Home and Away Spoilers — Disaster strikes at the Paratas housewarming

As Summer Bay gathers for a housewarming thrown by the Parata family, sparks fly, tensions are raised, and an ambulance is called following a medical emergency…

It’s been a tough road for the Parata family since their arrival in Summer Bay, but things are finally looking up—and it’s all down to the arrival of Tane (Ethan Browne), who’s presence had been long opposed by big brother Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams).

Having served a number of years in prison for armed robbery, and following the death of his brother—Gemma’s husband, Mikaere—in a separate robbery, Ari has been desperate to keep his nose clean and to protect nephew Nik (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) from going down the same road.

Unfortunately Tane refused to tow his brother’s line and give up his criminal activities, and so was outcast from the family by Ari.

That has all gone out of the window in recent weeks though, when Tane turned up in Summer Bay after Nik went running to his home in the city for help.

Hearing how the family were lodging with Marilyn and struggling to make ends meet, Tane decided it was time to step up and provide for Gemma (Bree Peters) and Nik himself, making it clear to Ari that he was no longer calling the shots.

With Tane renting a home for them all across the street from the Palmer House, Ari swallowed his pride and agreed to take up residence with the rest of the family—just for the sake of protecting Gemma and Nik from Tane if anything!

The brothers eventually agreed to put their differences aside, and Gemma and Nik were pleased to then see Ari and Tane join forces to build a hangi in the back garden—a traditional Māori pit oven.

This week the Paratas invite the residents of Summer Bay to join them for a housewarming party, with the promose of a hangi feast.

Marilyn (Emily Symons) is of course on the guest list, and Gemma convinces Ari to extend the invitation to John (Shane Withington) when they meet him outside the surf club.

Ari awkwardly tells John the details, telling him there’s no pressure to come if he’s too busy, whilst Gemma bumps into Ben (Rohan Nichol) in Salt and also invites him.

Later on as everyone gathers at the Parata house, Ari gives a traditional Māori welcome to their guests and Gemma gives a blessing for the food before inviting everyone to tuck in.

Gemma greets Marilyn who compliments her on the party, but Marilyn then excuses herself as she spots someone at the garden gate.

Gingerly hovering outside with a cheese platter, John hesitates when he sees Marilyn, and wonders whether his presence will really be welcomed by both her and the family.

John retreats to the front of the house as he tries to make his mind up, but Marilyn follows him and asks what he’s up to.

When John reveals that he was actually invited, Marilyn reassures John and encourages him to join the celebrations with her.

Meanwhile, Tane still has his eyes set firmly on Mackenzie (Emily Weir), despite her previously blowing him off due to her unofficial arrangement with Ari.

Bringing Mack her favourite drink, she politely refuses, telling him that Ari is looking after her, but Tane insists and turns on the charm.

When Ari later brings Mack her drink and sees that she already has one, he notices a look between Mack and Tane and realises that his brother is up to his old tricks again.

Cornering Tane away from the other guests, Ari forcefully reminds Tane that Mack is not interested.

Tane thinks otherwise, but Ari warns him that there will be consequences if he lays one hand on Mack.

Elsewhere, having decided to stop feeling sorry for himself after his separation from Maggie, Ben rocks up to the gathering.

Finding something of an affinity with Gemma, the two immediately hit it off and the conversation flows.

As they continue to enjoy each other’s company and Ben assists Gemma with serving the food, Nik notices the smiles between them and starts to become uncomfortable—is his mum beginning to fall for someone else so soon after his father’s death?

But suddenly, all the brewing tension is forgotten…

Having slurred some of his words earlier—which Mack and Marilyn jokingly put down to him having one too many—John is feeling very woozy and tells Marilyn that he’s going to go home for a lie down.

Concerned, Marilyn tells John that he’s looking very pale, as he then collapses to the ground.

Ben comforts a distraught Marilyn, who can only look on as John is wheeled into an ambulance and rushed to hospital with a suspected stroke.

Will John make it through?

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 29th June (Episode 7336)
Ari and Tane’s clash reaches boiling point. Roo is blindsided when Evan’s shocking secret is revealed. Marilyn struggles with being on her own. An old face shows back up in the bay.

Tuesday 30th June (Episode 7337)
Alf feels as though his world has turned upside-down. Ziggy takes drastic action to help her mother, hurting Dean in the process. Roo accuses Evan of setting Ryder up for a massive fall.

Wednesday 1st July (Episode 7338)
Will Ziggy move out of Dean’s place? Alf does the rounds catching up in Summer Bay. Willow tries everything to get Jasmine to open up.

Thursday 2nd July (Episode 7339)
Jasmine’s erratic behaviour divides the town. Maggie tries some different tactics to deal with Ben.

Friday 3rd July (Episode 7340)
Mackenzie tests the brothers new-found truce. Ben’s presence at the hangi causes upset. Jasmine works to get back in Grace’s life. An ambulance is called to the hangi.

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