UK Neighbours Spoilers – Ned goes nude online for cash

In these Neighbours spoilers set to air in the UK from Monday 7th September, Ned is tempted to bare all online for some extra money, while Nicolette gets back at Pierce for trying to shut her out.

Ned lets it all fandangle

For Ned, Fandangle has been a good way to earn a little bit of extra money.

Putting his good looks to good use, it’s all stayed pretty innocent, with his small number of subscribers paying for some fairly family-friendly photos.

However, the money he’s received is nothing compared to the thousands he needs to raise to put on his very own art exhibition. In an attempt to get more, he’s started taking private requests.

Kyle finds the whole thing hilarious.

“What do they ask for?”

“I sat on a cake?”


“You know a cake? I sat on one.”

“And took pictures?! Were you wearing jocks?!”

While that may be the strangest request so far, he’s also started receiving more risqué commissions.

He reveals to Kyle that someone has offered him $600 to take a completely nude photo, but he’s not sure it’s a good idea to do it.

Kyle has his answer. Don’t do it. His and Amy’s sex tape still fresh in his mind, Kyle warns him “once that’s out there, on the internet, you can never take it back. Trust me.”

But Ned tells him it’s different. He’s 100% protecting his privacy, he hasn’t been identifiable from any of the photos, and uses a pseudonym. Plus the guy doesn’t live locally… as far as he knows.

After some advice from Harlow, he tracks down their IP address, and they’re in Croatia. With thousands of miles between them, what could go wrong?

Later, he asks Paul if they can leave a little bit of space at the creative coworking hub, so Ned can use it for his own personal exhibition. But Paul, not wanting to lose out on space that could be rented to paying clients, turns him down instantly. Another dead end to his exhibition dream.

It’s not long before Ned’s mysterious admirer sends him another text, upping the offer to $1000.

With Ned more and more desperate for the extra cash, and Paul piling on the pressure, will he go through with it?

Seemingly decision made, he locks himself in the hub and sets the camera up. However, at the last second he’s interrupted by Yashvi. She quickly realises he’s doing Fandangle photos, but is oblivious to the fact they were going to be nude ones.

Knowing she’s interrupted him while he’s “in the zone”, she makes a swift exit… 

However, it seems the interruption all Ned needs to make him come to his senses, and he packs up.

Later, Yashvi has found him the perfect new place for his exhibition

Sadly, the fees are unaffordable. He tries to negotiate them down, but when they won’t budge, Yashvi tells him he needs to get the money together and secure his perfect space. “Whatever it takes, you do it.”

When Paul taunts him further over his lack of money, telling him that his artistic endeavours are never going to make him rich, he finally snaps.

He strips off in front of the camera. He uploads the picture, and hits Send.

Ned, what have you done?

A big choice for Emmett

Also next week, Emmett is given the option to go and live with his aunt, leaving David and Aaron in shock.

His Aunty Linda has returned and already has all the necessary checks to allow Emmett to move in with her. He’s torn between staying with his new foster parents, or moving to live with closer to family.

David and Aaron are supportive – they want him to live wherever is going to make him happy – but they’re secretly terrified of the prospect of losing Emmett so soon.

Suddenly, Emmett’s mum Jenna (Anna Lise Phillips) turns up at the house uninvited, and seems determined to convince Emmett that he’d be better off with his aunt.

David overhears Jenna telling Emmett that Aaron cares more about Faye than he does about him. She tries to convince him that all of Aaron’s attention is going to be on making sure Faye is cared for and that it would be better that he’s out of the way. At his auntie’s house, Emmett would be #1.

He confronts her, telling her that she’s completely out of line. Emmett needs to decide for himself who he wants to live with.

Who will Emmett choose?

Nicolette humiliates Pierce

Nicolette, Chloe and Pierce head for a spa day at Lassiters. While there, Pierce berates Nicolette for having butted into his and Chloe’s business. She’d earlier given her opinion on the Huntingtons marker test, and he tells her to keep her nose out. She’s been hired to look after Fay and nothing more.

Stunned, Nicolette quickly finds a way to get back at Pierce.

When Pierce comes out from his treatment, still in his robe and covered in a face mask (the beauty treatment type, not the ‘new normal’ type), he asks Nicolette where Chloe is.

She and Faye have popped for a coffee at Harold’s, but Nicolette playfully tells him that Chloe had mentioned a walk in the Dandenong mountains that morning.

She took Faye by herself?!

Chloe’s a grown woman, and if she wants to take her mother for a walk in the Dandenongs, like how can you stop her?

Before she can tell him she’s joking, Pierce runs out into the Lassiters main square in nothing more than his dressing gown and face mask… as Paul and half of Erinsborough watch on.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in the UK:

Monday 7 September (8430)

Emmett’s aunt is identified as a suitable carer.

An anxious Chloe puts off having the Huntington’s Disease test for the baby.

Tuesday 8 September (8431)

Toadie is approached by Angela Lane, but Karl and Susan jump in to stop him from dating her.

Hendrix spots Nicolette catching up with her ex Alex, approaching her to find out what’s really going on with Nicolette’s love life.

David and Aaron struggle with having said goodbye to Emmett.

Wednesday 9 September (8432)

Hendrix confronts Nicolette about her feelings for Chloe.

With a tempting cash offer, Ned is tempted to send a patron a very racy photo.

The barriers between Jane and Nicolette starts to come down.

Thursday 10 September (8433)

Levi is feeling the pressure about his fake relationship with Bea, made all the more difficult with her still being in Switzerland.

When his exhibition costs escalate, Ned considers taking a nude photo for one of his subscribers in order to make his dreams a reality.

Toadie and Dipi are worried about Shane after he hasn’t been heard from in a few days, leaving Roxy to consider revealing everything.

Friday 11 September (8434)

Mackenzie plans a surprise evening for Shane and Dipi’s anniversary, unaware of everything that’s transpiring.

Shane is reluctant to come back home, eventually admitting out loud to Toadie that he is an addict.

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