Home and Away Spoilers — Will Angelo’s wife be Colby’s escape route?

In this week’s Australian Home and Away spoilers, Colby sees an opportunity when a new face arrives in town, as he begins a dangerous game…

This Wednesday (26th August) will see the debut of Annabelle Stephenson as Taylor, the wife of recent returnee Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz).

Colby, knowing that Angelo is beginning to see him as a suspect in the Ross Nixon murder case, jumps at the chance to befriend the detective’s wife and use her to his advantage.

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Annabelle’s first TV role was in the series H20: Just Add Water, but after moving to the US she scored the role of Sara Munello in the ABC series Revenge. Her arrival on Home and Away sees her play Angelo’s wife, 9 years after he left Summer Bay with a different woman.

When Angelo left Summer Bay back in 2011, he was in a relationship with Nicole Franklin (Tessa James), moving to the city with her and her baby son George.

The two had grown close after Angelo helped deliver George, when Nicole went into labour unexpectedly on the beach. He was instrumental in convincing Nicole that she would make a good mother—and shouldn’t give her baby up to Marilyn Chambers as she’d originally intended.

Angelo has not given anything away about his personal life since his surprise return to Summer Bay, but Marilyn did learn from Irene that he and Nicole were no longer together.

Two recent promos show that Taylor is soon to arrive in Summer Bay, and is set to become somewhat involved with Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin), which could prove to be a dangerous game given that Angelo is currently investigating the murder of Colby’s stepfather Ross.

Learning of her attachment to Angelo, Colby believes that he can befriend Taylor and pry into her private life to use this to his advantage. He invites her to have a drink, and turns on the charm.

Dean and Willow think Colby is crazy in cracking on to the detective’s wife. “You’re hitting on the detective’s missus… you’re playing with fire!” Dean warns him; “This is so dangerous”, says Willow – but Colby assures him that he knows what he’s doing.

This is gonna work for us” he reassures them in the new trailer, over shots of Colby and Taylor sharing winks and sneaky glances both at the police station and Salt.

Meanwhile, Angelo is surprised to learn of Colby’s involvement with his old enemies the River Boys, when he looks up his file on the police database—a fact which is bound to only grow his suspicions further…

Back in the day, Angelo ended up in a two week coma when he came across the River Boys’ marijuana crop and Heath knocked him out. Angelo had already entered into a business relationship with Brax, something which he regretted when he suspected Brax was using the business to launder money.

After making a secret recording at the restaurant, Angelo had evidence that Brax was seeing police officer Charlie Buckton, and was able to blackmail him into buying out the rest of the business, allowing Angelo and Nicole to start a new life in the city.

It’s fair to say Colby’s history with the River Boys will make him a suspect, and Colby will stop at nothing to protect the truth.

A shot in another trailer from last week sees Colby and Taylor get even closer, with the pair sitting in bed as a topless Colby leans in to kiss her.

Does Colby really know what he’s getting himself in for, or is Taylor playing him at his own game?

Speaking to The Chronicle recently, Annabelle gave a lot of background information about her character.

Taylor is an independent, bold, smart and effervescent woman whose naturally happy attitude has been curtailed over time because her husband’s focus on his career has seen her and their marriage take a back seat,” she explained.

Having trained to become a physiotherapist, Taylor fell in love with Angelo and they were married not long after, at a time when Angelo was working as a cop in the city with reasonable hours which let them enjoy their life together.

However, once Angelo was accepted into a detective course, he began to focus more on his career,” Annabelle explained. “Taylor felt systemically relegated to second place in his life and having children was put on the backburner.

When a huge career opportunity for him in Summer Bay presents itself, Taylor follows him, hoping against all odds that success as head of this Homicide Task Force will redeem him professionally and allow them to heal personally” Annabelle continued.

But it soon becomes apparent to her that Angelo’s focus is almost exclusively on the case and she once again finds herself on the sideline, vying for a moment of his time and attention. Isolated and unemployed, she’s vulnerable to the attention of local cop Colby Thorne who befriends her.

Annabelle also spoke to the Daily Telegraph recently, where she revealed she had in fact auditioned for another role (who we suspect may have been Amber) last year, before the role of Taylor came along.

Having taken a year off acting, Annabelle was in Bologna, Italy, when she sent off a video audition for the show. The audition was obviously unsuccessful, and she wonders whether it may have had anything to do with the friends she used to act alongside in the short clip.

I had a Colombian reading for my son and my Italian teacher as my lover,” she laughed. “I think the lack of English speaking in my tape didn’t go in my favour.

Angelo has a lot to prove with his reintroduction to the police force, with his previous stint causing much controversy. He memorably shot and killed Constable Jack Holden (Paul O’Brien) by accident in the 2008 season finale.

Although initially arrested and carted off to the city, the charges were dropped and he was sent back to Summer Bay to head an operation investigating international people smuggling, for which Hugo Austin (Bernard Curry) was his top suspect.

When he was proven right, Hugo was given the opportunity to fake his death and enter witness protection, but he later escaped and returned to Summer Bay.

Angelo allowed Hugo to punch him, giving the impression that Hugo had over-powered him to escape

After a showdown with a corrupt cop at the farmhouse, and knowing Hugo wouldn’t last long in prison, Angelo allowed both Hugo and his girlfriend Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon) to flee Summer Bay, an action for which Angelo was forced to resign from the police.

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

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