Home and Away Spoilers – Ziggy and Tane get together!

Home and Away spoilers for Australia and the UK: An unexpected couple look set to hook up in early 2021, as new photos from the set of Home and Away show Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Tane (Ethan Browne) kissing and walking along the beach holding hands.

Home and Away spoilers see Ziggy Astoni and Tane Parata enter a relationship

It’s bad news for one of Summer Bay’s few remaining couples, as it confirms rumours that Dean and Ziggy are set to break up at some point over the next few months.

Ziggy and Dean have had a slightly rocky relationship since first getting together mid last year, but have overcome a number of hurdles and come out the other side as one of Summer Bay’s strongest (and, let’s be honest, few remaining) couples.

However, it looks like their current turmoil is set to get on top of them, with both of them set to find new love with other Summer Bay residents in the coming months.

The pair first got together not long after Ziggy and Brody’s marriage ended, after Ziggy discovered that Brody was cheating on her with Simone. She and Dean sparked up a friendship when they worked together at Summer Bay Auto, and grew closer as Ziggy marriage dissolved, with their shared love of cars eventually being the catalyst for their relationship.

Ziggy and Dean break up in new Home and Away spoilers

Ziggy and Dean got together at the Bush Bomb Rally back in 2019

They set off for the Bush Bomb Rally in mid-2019, a week of driving around the outback competing against fellow petrol heads. It was during that trip – and after getting rid of Bella, who’d stowed away in their car to try and prevent them getting together – that they shared a kiss and ended up sleeping together.

After some initial trepidation, including worries over what Ben and Maggie would think of their relationship, they ended up as a couple.

Dean even managed to win Ben round, to the point where they forged a business partnership that saw Dean take over the running of Ben’s Boards when he and Maggie left for Italy.

Dean and Ziggy briefly broke up in late 2019, as Ziggy kissed co-worker Joe when she was working as a mechanic on a race track pit crew out of town. They were struggling with the distance between them, and when another woman answered Dean’s phone, Ziggy assumed that he was cheating on her.

Ziggy and Dean came close to breaking up at the end of 2019, after a misunderstanding led to a weird turn of events

Thinking that Dean had already moved on, she briefly gave into temptation with Joe, but instantly regretted it and put a stop to things.

Another woman answers Ziggy’s phone as a joke, but Ziggy takes it the wrong way and presumes he’s cheating on her

Ziggy gives into temptation with a mechanic from a rival pit crew, but instantly regrets it

Eventually, Dean was able to forgive her and they’ve stayed strong ever since, with Dean helping her deal with her parents’ breakup and eventual move to Italy.

Recently, their world has been rocked again by the news that Dean has a kid. Amber, who Dean had slept with a few times back when he still lived in Mangrove River, turned up in Summer Bay and revealed that she’d given birth to his son 5 years earlier.

However, as things currently stand, Dean is totally sure that this news shouldn’t affect his relationship with Ziggy. Although Dean wants to play an active part in son Jai’s life, he’s made it very clear to Amber that he has no feelings for her, and that he’s truly committed to Ziggy.

That makes what happens over the next few months very unexpected. As we already revealed in a spoiler article back in August, scenes filmed earlier this year showed Dean and Amber kissing on the balcony of Salt, suggesting that the bombshell of Dean’s kid ends up being too much for the couple to handle.

Now, it looks like Ziggy is set to find new love as well, in the form of one of Summer Bay’s newest residents.

Paparazzi photos taken at Palm Beach in the last week show a bikini-clad Ziggy and topless Tane Parata walking hand in hand, before sharing a kiss.

With Dean currently one of the few people who knows about his sister Mackenzie’s crush on Tane, we can’t imagine he’ll be too pleased when his soon to be ex-girlfriend ends up hooking up with the Parata brother.

The photos put an end to speculation that Mackenzie and Tane will eventually end up together. Recent weeks have seen the pair torn over their feelings for each other, as Mackenzie tries to push them aside for the sake of her relationship with Ari.

While Mac and Tane have locked lips multiple times in their imagination, the pair have yet to actually give into temptation.

Moreso, it seems that the two Parata brothers are still on speaking terms at the end of the year, suggesting that Ari doesn’t have to deal with his brother running off with his girlfriend. Recent filming has seen Tane and Ari combine forces with Dean Thompson and Heath Braxton (yes, he’s back!) as part of a storyline expected to air in the season finale.

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Some fans are speculating that the reason for Dean and Ziggy’s breakup actually has more to do with the actors’ real life situation.

Patrick O’Connor (Dean) and Sophie Dillman (Ziggy) are dating in real life, and perhaps the producers decided it was safer to have them apart on screen.

The pair knew each other back in their uni days, attending the same acting school.

We were friends then, and then we were in different years, so we didn’t really see each other.” Sophie revealed to Australia’s The Morning Show back in March.

But then when found each other on the show. And conveniently, our characters got together on the show.

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A similar theory existed for Willow and Justin, who split up on screen at the end of 2018 after actors James Stewart and Sarah Roberts started dating in real life. The pair confirmed that they were in a relationship in early 2018, and ended up marrying in July 2019.

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