s with them, there’s pretty much no chance of them ever seeing it again.

And now Tane is stuck. It turns out the van was filled with $25,000 of drugs, and the guys Tane was shifting the drugs for desperately want it back. So desperately that they don’t care who they hurt to get it.

Tane already arrived back from the city badly beaten up and with a torn liver, but it seems like that isn’t enough to settle the score. This coming week, the boys are back in town, and they mean business.

The gang leader, Leon (Will McNeill), has given Tane an ultimatum. He needs to get him the drugs or the $25,000 back ASAP, or else his whole family is in danger.

Despite Tane’s best efforts, he can’t get that kind of cash together in a matter of days, and it doesn’t take the gang long to come looking for him. Speaking to TV Week, Ethan describes how bad the situation is: “Tane’s life is in real danger. He just wanted to do a quick job and be done, but that doesn’t turn out to be the case.

[He] didn’t foresee things getting so out of hand that the whole family would be in danger, but Leon and his thugs came back to settle the score,” continues Ethan.

And that’s exactly what happens.

After Gemma left, the two brothers and their nephew only have each other. Will they stick together despite Tane’s drug mess?

Thankfully, Tane has a little help in fighting off the thugs. He does the unthinkable early this week, and confesses to Ari what’s happened. It’s the last thing he wants to do – he knows his brother wanted him to leave the criminal past behind, and will be bitterly disappointed that he’s gone back to his old ways.

Yet what makes it worse is that it could put the rest of their family at risk – neither of them want to put Nikau in danger, after Gemma trusted them to look after him after she returned to New Zealand.

Tane’s in luck, and Ari agrees to help his younger brother out of his mess. Loyalty and family come first for the Paratas.

Yet before they know it, Leon and his gang of cronies arrive in town, taking them completely by surprise. Ari does his best to try and make peace with the gang, but all they want to do is fight or get their money, and it’s not long before one of them lunges at Tane.

Colby turns up and arrests the Paratas and Leon’s gang… but is he about to face a similar fate himself?

As they brawl in the street, the fight is watched on by a stunned Mackenzie and Ryder. Mac immediately calls the police, and they swiftly arrive, arresting not only the drug gang, but the two Parata brothers as well!

How are they going to explain themselves to the cops? And will this be the last Tane hears of Leon and his mates? It seems very unlikely…. Perhaps they’ll need a little help the River Boys to get them out of this one…

Yet the Paratas aren’t the only ones getting arrested this week. In fact, one of the cops who arrests them will himself get arrested.

That’s right, it’s comeuppance time for Senior Constable Colby Thorne.

As we wrote about in an article earlier this week, Colby faces arrest this week, as a mysterious witness comes forward to fill in the gaps in Angelo’s murder investigation. The main suspects seem to be Mackenzie, Chelsea, Nikau, an unknown, or perhaps even Bella herself!

Things are confused further by a spoiler from this Monday’s episode, where “Mackenzie meets a stranger”. Could this stranger, either someone from Colby’s past or someone who just happened to witness what went down back in early 2019, tell Mac everything?

Then, after Colby goes on to arrest Tane and Ari, will that be enough to prompt her to pass the info onto Angelo?

Whoever it is, the info they have is enough for Angelo to think he’s got enough evidence. This week, as Colby says goodbye to Bella in the diner before her departure to New Zealand, Detective Rosetta swoops in and handcuffs him.

Who has betrayed Colby?

You can watch the full trailer for this week’s dramatic episodes below, and read our full article here.

Here’s the full Home and Away spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

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Monday 2nd November (Episode 7449)

Mackenzie meets a stranger. Tensions swell between Tori and Justin. Martha grapples with life in the bay.

Tuesday 3rd November (Episode 7450)

Tane and Ari team up. Angelo has a witness. Bella and Nikau’s move is up in the air.

Wednesday 4th November (Episode 7451)

The boys get their story straight. Angelo asks too much of Taylor. Bella’s farewell is full of surprises.

Thursday 5th November (Episode 7452-7454)

Colby’s reality starts to sink in. With so much unknown, accusations come thick and fast. Ziggy tries to be there for both Bella and Dean.

The thought of losing Dean to prison forces Ziggy to admit her feelings. The path to romance remains rocky for Tori and Christian. Martha is finally honest with Alf.

Alf and Martha make great strides together. Tori and Christian take things to the next level. Owen’s sudden return to the bay frazzles Roo. Justin admits his struggle to Leah.

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