Home and Away’s Maddy Jevic (Amber) records new version of the show’s iconic theme

After making a bold entrance to Home and Away as new character Amber Simmons nearly two weeks ago, actor and self-confessed fan of the show Madeline Jevic has marked the occasion in a unique way.

A few days after her first episode aired on Australian screens, Maddy took to Instagram to share her own interpretation of the famous Home and Away theme tune.


Though still iconic the world over—with performances from the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Gary Barlow and Peter Kay—the theme tune is sadly no longer a regular fixture in Australian households, who only hear the final six words of the lyrics during the 5 second openers.

International viewers still hear a 30 second version of the song over the closing credits, but this is replaced in Australia by generic Seven credits alongside a promo.

I’m a musician as well – I do that on the side,” Maddy recently told TV Week. “It’s always been a passion of mine. I’m always making music.

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Having grown up in Adelaide, Maddy moved to Melbourne when she was 18 to study at the 16th Street Actors studio. Her first major role came in the ABC comedy Upper Middle Bogan, in which she played Brianna Wheeler, but she is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Nurse Lee Radcliffe in three seasons of Wentworth.

Maddy jumped at the chance to play such a different character to Nurse Lee, and as a long-term fan of the show it made the prospect even more exciting.

Asked by TV Week who she had looked forward to meeting the most when she started on the show back in January, it was an easy question to answer.

Lynne McGranger, without a doubt,” she explained. “Because I grew up watching [the show], she was just this familiar beautiful energy. She’s like a mum – so down to earth and loving.

Going on to talk about other members of the cast, Maddy admitted that her first encounter with show stalwart Ray Meagher was the most unexpected.

Ray’s really sharp – he is really smart,” she said. “Alf is Alf, but in real life, Ray is just onto it. I was really surprised by his charisma.

Amber came to town as a new carer for John Palmer (Shane Withington) following his stroke. Although wife Marilyn (Emily Symons) had taken on the job herself, despite their marriage having been on the rocks with John already living in a caravan, it wasn’t long before John forced Marilyn to admit that she was only doing it out of loyalty—she no longer loved him.

Amber’s no-nonsense approach came as a bit of a shock to both John and Marilyn, and although things started off well, it didn’t take long for Amber to ruffle John’s feathers when she brought up his marriage, and he promptly fired her.

Not one to let that put her off, Amber coolly returned the next day as if nothing had happened, and John seemed to be stuck with her!

She wouldn’t be a resident of Summer Bay without a complex backstory though, and we’ve already learnt that she has a long history with Colby (Tim Franklin), Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Willow (Sarah Roberts).

Having all grown up in Mangrove River together, the four were good friends until the fateful day that Amber’s brother Jai died.

When Colby’s stepfather Ross fled Mangrove River, taking his wife (Colby’s mother Michelle), and his daughter Bella with him, Colby asked Dean to steal a car so he could chase them. When the car crashed, Colby left the scene to continue the chase, unknowingly leaving passenger Jai dead, and an unconscious Dean to take the rap and end up in jail.

Amber made her feelings towards Colby clear when she first ran into him in Summer Bay, by punching him in the face. And whilst she initally felt anger towards Dean and Willow for continuing to be friends with Colby, she has now pushed that aside.

*Spoilers below!*

In this week’s Australian episodes, Amber manages to find another enemy, when she heads on a girls night out with Willow, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman).

Mackenzie has already taken a dislike to Amber after she found out she had spent the night with Tane (Ethan Browne)—who Mackenzie has a secret crush on, despite being in a relationship with his brother Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams).

As the night wears on, Tane turns up and Mackenzie is subjected to more flirtations between he and Amber.

Her jealousy boils over, and when she makes a catty remark to Amber, the two end up in a brawl. As Amber takes a swing at Mackenzie, Ziggy steps in and ends up being on the receiving end of Amber’s punch.

Amber is a wild card and not shy, that’s for sure” Maddy told TV Week. “She’s out to have a good time, but she’s also not one to mess with.

If the resulting black eye wasn’t reason enough for Ziggy to take a dislike to Amber, then there could be another blow for Ziggy in the coming months…

We’ve already learned that Ziggy’s boyfriend Dean had relations with Amber on his release from prison, in a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement, and whilst Ziggy has been OK with Dean’s history, it appears Amber may currently be holding back one more detail.

Speculation has it, from the word of fans who’ve witnessed filming at Palm Beach, that Amber and Dean actually have a son together.

A little boy, rumoured to be named Jai after his late uncle, has been seen in numerous scenes filmed with Amber and Dean earlier this year, with one fan claiming to hear the boy shouting “Daddy!” as he ran up to Dean.

With further scenes filmed which saw Amber and Dean kissing on the balcony at Salt, it seems that it could be a rocky few months in the bay!

Here’s the full spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 3rd August (Episode 7381)

Jasmine feels betrayed.

Marilyn works through her new normal.

Tori hits a roadblock.

Tuesday 4th August (Episode 7382)

Willow forces Jasmine to open up.

Roo worries about Ryder’s decision.

Marilyn struggles to let go.

Wednesday 5th August (Episode 7383)

Ryder can’t face his reality.

Amber takes Willow for a night out clubbing.

Mac’s secret gets exposed.

Thursday 7th August (Episode 7384)

Bella organises time alone with Nikau.

Ziggy puts her foot in it.

Ari discovers Mac is hiding something.