Neighbours Spoilers – The drug addict’s identity is revealed

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In the latest Neighbours spoilers, Aaron and David struggle with Emmett’s older brother Brent living with them. Meanwhile, Roxy uncovers the identity of an addict living on Ramsay Street.

The Neighbours storylines below will air in Australia from Monday 27th July, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 17th August.

Left, Right, Goodnight

David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson) have been very generous with Brent (Texas Watterson) by letting him stay with them, but this week the tables turn.

New foster parents, David and Aaron originally took in 13 year old Emmett (Ezra Justin) after he was placed in their care for a short period of time. A bond quickly formed and Emmett agreed to say with the boys at No. 32.

Recently, the emergence of his 17 year old brother, Brent has thrown a spanner in the works. What was once a stable household for Emmett – something he hadn’t had previously – is now in a shambles, thanks to Brent’s deliberate sabotage.

Brent has lived a life of moving from foster home to foster home, being rejected and told he’s a handful,” Texas told TV Week.

He wants to ruin this happy little family, and thinks he knows what’s best for his little brother, especially when it comes to his schooling.

Brent claims Emmett doesn’t need school and can work a few shifts to pay for rent,” Matt lamented to TV Week about the situation.

They’re [David and Aaron] pushed to their limits with Brent’s behaviour and decide it’s best he move out.

What follows is a heated argument between Brent and the couple. Brent explodes at them, and even though he knows he’s in the wrong, he pushes the blame onto them, resulting in Aaron being punched in the face.

It’s a sad turn of affairs for the small family unit, but there’s even more heartache on the way when they learn the extent of Paul’s (Stefan Dennis) meddling in order to help them retain custody of Emmett…

Going Cold Turkey

As the drugs scandal continue to rock Erinsborough, Roxy (Zima Anderson) uncovers the truth behind one of her neighbour’s habit.

For weeks now, there’s been an air of caution around Erinsborough with two lots of drugs found – first at the Backpackers by Harlow (Jemma Donovan) and the second by Susan (Jackie Woodburne) at the school.

This week, The Waterhole is the latest location to have remnants of drugs found, with Roxy finding a bag in the men’s bathroom.

Back into a corner, the culprit is forced to reveal themselves.

It’s Shane (Nicholas Coughlan)!

The bartender and university student began taking the drugs in order to help him focus during his studies, but he has become addicted.

Roxy offers to help him get clean, which he takes up on one provision – she has to keep it a secret from his wife, Dipi (Sharon Johal).

With Roxy by his side, Shane goes cold turkey, but it’s not as easy as he first thought it would be.

“The withdrawal symptoms are overwhelming,” Nicholas told TV Week.

“He’s scared and alone, and if it weren’t for Roxy, he’d have no comfort at all.”

While this may seem completely platonic, only a few months ago was there a spark between the pair, resulting in Roxy kissing Shane.

Is there a chance this spark may be reignited?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 20th July (Episode 8415)

Finally coming out of her office after her panic attack, Susan is glad to see that Jane has everything under control.

Yashvi is glad the drug investigation has come to an end, unaware of Shane’s huge secret.

Roxy suggests a grand gesture to help Sheila get Levi back home.

Tuesday 21st July (Episode 8416)

With Levi home, Sheila is paranoid about making things worse, leaving Levi feeling guilty.

Paul gets Harlow to shadow him at work to show why he can’t justify the cost of her environmental policies.

Cleaning the men’s bathroom at The Waterhole, Roxy finds an empty bag matching the one found at the school, forcing Shane to confess it’s his.

Wednesday 22nd July (Episode 8417)

After some begging, Roxy agrees to help Shane get clean without Dipi finding out.

Returning from Adelaide, Chloe reveals to Pierce that she wants Fay to move in with them to give her family a much-needed break.

When Brent threatens Harlow, it’s the tipping point for David and Aaron.

Thursday 23rd July (Episode 8418)

With Susan giving Jane more and more work to help her out, Jane soon feels like she’s being used.

Harlow is frustrated by Paul’s token gesture, especially when she sees that The Waterhole hasn’t implemented any eco-friendly strategies.

Just when Aaron and David are rid of Brent, another of Emmett’s family members shows up.

Friday 24th July (Episode 8419)

Brent’s mum Jenna shows up drunk, revealing that Paul paid her to stay away from Emmett.

Mackenzie suggests they stage a protest to get Lassiters onboard with their environmental project, but a spooked Susan shuts it down.

Nicolette tells Chloe that the family would probably benefit from a live-in nurse, casually suggesting herself from the job.

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