Home and Away Spoilers — Colby’s dark past catches up with him! Plus, Mackenzie picks her man

This week on Home and Away in Australia, the time has finally come for Colby to face his dark past, and Mackenzie decides who she really wants…

It’s panic stations in Summer Bay this week, when Colby (Tim Franklin) and Bella (Courtney Miller) learn that the body of Bella’s father, Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak), has been found in a shallow grave a short distance outside the town.

It’s been over 18 months since Colby shot and killed stepfather Ross—after Ross kidnapped Bella, Willow (Sarah Roberts) and Colby’s new bride Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer)—with best friend Dean (Patrick O’Connor) forced to help Colby torch Ross’ car and bury his body.

When Colby confessed his crime to Chelsea, she promptly left him, and since then Colby has been forced to admit the truth to Bella about her father’s death, whilst Willow had also been let in on the secret.

Shortly after receiving the news, a familiar face comes to town in the form of Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz).

Having rejoined the police force since his departure from Summer Bay in 2011, Angelo is now working as a homicide detective, and the first face he encounters is a surprised Alf (Ray Meagher) outside the bait shop.

The two greet each other and Angelo quickly asks where he’d be able to find Colby and Bella.

Angelo’s different this time around,” Luke told TV Week. “He’s grown up a lot and isn’t mucking around anymore. He’s always loved being a cop, but when he had the run-in with the River Boys all those years ago, he hung up the badge. He and Nicole (Tessa James) split and he refocused on the force to become a detective. He doesn’t want to make friends – he’s there simply to get his man.

When he later runs into Bella, who he recognises from the police files, he offers his sympathies to her, and promises that he’ll catch whoever did this to her father.

That evening, Colby, Dean and Bella all put their heads together to work out how they’re going to play this to ensure suspicions aren’t raised.

He has had a plan in motion in his head since he buried the body,” Tim explained to TV Week. “It’s time to cover all his bases, get stories straight, alibis in line, and calm everyone down so he can deal with the investigation and make it go away.

The next day, when Angelo finally catches up with him, a nervous Colby finally puts his plans into motion as he reels off his well-rehearsed story.

But will it be enough to convince Detective Rosetta?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, having been torn between two brothers, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) finally makes a decision as to where her heart truly lies this week.

Although Mackenzie has been in a casual relationship with Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) for a couple of months now, her gaze has been wandering to Ari’s bad-boy brother Tane (Ethan Browne). Tane flirted heavily with Mackenzie on his arrival, mostly to annoy his brother, however Mackenzie has always knocked back his advances.

But in recent weeks she’s found it more and more difficult to put Tane out of her mind, not helped by her often running into him half-naked after staying over at the Parata house.

After offering Tane a job at Salt, in an attempt to put him on the straight and narrow in terms of his source of income, Mackenzie confessed to brother Dean about her feelings for him.

Things started unravelling when Tane left his first shift early to head home and sleep with Amber (Maddy Jevic) who he’d just met at the bar. Although angry at Tane for letting her down, Mackenzie was also seething with jealousy.

Making her feelings towards Amber very clear on a girls night out last week, it didn’t take long for Amber to figure out Mackenzie’s contempt was all down to her spending the night with Tane—and she teasingly told her that she’d keep her little secret.

It wasn’t Amber that Mackenzie would have to be worried about though, as Ari has started putting two and two together after hearing snippets of conversations between Dean and Ziggy, as well as seeing Mackenzie and Tane having a quiet discussion last week.

As Ari confronts her, asking if anything is going on, Mackenzie denies it — but stumbles when asked if she would like there to be.

With Mackenzie’s crush now out in the open, she fears that she’s ruined things for good with Ari. Dean tells her that if she truly cares for Ari, she has to fight for him.

Mackenzie makes her decision and heads around to the Parata house, where she tells Ari that he is the one that she wants and wants to win back his trust, but only if he feels the same way. Mackenzie needs something more than the casual relationship they’ve had up to this point.

This gives Ari food for thought as he comes to the realisation that his own neglect of the relationship may be partly to blame, he’s hardly opened up to Mackenzie at all over the past few months, The next day he resolves to show Mackenzie how he feels by taking her on a proper date—fishing!

Spending the day on a boat in the open water, Ari finally begins to open up to Mackenzie in the hope that it gives her more of an insight into his life. He explains that he’s somewhat out of practice since leaving prison, but is surprised when Mackenzie reveals that this is actually her idea of a perfect date, she used to love fishing when she was a child!

After a romantic afternoon, the couple are more loved-up than ever, and it seems this is a beginning of a new chapter as they move into a deeper relationship.

But will a confession from Tane only complicate things again….?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week in Australia:

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