Home and Away Spoilers – Tane is attacked and needs the stolen van back, but Ziggy is long gone

In the latest spoilers for Home and Away in Australia, Tane is left seriously injured after a brutal attack by gang thugs. Worse still, the whole family now have a bounty on their heads – will they have to skip town to avoid repercussions?

Last week’s Aussie episodes of Home and Away saw Ziggy and Willow deal with the aftermath of Tane’s bad life choices. After he stored a van of stolen goods at Summer Bay Auto – a misjudged attempt to take back control of his life – he’s brought a world of pain on both himself and Ziggy.

The people who were meant to be collecting the stolen goods never materialised after the police got wind of the situation and started trying to track down the van. After stashing the stolen goods at the Astoni farmhouse, he headed off to the city in an attempt to meet up with his crim buddies and find a solution.

Unfortunately for Ziggy, he went off the radar for days, and she was forced to turn to Willow for help getting rid of the van. While at the house with Mackenzie and Ari, she received a call from Tane, and told him he needed to get back to Summer Bay ASAP and get rid of the goods.

He only had a few seconds to chat, but he told her that he hasn’t yet got an answer and that she’s going to have to wait. Before he can say any more, we hear crashing in the background, and it sounds like something pretty bad is going down. Is Tane in serious trouble?

With Ziggy unable to trust Tane to find a solution, and suspecting it’s only a matter of time before the police will be knocking down the door, she needs a way to be done with the goods forever.

As she’s unable to turn to Dean, who’s out of action sorting his family dramas, Willow stepped in to help Ziggy out of the mess with a little help from her old River Boy mates. What could possibly go wrong?

Knowing the cops are trying to track the van, Willow swapped the van’s plates for clear ones, and the pair headed off for a day-long drive to stash the van at an old River Boy haunt half way across the country.

This coming week, Ziggy’s bold move turns out to be a terrible decision for Tane, and one that could be his downfall. In Monday’s episode, he returns to Summer Bay very much worse for wear, having been beaten up by some unknown thugs.

He turns up at the Astoni house in the dead of night looking for Ziggy. Unfortunately for him, the only people in the house are Ari and Mackenzie, who are enjoying the peace and quiet with Ziggy away on her road trip with Willow. They’ve enjoyed a relaxed evening together away from the usual dramas of the Parata household they’re already fast asleep by the time he comes in looking for help.

As such, they don’t even stir when he crashes to the ground, clearly badly hurt.

It’s only when Mac wakes in the morning that she finds him lying in a heap on the ground. She rushes him to hospital, but he’s already been out of it for a while. He’s got a torn liver and some pretty bad head injuries, so is not in a good way at all. The gang have well and truly done him over.

For him, the injuries aren’t important – he needs to get in touch with Ziggy and give her the latest update on the van. Of course, Tori is in no rush to let him leave the hospital in the state he’s in, and tells him he needs to heal before he can even think about anything else.

Tane won’t listen to the doctors. He knows he needs to get in touch with Ziggy or he’ll be at the receiving end of another attack.

Unfortunately, his injuries get the better of him and he collapses to the ground yet again.

She eventually agrees not to operate on him right away, which gives him an opportunity to make a break for it as soon as he’s left alone. Of course, all it results in is another trip to the floor as he’s unable to support himself and collapses to the ground, doing himself even more damage in the process.

As Tane tries to get in touch with Ziggy, he’s unaware that she’s hundreds of miles away, driving the van to be disposed of with the River Boys. Unfortunately for him, he needs the van back – he’s got to return the goods, and if he doesn’t then they’re all in serious trouble.

Ziggy and Willow are half way across the country with the stolen goods, with no idea that Tane desperately needs them back.

Talking to TV Week, Ethan Browne who plays Tane said: “He needs to get in touch with Ziggy and Willow, who have taken the van of stolen goods to dispose of it.”

“But now, Tane needs it back, otherwise there’s going to be major trouble. His life is in danger.”

He’s forced to confess all to Ari, who is, of course, stunned that his brother has returned to his criminal ways. How could he be so stupid? Knowing his brother wouldn’t be on his side, Tane would only confess if he absolutely had to. Unfortunately for the Paratas, Tane lets them know that his idiotic actions mean they’re all safer away from the Bay, and he needs to warn his brother and nephew of the fact.

Nikau was already thinking of leaving Summer Bay, and this new revelation seems sure to make his decision for him

With Nikau already contemplating a move back to New Zealand to be reunited with his mum, this is his cue. He doesn’t want to leave Bella, but it looks like his decision has been made for him, and he announces his plans to leave Summer Bay for good.

Is this the end of the Parata family, or will Ziggy and Willow get Tane’s message before it’s too late?

Heath left Summer Bay for the final time in 2017, but it seems his services are needed as he’s back to lead the River Boys into battle

With Home and Away edging ever closer to the 2020 season finale, it seems likely that Tane’s current gang problems are what lead to a showdown we’ve been teasing for a number of months.

Back in August, the show took over a Sydney car park to film a fight scene between what appears to be two rival groups of guys. Tane and Ari are at the scene, along with Dean Thompson, and, in a shock return, Heath Braxton! It looks like Heath is on the side of the Paratas, so is it possible that Willow and Dean’s old friends all gang together to help the Parata brothers out of their sticky situation?

View the fight scene being filmed below. The scenes are set to air in either the last few episodes of 2020, or the first few weeks of next year. With Home and Away usually ending for the year in the last few weeks of November or the first couple of weeks of December, we only have a matter of weeks left until Heath’s dramatic return.


Here’s the full Home and Away spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

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Monday 26th October (Episode 7443)

Tane’s rushed to hospital. Angelo closes in. Christian and Tori clash.

Tuesday 27th October (Episode 7444)

Jasmine lets it all out. Nikau plans to move. Tane heeds a warning.

Wednesday 28th October (Episode 7445)

Nikau’s future is crushed. Leah drops everything for Justin. Angelo exposes the truth.

Thursday 29th October (Episode 7446-7448)

Taylor’s in too deep. Roo returns with a surprise. Ziggy and Willow get back from their adventure.

Angelo and Colby have a tense standoff. Dean’s family is beginning to mend. Roo avoids discussing her trip.

Dean’s worst fears are met. Tensions rise in the Stewart house. Christian and Tori draw closer.

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