Colby is arrested in new Home and Away trailer – who betrayed him?

A brand new Home and Away trailer has shown that Colby Thorne gets arrested next week, as someone betrays him and tells the police everything.

Who will be the one to land Colby in it, and will it be enough to see the senior constable locked up for good?

The dramatic new promo, which you can view in full below, starts with Colby walking away from a crime scene. Behind him are a bunch of unknown guys being arrested, as Mackenzie watches on.

The arrest is happening outside the Parata home, implying that it has something to do with the drug job Tane is currently caught up in. We can’t tell from the shot whether Tane himself is arrested, or just the crooks who are after him and threatening to come after his family.

Next, we cut to a shot of Ziggy, who stares at his police name badge and tells him “You have no right to still be wearing that.

Ziggy found out about Colby’s part in Ross Nixon’s murder a few weeks ago, as Dean confessed everything to her in a last-ditch attempt to make her stay with him. His attempts failed, with Ziggy unable to deal with the fact her boyfriend was an accessory to murder.

She knows Dean was only protecting his friend, so knows the blame lies firmly with Senior Constable Thorne. On top of that, she knows the backstory of his and Dean’s days in Mangrove River, and can’t believe he’s still on the force despite everything.

With her own life going slightly off the rails since she and Dean broke up, does she hate Colby enough to put him behind bars?

As the promo continues, a voiceover tells us “He thinks they are all his friends. He thinks his murderous secret is safe.

Yet it’s clear things are about to rapidly unravel. A shot of Nikau sees him tell Colby that “I know what happened with Ross.

Nik found out about the mess just before he and Bella took off for the Blue Mountains back in August. Bella confessed everything to him as she explained why she needed to get away from Summer Bay and start a new life.

He’s kept the secret ever since, but knows that it’s eating away at Bella. Although we can’t see any reason why he’d suddenly change his mind, perhaps if Colby ends up arresting Tane for his part in the drug van ordeal, will Nik end up turning on him?

Yet it seems Nik isn’t the only one outside of Colby’s inner circle to find out about what happened two years ago. Mackenzie also tells him “I know, okay?

With Mackenzie also watching on during the arrest scene above, could she side with Tane despite his involvement in a major drug shipment, and turn on her former boyfriend?

Later in the promo, we see a shot of her and Dean in a tense stand off, with her telling him that “good guys don’t shoot people”, as he stands there stunned. Perhaps she’s just confessed to him that she’s spoken to the cops? 

Next, the action really begins. As the police swarm the driveway next to the pier complex and Colby’s apartment, we see a scene in which Angelo finally does what he’s wanted to do for months – arrests Colby!

Right in the middle of the Diner, with Taylor and Jasmine watching on, Angelo walks up to him and tells him he’s placing him under arrest.

But what happened to cause his arrest? Who betrayed Colby?

There’s a shot of Dean – “someone said something” – as Angelo asks an unknown person: “Are you willing to make a statement against Colby?”

Next we hear recordings from a “Witness X”, as the promo dubs them, telling Angelo that they have chosen a side and they’re ready to talk!

Their voice is distorted, with the pitch lowered to disguise it, but to us it sounds like it’s a distorted female voice.

“You will play your part in bringing Colby down,” Angelo tells someone in the Diner.

“This witness is key,” says Colby, unable to accept that the case is over. “I need to find out who they are.”

It looks like Nikau has a hard time coming up, as Dean confronts him. “You’re the rat!“, he screams in Nik’s face as he grabs him by the neck of his jacket. “I didn’t do anything!” insists Nikau.

Or Ziggy, perhaps? If she’s angry at Colby for arresting Tane, could it be one step too far and she decides enough is enough? She tells Willow “murder is murder!”

Yet she knows that if Colby goes down, Dean could well go down with him. Will that be enough for her to keep quiet?

Bella talks to Colby from outside his cell, telling him “none of us would do that to you!”

But has one of his friends betrayed him?

In the final scene of the trailer, the door to the cell area opens and a mysterious figure walks in. By the sound of it, they’re wearing high heels. “Was it you?” asks Colby.

It’s definitely a dramatic week in store as Home and Away edges ever closer to the 2020 season finale. Watch the trailer in full below, and make up your mind on who causes Cobly’s downfall. We’ve opened the comments, so at the bottom of the article you can give your thoughts.

The trailer is a continuation of the dramatic events which have been unfolding this week in Australia. Things took a shock turn in the last few days, as Angelo told Taylor and Colby that he knows about their affair!

In a triple-bill of episodes which aired down under on Thursday, everyone is dealing with the fallout of Angelo’s discovery.

Earlier in the week, Angelo confronted Bella, telling her that he knows her brother is having an affair with his wife. Bella is freaking out, she can’t find Colby anywhere, and he’s obviously completely unaware that their affair is no longer a secret from the detective.

When she and Willow eventually track Colby down, he seems almost indifferent to what they tell him. He doesn’t believe that Angelo can truly know about them – after all, he only just passed him outside the Diner and he didn’t say a thing.

He thinks Angelo is getting desperate. But for Willow and Bella, they think it’s ridiculous that Colby won’t take this seriously. He thinks it’s all just one big game, and doesn’t seem to care if he gets found out.

Eventually, the truth comes out, and Angelo confronts him in his office. There’s nothing Colby can do to deny the affair, he’s been well and truly caught. Yet he’s totally unfazed, even mocking Angelo for the fact he was sleeping with his wife.

Colby tells him that yes, he was having an affair with his wife, but that’s not illegal – and it’s the only thing Angelo has on him! He seems even more smug than ever that he’s getting away with murder.

Yet that only makes Angelo more determined, and it looks like it’s the last week of freedom for Colby Thorne!

Who do you think confesses all to Angelo? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s the full Home and Away spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

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Monday 2nd November (Episode 7449)

Mackenzie meets a stranger. Tensions swell between Tori and Justin. Martha grapples with life in the bay.

Tuesday 3rd November (Episode 7450)

Tane and Ari team up. Angelo has a witness. Bella and Nikau’s move is up in the air.

Wednesday 4th November (Episode 7451)

The boys get their story straight. Angelo asks too much of Taylor. Bella’s farewell is full of surprises.

Thursday 5th November (Episode 7452-7454)

Colby’s reality starts to sink in. With so much unknown, accusations come thick and fast. Ziggy tries to be there for both Bella and Dean.

The thought of losing Dean to prison forces Ziggy to admit her feelings. The path to romance remains rocky for Tori and Christian. Martha is finally honest with Alf.

Alf and Martha make great strides together. Tori and Christian take things to the next level. Owen’s sudden return to the bay frazzles Roo. Justin admits his struggle to Leah.


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