Neighbours Spoilers – Dee ends up in prison after falling for Andrea’s trick!

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In the latest Neighbours spoilers, David and Aaron get more than they bargained for when they begin fostering a teenage boy, while Dee wakes up on the wrong side of the prison bars.

The Neighbours storylines below will air in Australia from Monday 8th June, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 29th June.

The Foster Son Arrives

Elsewhere on Ramsay Street, after months of stressful and invasive interviews, David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson) are delighted to learn that they are going to be engaged as foster parents for the first time.

The couple, who volunteered to look after either a baby or a toddler, are shocked to learn that the child coming into their care is Emmett (Ezra Justin).

The teenage boy has been bounced around from foster home to foster home for years, and he’s just been suspended from his school.

When he arrives, the couple who married in late 2018 feel completely out of their depth. It’s not what they bargained for, and it’s definitely more difficult than they first thought.

However, despite them struggling to connect with him in the beginning, Aaron and David are determined to make No. 32 a great home for Elliott at no cost.

The episodes start a long-term story that covers the complex world of fostering and adoption in Australia.

The story was devised by executive producer Jason Herbison, who wished to tell a story similar to that of his own journey to fatherhood. After meeting partner Pete more than 10 years ago, they couple adopted a daughter, Harlow.

A year ago, Jason met with adoption advocate and actress, Debora-Lee Furness to discuss the story.

She sees all perspectives and knows the issues from both the parents’ and children’s sides,” Jason told Stellar.

She’s a force of nature, a straight shooter and someone who has used her platform to become much more knowledgeable to make change. I don’t think I’ve met anyone quite like her.

As the story evolved, Jason invited Deborra to direct the episodes that are set to air this week. Deborra, who adopted two children with husband Hugh Jackman, was over the moon.

“I am thrilled to be collaborating with the team at Neighbours to direct these episodes and tell a story that is not often represented in mainstream media,” Deborra told in February 2020.

In response, Jason confirmed to that the elation was mutual.

To have a director who is so personally committed and emotionally invested in telling such an important story, lifts the bar for all us and we’re just thrilled to have Deborra-lee join us on Ramsay Street.


The last few weeks, there’s been tension between Dee (Madeleine West) and Toadie (Ryan Moloney), as he grappled with the idea that she wanted to build a relationship with her jailbird mother Heather (Kerry Armstrong). Now, it seems everyone’s worst nightmares are coming true.

After deciding to see her mother, despite Toadie informing her that their relationship would be over if she did so, Dee is delighted to be awarded an afternoon session in the garden with her mother.

Unfortunately for her, naive prison guard Owen (Johnny Ruffo) has organised for Dee’s twin sister, Andrea to join her instead of Heather. Then, the unthinkable happens…

Dee awakens in the prison, unsure of why she is on the wrong side of the bars. Then, it hits her: Andrea has swapped clothes with her and fled.

Viewers will be aware that over the last few weeks, Andrea has attempted to gain visitation from her son Hugo. Toadie has always been a vehement opponent of this notion, however now it seems as though Andrea may get what she wants.

Meanwhile, poor Dee is stuck in prison, and with Andrea having a history of mental instability, there’s every likelihood that Dee’s pleas that she is not in fact her twin will fall upon deaf ears.

How long will Dee have to suffer behind bars before the truth is uncovered?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 8 June (Episode 8380)

Dee pays Heather a visit and meets friendly prison guard Owen.

Sheila tells Kyle she doesn’t approve of him and Roxy.

After a lot of intrusive questions, Aaron is determined to write a letter of complaint about the foster care interview.

Tuesday 9 June (Episode 8381)

After learning that Dee has called off the search for her biological father, Toadie enlists the help of his private investigator.

Dee and Heather are selected by Owen for a special visitor gardening program, giving them the chance to bond.

Elly makes an announcement that lifts David and Aaron’s spirits.

Wednesday 10 June (Episode 8382)

Roxy learns that Sheila doesn’t want her and Kyle together.

Aaron and David meet nine-year-old Emmett, their foster child.

Just when Roxy decides to give things a go with Kyle, she finds him on a date at The Waterhole.

Thursday 11 June (Episode 8383)

The Erinsborough Writers’ Festival is coming, which will see a new book released that hits a little close to home for Ramsay Street residents.

Doing some work experience for Toadie, Mackenzie finds some files with Grant’s name on them.

After overhearing Aaron and David’s reservations about his age, Emmett runs away.

Friday 12 June (Episode 8384)

Andrea and Owen hatch a cruel plan for Dee during her gardening visit with Heather.

Susan and Karl confront Olivia about her book and vent their disgust.

Mackenzie’s plans to read her childhood diary at the writers’ festival is thrown into doubt when she learns the real reason Grant is in Erinsborough.

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