Home and Away Spoilers — The Paratas pay tribute to Mikaere, whilst Jasmine’s deceit is exposed!

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, the Paratas come up with a special way to pay tribute to Mikaere from the shores of Summer Bay, whilst Jasmine’s world begins to crumble as Colby and Tori discover her shocking secret…

Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), Tane (Ethan Browne) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) are heartbroken after the drama they faced at Sydney airport last week.

On Gemma’s (Bree Peters) suggestion, the family were heading to New Zealand to return the ashes of Gemma’s late husband Mikaere to his homeland, on the first anniversary of his death.

It was Gemma’s belief, one that was passed on to her by her grandmother, that the spirit of the deceased returns to their ancestors at this point in time, so she and the rest of the family felt it important that he was finally laid to rest with his family.

Gemma speculated that if Mikaere was at peace, then maybe the rest of the family will be, what with all the troubles they’ve faced in recent times.

But with local copper Colby (Tim Franklin) currently trying to pin two investigations on the Parata family, he was quick to put a stop to their plans once he learned of them, resulting in Ari, Tane and Nik being refused travel at the airport.

With Gemma having already passed security, she had no option but to continue on to New Zealand alone with Mikaere’s ashes. Sadly this actually marked Gemma’s departure from the show, with the reasons for her not returning yet to be seen.

The next morning, both Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Bella (Courtney Miller) wonder why they’ve not heard from their respective boyfriends yet—they should surely be in New Zealand by now. Although Colby is with them, he has chosen to keep quiet about his actions the previous day, and his visit to the Parata household to gloat about them.

When Ari later turns up in Salt, much to Mackenzie and Bella’s surprise, he explains what happened, motioning over to Colby who’s enjoying his breakfast. Mackenzie is disgusted, and Bella immediately leaves to go and see Nik—but finds he’s holed himself up in his room, too upset to talk to anyone.

Bella refuses to give up however, and sits outside the bedroom door where she tries to comfort Nik. She apologises for her brother’s actions, and explains how important it felt to her to say goodbye to her deceased mother. Nik sits in silence as Bella’s words hit home, and getting all the more emotional, he eventually opens the door and embraces her.

Later on, Ari and Tane return home to fetch Nik, they’ve got an idea to honour Mikaere.

Heading down to the beach, the men say a few words, then perform an emotional haka as they look out across the Tasman, their homeland lying over 2000km away.

Although a hugely important part of Māori culture, this performance had a particular significance for Rob Kipa-Williams.

As he explained in a recent interview with Stuff NZ, recent COVID-19 travel restrictions meant that he was unable to return to New Zealand to attend the funeral of his aunt, who passed away a few weeks ago.

As my family carried her from the meeting house to the hearse, my cousin was carrying the phone and my family broke out into haka” he explained. “I was able to join them on the other side of the Tasman, to send her on her way, and I guess in this episode we really do get to see this happening as well.

The haka featured on the show was the result of a collaboration between cultural advisors Tainui Stephens, who wrote it, and Kani Collier who choreographed and oversaw it’s performance.

It’s a beautiful, beautiful haka which talks about ancestry and holding fast to your ancestry,” Rob continued. “That ‘it can change you from wrong to right, from dark to light. When death itself is dead I shall live,’ are some of the words.

Kani Collier, who Rob himself put forward for the role, added “My biggest pressure was making sure that the actions were done properly so I requested to be flown over to make sure of this. I was actually on the beach with the boys correcting things I could see needed improvement.

It’s an emotional scene, like a burning fire, because the boys really want to be home in New Zealand to be there to farewell their brother (and father) and to not be able to be there to say your final goodbye is heartbreaking. So they mourn and send all their energy from another country to him through the haka.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, the Paratas aren’t the only people that Colby is making an enemy of, as Jasmine’s (Sam Frost) secret is finally uncovered.

With her obsession over Tori’s (Penny McNamee) baby daughter Grace growing stronger and stronger over the past few weeks—Grace being the biological child of her late husband Robbo—Jasmine’s actions have become concerning for her friends.

Following Grace’s accidental kidnapping by Nikau, Jasmine was quick to place the blame onto Tori for leaving Grace alone in the car for a few seconds, as she stepped out to help John who had fallen out of his wheelchair at the side of the road.

Seeing an opportunity, she went to Colby to ask if Tori had committed any offence by doing so, and later contacted a lawyer in the hope that she might have a chance of gaining custody of Grace, by portraying Tori as a danger to her child.

Knocked back by the lawyer, and by her friends, Jasmine sought validation in her opinion by posting on an online mother’s forum—where she has been posing as Grace’s mother—telling them about her friend who had left her child alone.

After Willow (Sarah Roberts) came across the posts, she convinced Jasmine to note her thoughts down in a less destructive way, and since then she has been writing down every little thing that Tori does in a journal, in the hope that she can compile evidence against her.

When Jasmine sends an email out announcing the new mums and bubs yoga classes at the gym, Tori is shocked to see Jasmine posing in all the photos with baby Grace—whilst she had agreed to Grace being used when the time came, Tori was under the impression she herself would be in the photos with her, not Jasmine.

Tori confronts Jasmine who manipulates the situation by saying Tori must have been over-tired at the time and misunderstood—perhaps she just needs more sleep.

As Tori sits in the diner, she goes over all the conversations she’s had with Jasmine in recent weeks and comes to a shocking realisation. When Justin (James Stewart) arrives, she tells him that he’s been right all along, Jasmine has been playing her.

Tori seeks advice from Colby, who asks if she’s seeking an AVO, but that’s the last thing Tori wants. Colby agrees to have a word with Jasmine about taking down the photos the next day, but it falls on deaf ears.

As she then comes across, Tori, Justin and baby Grace in the surf club, Jasmine has a meltdown as she accuses everyone of being on Tori’s side and conspiring against her. As Colby tries to calm Jasmine down, she attacks him and claws his cheek.

As Willow (Sarah Roberts) sees to Colby’s battle wounds, she realises she has to tell him the truth about what Jasmine has been posting on the forums.

Colby realises just how serious this is.

Meanwhile, an upset Jasmine goes to the diner to seek comfort from Irene (Lynne McGranger), and as she goes in her bag she removes a bag containing all of Grace’s possessions that she has stolen over the weeks. Irene clocks it immediately and is very concerned.

When Willow and Colby finally reveal to Tori the true nature of Jasmine’s posts on the forum, it’s all too much for Tori to take in.

Storming to the diner, she orders Jasmine to stay away from both her and Grace. If she doesn’t agree, then she will be going straight to the police!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 10th August (Episode 7366)

The Parata men farewell Mikaere in a deeply spiritual way.

Ziggy receives a generous offer.

Ben and Maggie’s adventure is imminent.

Tuesday 11th August (Episode 7367)

Dean accepts an unexpected proposition.

Ziggy seeks closure.

Tane disappoints Ari.

Wednesday 12th August (Episode 7368)

It’s a special celebration for Ben and Maggie.

Ziggy and Dean overcome challenges.

Marilyn and John make hard decisions about their marriage.

Thursday 13th August (Episode 7369)

Marilyn and John reach the point of no return.

Tori draws a line in the sand.

Ryder encourages Alf to seize every moment.

Friday 14th August (Episode 7370)

Jasmine’s behaviour reaches a crescendo.

Nikau and Bella’s relationship continues to blossom.

Tori makes an impossible choice.

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