Neighbours Spoilers – Toadie puts his career on the line for Rose

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Next week on Neighbours in the UK, Toadie is faced with a difficult situation when Rose’s ex husband stumbles upon the two of them chatting at the Waterhole, as Paul enlists Nicolette’s help to get David and Aaron a surrogate.

Both Toadie and Rose face ruin

At the end of last week, Toadie told Rose that he’d help her with her messy divorce. Her ex husband has been hiding his assets in an offshore company to prevent her getting anything in the divorce. It’s immoral, but not illegal, and Toadie has had no choice but to keep it a secret. However, after Mackenzie almost let the secret slip to Rose, it’s made Toadie re-think.

Finally, he decides to help her. He makes clear that Rose can’t tell anyone that it was him who gave her the information, else that would spell the end of his career, but he would give her enough to be able to get herself a much better settlement.

Toadie is helping Rose get a fair settlement in her divorce… but risks his career by doing so

In next week’s episodes, as she writes down what Toadie has told her, she asks him what the next step is. Toadie advises her that she just needs to tell her lawyer exactly what he’s just told her – obviously without mentioning where she heard it – and that if he looks “there”, he will find everything that he needs.

Toadie is taking a huge risk. It’s not the first time he’s broken client-lawyer privilege, but perhaps one of the first times he’s doing it to help someone he barely knows. He knows it could bring down his career, but there’s something about Rose that he likes. With his feelings growing, he can’t stand the thought of her being left with nothing due to her ex husband’s legal loopholes.

Even Rose can’t fathom why he’s doing it. When she asks him why he’s being so nice, he responds that everyone deserves to be treated fairly – but is there more to it than that? She invites him to dinner as a way to say thank you, and he accepts – “dinner would literally be nice“.

Although he’s developing feelings for Rose, Toadie doesn’t see their dinner as any more than a thank you. Yet when he tells Susan about it, she instantly sees it as something more. She encourages him to leave the kids with her and Karl that evening, just in case.

Later, when she and Karl bump into Rose at Harold’s, cake in hand, Susan can’t resist meddling. Searching for a little extra info, she puts Rose on the spot.

Susan can’t help but meddle as she tries to find a new love for Toadie

Well, you certainly know the way to Toadie’s heart,” she tells her, referring to the cake box she’s holding. As Rose seems confused, Susan continues: “Toadie told us about your thank you… date… tonight,” she reveals. “So I just assumed that that’s desert.”

Embarrassed, Rose responds that “Well, it’s not a date, I just enjoy cooking for friends”.

“Oh well, my mistake”, Susan tells her, as Rose makes a sharp exit. When Karl chats to his wife about her meddling, he ponders whether Susan has accidentally convinced Toadie that his dinner that evening is actually date. If so, is she setting him up for disappointment if Rose really does see it an innocent meal for with friend?

Has she set him up for failure, or will Rose reciprocate her old boss’s feelings?

Toadie and Rose are enjoying what might just be a second date… but things are about to come crashing down

Later in the week, Toadie faces further problems when his plan to help Rose through her divorce backfires. As he and Rose chat in The Waterhole (on what may or may not be a second date… it seems Susan’s meddling worked after all!), in walks Janes, Rose’s ex.

James interrupts Rose and Toadie and demands to know why his ex lawyer is chatting to his ex wife

He wants to know why his ex-lawyer is chatting to his ex-wife.

Initially, Rose tries to make up an excuse that the pair met at yoga. After realising Toadie couldn’t represent her due to having already represented James, the pair simply got chatting and Toadie gave her some generic advice.

James, obviously, sees right through her story. He comes clean as to the real reason he’s come to Erinsborough – after he sent Toadie his final information, Toadie immediately dumped him as a client, which is obviously a little more than suspicious. Then, shortly after, Rose knocked back the divorce settlement – “you’d only reject that offer if you knew I had hidden funds”.

And now here the two of them are, sharing coffee together. “That is some coincidence.” Clearly they’ve been working together, and Toadie must have broken client-lawyer confidentiality.

He says the words Toadie has been dreading – he’s suing him for malpractice. On top of that, he has a new settlement offer for Rose – absolutely nothing!

There are tough times ahead for Rebecchi Law.

Paul makes Nicolette an offer

Elsewhere, David and Aaron go to meet Nicolette’s surrogacy contact to discuss how they could go about having a child of their own – but when David tells Nicolette that they’re excited for the appointment, Aaron looks a little less enthusiastic. Is he being rushed into something he doesn’t want, simply to not hurt David’s feelings?

When they return from their meeting, it’s a dead end. Nicolette’s contact has had a baby for a friend once before, but wasn’t able to give them any info they didn’t already know, and they haven’t come back any more informed.

They tell Therese and Paul that they’re looking at surrogacy agencies overseas – it’s the only way they can pay someone for a baby without breaking Australian law – and are considering one in Canada. As they leave, Paul is left with that familiar Paul Robinson glint in his eye, as if he’s got something in mind.

Soon after, he turns up at Number 32 to have a chat with Nicolette. She’s taken aback that he’d want to come talk to her, so expects it to be something interesting.

It is.

He questions her on her friend, and asks if Nicolette thinks she’d be willing to do it again. Surprised, she’s firm with him – it was a one time thing for a family friend, and Nicolette only introduced her to Aaron and David so she could give them advice, nothing more.

Paul once again tries to use money to solve a problem

Ehhh… everybody has their price though,” Paul retorts. When Nicolette gives him a shocked reaction, he continues. “What I’m saying is, I’m willing to pay anything your friend wants, if she will be a surrogate for David and Aaron.

She reminds him that that’s against the law, but he tells her he’s sure they could come to an arrangement that could work for everyone, and could stay under the radar. There could even be something in it for Nicolette!

Will Paul really set his son up with a surrogate without their knowledge? And will Nicolette stay quiet?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 19th October (8460)

Nicolette finds out that she was accepted for the room in the share house.

Toadie points Rose in the direction of James’ hidden assets, suggesting she cook him dinner to thank him.

Tuesday 20th October (8461)

Nicolette uses her charm to get Aaron and David to agree on letting her stay.

James confronts Toadie and Rose, threatening to sue Toadie for his role in alerting Rose to his business assets.

Jane and Karl come up with a mysterious and cost-effective plan to protect their hoard.

Wednesday 21st October (8462)

Worried that he’s the cause of the tension between Dipi and Pierce, Shane organises a double date to help fix things for both couples.

Reaching maximum capacity under the house at in the Doug Out, Karl and Jane take extreme measures to protect their goods.

Mackenzie and Toadie learn that James and Rose still love one another.

Thursday 22nd October (8463)

Shane’s dinner party is certainly interesting, but the tension is broken between Dipi and Pierce.

Ned and Yashvi aren’t talking, leading Ned to suggest he cancel his exhibition to spend time fixing things with Yashvi.

Friday 23rd October (8464)

An important art critic is in attendance at Ned’s exhibition, but no one expects what happens when he unveils his portrait of Yashvi.

Shane and Chloe bail on their partners, leaving Dipi and Pierce on a date, sharing wine and their deepest thoughts & feelings.

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