UK Neighbours Spoilers – Ned is arrested for Scarlett’s murder

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In next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Ned ends up in handcuffs after confessing to Scarlett’s murder. But did he actually do it, or is his PTSD causing him to see things which aren’t there?

Preparing food in the kitchen at Number 22, and whilst holding a bread knife, Ned (Ben Hall) starts getting his first flashbacks of the night at the maze. He’s walking, seemingly searching for Scarlett, with the bloody pallet knife in his hand. 

He shouts out “you made me do this!“, before making a slashing motion with the knife.

Is he starting to remember himself hurting Scarlett? When Paul walks in and interrupts his flashbacks, he keeps quiet about what he’s seen, admitting only that he’s starting to regain some memory of the event.

As they chat, Ned gets a call summoning him to the police station. The case is being taken over by a Senior Detective Bill Graves (Robert Grubb), the same detective who wrongly convicted Tyler of murder, and Levi wants to go over Ned’s story once more before the new detective arrives. Of course, Ned is terrified by the fact that Detective Graves is taking over the case, knowing that he potentially faces the same fate as Tyler, even if he isn’t actually guilty.

Levi wants to know if he’s remembered anything since his first statement. At that point he didn’t remember much, and Levi presses him on whether he’s had any new recollections of what happened, and how he ended up in Lassters car park.

Although Ned is starting to remember, he opts to keep everything to himself. It’s definitely for the best, as the police have found some more evidence which points to Ned’s involvement in Scarlett’s disappearance!

The item of clothing that Scarlett was last seen wearing has been found on a stretch of beach along Ocean Road, and cell phone records showed that Ned’s car drove along that same road on the way back to Lassiters from the maze. The fabric had been slashed, and appeared to be discoloured with blood.

Levl tells him that they’re still waiting for the forensics to come back, but at this point they can’t rule out homicide. If it turns out to match Scarlett’s blood, he’s in deep trouble!

Knowing Ned is facing murder charges, Paul suggest he gets his personal investigator involved. Ned doesn’t want to do anything that’ll annoy the cops even further, but Paul thinks it’ll be good to have someone on Scarlett’s trail. She can’t have just disappeared into thin air.

If she can be found before the investigation progresses further, Ned will be in the clear.

Meanwhile, Bea heads to the police station to interrogate Yashvi on why Ned has been brought back in for questioning once again. She thinks it’s all ridiculous – obviously Ned was set up– but Yashvi tells her that there’s new evidence and it’s out of her control. When Bea asks her if she thinks Ned is guilty, she can’t deny there’s a chance! He could have done it in self defence, or in a fit of rage, but the evidence is too strong for her to know for sure that he’s innocent.

It seems like both Levi and Yashvi have made up their minds that he’s guilty, with Paul and Bea as two the only people on his side.

When Ned later has more flashbacks – this time seeing himself outside the maze with bloody hands – he decides he needs to tell someone. He tells Paul that his memories are coming back and he thinks he did something to Scarlett!

Paul thinks it might be his mind playing tricks on him, a result of his PTSD and Scarlett’s return causing his BRAIN to go into overdrive. He encourages him to see Beverly Robinson (Shaunna O’Grady), Paul’s step mum and the memory specialist who has treated Finn Kelly and Andrea Somers over the last few years of amnesia-related issues which have plagued Ramsay Street.

The only caveat is that there’s no guarantee he’ll like what she uncovers. Worse, if he ends up remembering anything which incriminates him, Beverly will be obliged to report it to the police!

During his session with Beverly, he’s taken back to the maze. He sees Scarlett disappear around a corner, and he yells out for her but is unable to find her. Suddenly, he puts his hand to his head, as he remembers someone hitting him. He can’t see who, and everything goes dark.

Next, he’s in his car, driving, and hears Scarlett’s muffled screams from the car boot, details which he doesn’t let on to Beverly!

Although he initially decided not to tell Beverly the grisly new memory, fearful that she’d report it to the police, he soon has an attack of conscience. He decides he has to tell the police – his memories are pretty conclusive, he killed Scarlett!

No matter what Paul and Terese say, they can’t talk him out of it, and he heads to the police station to tell them exactly what he remembers. 

He confesses to Graves that he believes he hurt Scarlett in the maze. He had blood on his hands and Scarlett in the boot of his car! Yet Ned doesn’t know what happened next – what he did with the body, how he killed her – and Grieves is convinced he’s hiding even more from them.

He spends the night in a holding cell, and the next day he’s charged with Scarlett’s homicide!

He’s photographed, handcuffed and hauled off in the back of a police car to be taken to the city!

Before they cart him off, Ned tells Yashvi that she needs to forget about him. It’s over, he needs to face the consequences of what he’s done, and she needs to get on with her life.

Yet Yashvi is starting to believe that Ned is well and truly innocent. The evidence is too convenient – the pallet knife just happened to be in the maze, there happened to still be blood in Ned’s car, and Scarlett’s coat washed up on the beach without anything else of hers. She’s convinced Scarlett must be out there somewhere, hiding away, and they just need to find her.

Unfortunately for Yashvi, she’s the only one on the force who doubts his story, and it seems like there’s nothing she can do. She wants to go back over the evidence and take a look at Scarlett’s journals, but Levi tells her to back off – there are no new leads, there’s nothing else to look into. Ned is guilty, the investigation is closed!

As Ned is carted off, Scarlett (Christie Wheelan Browne) watches on from a distance, overjoyed that her plan has worked so well!

Yet her happiness doesn’t last long. She overhears Bea talking to Kyle and Roxy about how pathetic she is, and, as she can’t stand having people bad mouth her, starts plotting. “She’s crazy. She likes causing drama, she likes hurting people to make herself feel important, but really she’s insignificant and pathetic.”

It looks like Bea is set to be Scarlett’s next victim!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 2nd November (8470)

As Kyle gets treatment for his burns, Clive tries to get to the bottom of why Sheila acted the way she did.

Ned starts to withdraw from everyone as he experiences horrifying daytime hallucinations.

Levi thinks Ned is lying, but Bea is adamant that the evidence doesn’t add up, which Yashvi agrees with.

Tuesday 3rd November (8471)

Confiding in Paul, Ned feels his dreams are more like memories, scared that might mean he really did hurt Scarlett.

Yashvi’s unwavering loyalty starts to wear Ned down, causing him to reveal something shocking to Paul and Terese.

Due to her close connection to Ned, Yashvi is removed from the case.

Wednesday 4th November (8472)

Dipi tries to focus on the marriage she has, rather than the fantasy of what could be.

Ned is determined to tell the police what he remembered during Beverley’s session, no matter the consequences.

Pierce reveals he’s planning to name a wine after Chloe.

Thursday 5th November (8473)

Scarlett watches as Ned gets hauled off in handcuffs, but her anger and irritation soon shifts to Bea after hearing herself being ridiculed.

Trying to help Yashvi with the case, Shane’s snooping soon brings more stress to the family.

As Ned’s exhibition paintings are moved in storage, Ned is determined to dispose of his portrait but finds it mysteriously gone.

Friday 6th November (8474)

After observing some tension between Audrey and Nicolette, Karl becomes suspicious that Nicolette is bullying Audrey.

Dipi and Pierce are tired of fighting for their marriages and crave something easier.

When Karl arrives at the school looking for Jane, it’s the final straw for Susan and she wants Jane out.

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