Home and Away Spoilers — Evan’s twin arrives in Summer Bay!

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Roo gets the shock of her life when she sees a familiar face in Summer Bay…

It’s been three weeks since Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) returned to Summer Bay with the sad news that Ryder’s father, Evan (Cameron Daddo) had passed away following his battle with cancer.

Ryder (Lukas Radovich) had only known his dad for a matter of weeks—after he rocked up unannounced at the door of Summer Bay House—when Roo informed him that Evan was dying.

Touring as a musician over the years had taken it’s toll on Evan, with the exposure to asbestos in a number of rundown venues led to him contracting Mesothelioma.

After revealing his secret to Roo, Evan had begged her not to tell Ryder. But her heart was breaking as she watched Ryder build a bond with his newfound dad, and so she made the choice to tell Ryder the truth.

Ryder initially didn’t tell Evan that he knew his secret, and instead organised for Evan to perform at Salt under the guise of it being part of a TAFE hospitality assignment.

Ryder wanted a lasting memory of his father in his element, and although things were hairy for a while with Evan’s current condition, he found the strength to perform a special song for Ryder.

After Ryder told Evan that he knew about his terminal illness, Evan wanted to leave Summer Bay, not wanting to land Ryder with the burden of watching him die.

Although Ryder stopped him boarding the bus out of town, and told him that he would be staying at Summer Bay House where his family can support him, Evan’s mind was made up.

Ryder eventually agreed to let Evan leave in order to seek palliative care—with the condition that Roo went with him.

Evan spent the last few weeks of his life in Queensland, with Roo at his bedside as he passed away. She returned to Summer Bay to tell Ryder the news in person, and brought with her Evan’s guitar, which he wanted to be passed on to Ryder.

The pair later travelled to Queensland (off-screen) for Evan’s funeral, after which a bunch of Evan’s musician friends put on a performance in his honour.

So imagine Roo’s surprise this week when she sees a man in Summer Bay who looks just like Evan!

Roo cannot believe her eyes, and when she tells Marilyn (Emily Symons) of this shocking development, she wonders whether Evan’s ghost has come back to haunt them.

But the truth is far simpler, and something that may have been expected by any viewers that have been keeping up with our spoiler articles…

The man is in fact Evan’s estranged, long-lost twin brother, Owen!

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Monday’s with Cam

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Speaking to Woman’s Day about his return to the show, Cameron expressed his delight at being able to stay on in Summer Bay for a while longer.

When I began the journey of Evan, I understood there was going to be an end … after a couple of weeks, I found myself wanting them to find “a cure”, or way to extend my time in the Bay,” he explained.

It was such a fun and creative place to work. I was thrilled when the idea of Owen was pitched to me.

The continued presence of Cameron Daddo on set had given viewers various clues as to the latest twist in the storyline, with some subtle differences visible between Evan and Owen which we’ve pointed out in recent weeks.

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Today was fun 🤗

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Cameron’s scenes filmed this year have seen him wear a much different style of wardrobe to Evan, as well as sporting a full beard instead of Evan’s goatee.

Asked whether he found it difficult to play another character in such a short space of time, Cameron told Woman’s Day “Fortunately, I had some time between playing the two characters. I was able to put Evan “to bed” and then create the backstory of Owen.

Thankfully, I never played the two at the same time… now that would have been fun!” he added.

Very little was revealed about Evan’s family during his time in Summer Bay, with the only hint of backstory coming during his final afternoon with Ryder, when he stated that he had been adopted out when he was young.

How the estranged Owen came to know about Evan’s links to Summer Bay are yet to be seen…

Rumours are also abound that Owen could become a love interest for Roo, which were only strengthened when Georgie Parker recently revealed in an interview with BBC Newsbeat that she had filmed a kissing scene!

The length of Cameron’s tenure as Owen has not yet been announced, but he will debut as part of Thursday’s triple episode in Australia.

Also this week, Bella and Nikau go on the run as Ross’s murder investigation continues.

Bella is spooked when Detective Angelo summons her to Summer Bay Police Station to give a formal interview, and wants to get away before the truth can come out.

Seven have released a trailer showing the pair flee to the Blue Mountains, forcing the Paratas and Colby to unite to find them before a warrant is issued for Bella’s arrest.

Watch the trailer below, and read our full article on Bella and Nik’s escape.

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

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