Home and Away Spoilers – Tane’s new job at the garage backfires spectacularly

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Ziggy gives Tane a job at the garage, but he’s quick to take advantage of the situation as he uses it as the base for his illegal activity.

In last week’s Home and Away, Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) decided to resign from Salt, unable to deal with his feelings for Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir). He’s liked her for months, but now that she’s decided to give her relationship with his brother Ari a proper go, he wants to put some distance between them.

Yet his pay check from Salt was the only thing keeping him away from the dodgy dealings that used to bring in the cash. Now, with no job, he’s back with no way to pay the bills, and hefty rent to pay on the house he shares with Ari and Nikau.

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), meanwhile, is left managing Summer Bay Auto all on her own. Justin’s recovery from spinal surgery means he’s going to be out of action for at least 5 weeks – perhaps more, if the twinges Justin experienced in Thursday’s episodes are anything to go by – meaning the newly qualified mechanic is now left running the show.

So, when Ziggy discovers that Tane is out of a job, she thinks she’s found her perfect match.

She bumped into Tane on the beach at the end of Thursday’s triple bill of episodes, where he confessed he’d quit Salt after humiliating himself over Mac and Arie.

Mackenzie and Ziggy are now living together in the Astonis’ farmhouse, so Ziggy gets the news from all angles when Mac comes home and vents to her about what’s just happened. Seeing no issue with hiring Mac’s former flame, and desperately needing someone to help with her workload, Ziggy offers him a job.

Ethan Browne recently spoke to TV WEEK about the upcoming storyline. “Ziggy feels bad for Tane. She’s aware of the situation with him and Mac, so offers to help him.

“She’s the kind of person who would give someone a fair shot without judgement of their past.”, he explains. “She’s also in a pickle with the garage and Justin being out of action, so she could do with some help.”

For Ziggy, it’s just a way to fill the labour gap at the garage – she can focus on the real mechanic work, while Tane carries out small tasks like oil changes and general maintenance. Yet it seems like others in Summer Bay interpret the situation a little differently.

Ziggy is newly single, having just ended things with Dean after finding out the truth about Ross. She’s definitely not looking for another relationship right now, yet when Dean and Amber spot the two of them together, Amber interprets things a little differently.

Ziggy and Tane head for a celebratory drink at Salt, and bump into Dean and Amber on the way in. She explains that she’s just offered Tane a job, and Dean gives a cold “congratulations“, before making a swift exit. It’s clear that it’s hard for him having to see Ziggy sharing a drink with another bloke, especially so soon after they broke up.

After he leaves, Amber warns Ziggy that she shouldn’t be shoving her date with Tane in Dean’s face.

While for Ziggy, it’s just a job offer, could Amber be preempting a future relationship?

Anyway, putting that aside, it’s back to work. Sadly for Ziggy, things don’t go fantastically well on Tane’s first day.

As Tane is busy getting stuff done and seemingly having a great time in his new role, Ari turns up with pizza – a nice gesture to congratulate his brother on his first day at work. Yet Tane interprets it differently, and thinks Ari using the move to check up on him. He was constantly watching over him at Salt, and now it seems like he’ll be doing the same at the garage.

Feeling like he still isn’t in control of his life, he turns to the one thing he feels like he can control – the world of crime. It’s how he’s used to making money, he knows what he’s doing, and he still sees it as relatively low risk.

So that evening, when Ziggy has gone home, he returns to the garage with a van full of stolen goods.

His plan is to shift the van first thing in the morning, before Ziggy arrives at work. Yet when his buyer pulls out, he’s left with a van of stolen stuff and nowhere to go. As he’s busy trying to make other plans, he turns to find Ziggy standing there, listening into his conversation!

It’s the last thing Ziggy needs – she’s just dumped Dean for being a criminal, and now she’s gone and hired herself one to work at the garage.

How will she react?

Ziggy is just offering Tane a job … but will it lead to more?

Well, even if Ziggy does flip out, it seems like she won’t stay angry at Tane for too long. Spoilers which came out earlier this year give major clues as to the pair’s future, so look away now if you don’t want to know.

It seems like Amber was onto something with her “date” dig at Ziggy, and Dean had good reason to be worried.

As we revealed in a spoiler roundup earlier this year, paparazzi shots taken at Palm Beach (the real life home of Summer Bay) back in September saw Ziggy and Tane walking hand in hand along the beach before sharing a kiss, implying the pair do eventually hook up.

Just how will Mac react to her new flatmate hooking up with her former crush? And does this mean that Ziggy and Dean are over for good?

Here’s the full Home and Away spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

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Monday 12th October (Episode 7431)

Ziggy hires Tane at the garage.

Justin is unsure if his symptoms are imaginary or real.

Dean’s attempt to introduce Jai to his mum receives an unexpected roadblock.

Tuesday 13th October (Episode 7432)

Whose mother will ruin Jai’s birthday?

Justin uses Leah as a decoy to seek Christian’s help.

Tori protests there’s nothing going on between her and Christian.

Wednesday 14th October (Episode 7433)

In attempting to help Colby, Taylor makes a mistake.

Can Dean get through to Amber?

How will Tori broach Justin?

Thursday 15th October (Episode 7434-7436)

Angelo’s snooping reverberates through the Bay.

Bella and Nikau can’t get on the same page.

Ari attempts to buoy Tane’s mood.

Jasmine and Ryder form an unlikely alliance.

Can a bit of forced intervention save Nikau and Bella?

Will Tane’s perceived grievances cause him to do something stupid?

Christian delivers the news.

Tane’s in hot water.

Tori’s date is disastrous.

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