Home and Away Spoilers — Ryder is devastated as he learns his father’s tragic secret

As the Stewarts partake in a family lunch next week on Home and Away in the UK, Roo witnesses the growing bond between Ryder and Evan, and decides she cannot keep Evan’s secret any longer…

After some false starts, Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) has now become used to the idea of having his estranged father Evan Slater (Cameron Daddo) in his life, following his shock arrival at the door of Summer Bay House a few weeks ago.

Returning from his extended honeymoon to the news that Ryder’s father had showed up, Alf (Ray Meagher) has remained dubious of Evan’s intentions.

WIth Alf and Evan having got off on the wrong foot, Martha (Belinda Giblin) tries to convince Alf that he should try and get to know Evan, perhaps by inviting him for a family meal.

But Alf isn’t having a bar of it—Evan walked out on Quinn and Ryder, so why should he be the one to build bridges?

Alf also knows that Roo is keeping something back from him about Evan, after catching the two of them having heated words about a subject Roo (Georgie Parker) refused to divulge to Alf.

Viewers already know that Evan was forced to reveal to Roo that he is dying, with his gigs in various dives over the decades having landed him with asbestos poisoning. 

Roo implored Evan to tell Ryder the truth in order to not build his hopes up, but Evan was determined to keep his secret so that Ryder didn’t feel obligated to form a relationship with him.

Although Roo threatened to tell Ryder herself if Evan didn’t, she has so far kept quiet.

This week, Ryder had spent a lot more time with Evan, spending most evenings taking in gigs together in Yabbie Creek, and the two are building a strong bond as they discover how alike they really are.

Ryder now faces the difficulty of Alf, and he knows just the way to get his grandfather and Evan talking—he’s going to surprise Alf with a family lunch.

Roo is hesitant, but Ryder tells her that Alf needs to know that Evan is going to be part of his life from now on.

Ryder then thanks Roo for convincing him to give Evan a go, something which she now feels a huge pang of guilt about.

Later that day, Ryder brings Evan to meet Alf and Martha properly at the bait shop. Alf begrudgingly shakes Evan’s hand, before Ryder announces his intention for all to have lunch together at Salt.

Martha quickly agrees before Alf has any time to protest, and grins as they all set off.

Finding Roo already at Salt, he asks her to ‘do her thing’ by breaking the ice between Alf and Evan—he’s desperate for them to get along.

Much to Ryder’s surprise, Alf thaws almost immediately and the lunch is a huge success.

Evan comments that he owes Alf and Roo a huge debt of gratitude to Alf and Roo for what they’ve done for Ryder, and expresses his regret at not reaching out sooner.

Alf replies that everyone makes mistakes, and when Evan states that he’s taking time out from work at the moment for himself, Alf understands.

His extended trip around Australia with Martha has made him realise that it’s all too easy to take things for granted.

When Ryder then comes up with the idea of he and Evan taking a road trip in Ryder’s car, with Alf agreeing that they should live for the moment, both Evan and Roo become a little uneasy. Martha comments that Ryder should start saving, and he replies that there’s plenty of time for that.

Seeing Ryder’s excitement at future plans with his father becomes too much for Roo, and she excuses herself from the table, asking Evan if she can have a quick word with him outside.

Roo blasts Evan for not taking some responsibility by letting Ryder know the truth about his illness. She tells him that he is going to break Ryder’s heart, as he continues to let Ryder make ambitious plans for the two of them that are never going to come to fruition.

Evan argues that he doesn’t want Ryder to have to live every day knowing that it might be the last time he sees his father.

But when Roo asks what will happen with Evan can no longer hide the fact that he’s sick, Evan starts to break down as he admits he doesn’t know.

Meeting back at home, Roo explains to Alf that Ryder and Evan’s relationship is going to end badly.

As Alf asks Roo to come clean about what’s going on, an emotional Roo finally cracks and reveals to Alf and Martha that Evan is dying.

Roo is torn, she doesn’t feel like it’s her responsibility to tell Ryder, but at the same time she can’t continue lying to him.

Eventually with the support of Alf, Roo meets Ryder as he returns home… and his heart breaks as Roo tells him the truth about his father.

There have been a few false starts before this, and Ryder definitely knew something was up,” Cameron Daddo told New Idea magazine. “But I’m sure he wasn’t thinking it was going to be this. Evan isn’t showing any symptoms and appears to be as fit as a fiddle, so this certainly comes as a huge shock to Ryder.

But Evan didn’t want this cloud of death hanging over him and Ryder as they begin spending time together,” he continued. “He didn’t want Ryder to feel sorry for him – to feel that he had to be in a relationship with him because of that. Evan’s motives are quite honourable and hopefully Ryder will come to see it.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 6th July (Episode 7341)

Marilyn blames herself for John’s condition.

Mac is torn between Ari and Tane.

Jasmine develops an obsession.

Tuesday 7th July (Episode 7342)

John doesn’t want Marilyn to be stressed.

Tane promises Mac he’ll back off.

Jasmine makes a rash decision with Willow.

Wednesday 8th July (Episode 7343)

Marilyn’s heart breaks for John.

Colby refuses to let Jasmine push him away too.

Are Dean and Ziggy heading into the friend-zone?

Thursday 9th July (Episode 7344)

Dean wants to take Ziggy away.

Can Roo tell Ryder the truth about Evan?

Maggie doesn’t know how to move forward.

Friday 10th July (Episode 7345)

Ryder deals with the news of his father.

Maggie’s heart is crushed.

Nikau worries when his mum doesn’t come home.

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