UK Neighbours Spoilers – Pierce and Dipi kiss as their marriages fall apart

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This week on Neighbours in the UK, Shane interrupts Dipi’s cooking class, leading her to turn to Pierce for support… and it’s not long before the pair give into temptation!

These scenes air in the UK from next Monday 12th October.

Faye decides to head back to Adelaide and give Pierce and Chloe some space. Before she does so, she wants a private word with Nicolette. She tells her that she understands what she’s going through and knows how hard it must be… but warns her that Chloe has a husband, and that Nicolette needs to respect that.

Faye tells her that she knows she isn’t completely at fault; after all, Chloe shouldn’t have invited Nicolette to live with them when she already knew about her feelings for her.

Unfortunately, Pierce is standing outside at the time and overhears the whole thing. While Chloe had made out that she had no idea about Nicolette’s feelings for her, it now turns out to be a lie, and Pierce is not happy.

Pierce is fast becoming the person Dipi can confide in, and he just seems to get her.

He later confides in Dipi at Harold’s. Dipi asks him if he’s sure that Chloe’s feelings aren’t reciprocal. He’s sure that they’re not, and admits that he wants to fix things between him and his wife more than anything… but that he doesn’t know if wanting to is going to be enough.

Shane struggles to cope in the latest Neighbours spoilers

Shane is still struggling to cope coming off the drugs.

Meanwhile, Shane is still struggling to cope. He knows that things are tight financially, and Dipi is having to decide which bills to pay and which they can get away with putting off. Yet when he suggests to Dipi that he goes back to work, she doesn’t think he’s ready.

He’s not long been back from rehab, and she doesn’t think his mind is clear enough. She reminds him how long it’s taking him to put together the jewellery box, something she claims he’d normally be able to knock out in an evening, and is sure this means he’s not able to focus on anything.

Later, Shane is seen struggling to work on the box, twisting the clamp too tightly whilst deep in thought, and breaking part of the box as he’s doing so.

She later meets up with Pierce again at Harolds, where she admits that she wants things to be okay with Shane, and they’re trying, but they can’t quite get there.

She tells him how she’s been considering her own money-making idea to help with their ailing finances – cooking classes. Pierce thinks it’s a great idea, telling her that not only is she magic in the kitchen, but she’s a natural teacher. He encourages her to do a trial run, and she’s in, and starts planning to put one on that very evening.

He invites Chloe along, after she tells him how she wants them to start having more fun, and be a more relaxed couple like Aaron and David. She’s sceptical of his invite to a cooking class, wanting them to do something a little more private, but goes along with it anyway.

Later, Pierce pops to Number 30 looking for Dipi, but finds Shane instead. He lets slip about the cooking class, but when Shane says that he may even pop along himself and act as Dipi’s soux chef, Pierce warns him that it might be better for him to stay away.

Of course, this is the last thing Shane wants to hear, and certainly isn’t going to stop him. He heads to the class later that evening, already wound up from Pierce’s comments, and not thinking straight.

Dipi is instantly ruffled by his appearance, but tries to carry on as normal. Yet she can’t concentrate, and when Shane won’t stop talking as the attendants are attempting to cook, the tension starts to grow.

A cookery class is Pierce’s idea of a good time… but in Chloe’s eyes, it’s just another chance for them to bicker with each other.

Meanwhile, Chloe is finding herself irritated by every little comment Pierce makes, and not finding the class to be the cathartic experience Pierce was hoping. She eventually snaps, telling Pierce that he’s too focussed on this big dreamy future they’ll likely never have, and that they are so out of sync that can’t even make food together.

Fuelled by Chloe’s remarks, and growing ever more irritated by Shane’s sarcastic remarks, it’s Pierce’s turn to snap. He turns to Shane, angrily telling him to listen to his wife, and accusing him of being selfish.

The two of them face off. Pierce tells Shane that he says he wants to fix his marriage, but all he keeps doing is wrecking it – while Shane retorts that it seems to him that Pierce is doing exactly the same. “You might want to take care of your own car crash of a marriage before you even think of coming after mine!


Pierce can’t stand the way Shane treats Dipi – is it because he’s harbouring feelings for her?

You don’t deserve a woman like Dipi,” replies Pierce, his true feelings starting to bubble through.

Later that evening, Shane makes a remark that could spell the end of his marriage. As he and Dipi argue over who was to blame for that evening’s debacle, Dipi accuses him of causing unnecessary pressure by returning from rehab early. But Shane sees it differently – “No, you know what, the only one who’s putting pressure on anything is you! Is it any wonder that I turned to the drugs?!”

A couple of days later, and Dipi and Pierce find themselves alone yet again.

Pierce is staying at the hotel after he and Chloe needed a night apart, and has offered Dipi a free night in Lassiters as well as she looks for respite from her own marriage.

Yet as Dipi sleeps alone, Shane is at home with Toadie, struggling to cope and desperately wanting drugs to help him ease his stress. Thankfully, Toadie is there to help him through the night and stick to his recovery plan, but it’s hard going – he’s clearly far from over his problem.

When Dipi discovers that Shane was tempted to go back to the drugs, she doesn’t understand it, and opts for a second night away from the family home. It’s this time that she ends up confiding once again in Pierce.

Dipi and Pierce kiss in a Lassiters bedroom in new Neighbours spoilers

As Dipi and Pierce end up in Lassiters alone, they give into temptation.

She’s still upset at how her husband ruined her class, which was meant to be the first time she’s had a chance to enjoy herself in weeks, and now she’s got to deal with the fact Shane is still tempted by the drugs.

She knows he’ll be an addict forever, and is terrified that he’ll end up wanting to turn to the drugs every time they have a fight. She doesn’t know if she can do that for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, Pierce is still hurt at Chloe’s comments about their marriage, and secretly knows Shane was spot on with what he said. He feels like it’s been so long since they were happy.

They both want a happy marriage, and an easy life, but it seems neither of them are going to get that with their own partners. They both understand each other, and seem to be on the same page. As a mix of sadness and sexual tension grows, they end up kissing!

The next morning, Shane tries explaining himself to Dipi and wants them to move forward… yet he’s taken aback at how forgiving she is.

Of course, he has no idea the real reason for her rapid forgiveness is her own guilt – she’s just cheated on her husband, at the time that he needs her most!

How will she come back from this?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 12th October (8455)

Levi is furious at Sheila for meddling with his medical assessment.

Fay urges Chloe to open up about how she is feeling, with Fay eventually deciding to return to Adelaide.

Tuesday 13th October (8456)

Pierce and Chloe decide to use Dipi’s cooking class as a bonding session to help fix their marriage.

Susan is annoyed when she learns that Karl and Jane haven’t actually donated their bulk buys to charity. Instead, they’ve bargained with Nicolette to stash them in The Doug Out.

Shane interrupts Dipi’s cooking class, wearing Dipi’s patience thin and causing Pierce to lash out at Shane when he notices Dipi is about to breakdown.

Wednesday 14th October (8457)

With tensions rising in both the Rebecchi and Greyson marriages, Dipi and Pierce end up seeking refuge at Lassiter’s for the night.

Ned begins painting his crazed fan’s portrait while she toys with taunting him about his relationship with Yasvhi.

Tempted to tun to drugs, Toadie supports Shane through the night.

Thursday 15th October (8458)

Just when things seem to be on the right track for Chloe and Pierce figuring their problems out, Chloe decides to visit Fay in Adelaide sans Pierce.

Ned is forced to come clean to Yashvi about Fandangle.

Shane is surprised at how forgiving Dipi is about everything, unaware that she’s filled with guilt about the night before.

Friday 16th October (8459)

Roxy and Bea decide to take action and confront Ned’s crazy stalker at her home.

The future of Ned and Yashvi’s relationship becomes uncertain in the face of his confession.

Mackenzie gives Rose some subtle hints about where she can find James’s hidden assets.

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