Home and Away Spoilers – Is Ben really Ziggy’s dad? The results are in!

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, it’s the moment of truth for the Astoni household as they finally learn for certain who Ziggy’s biological father is…

The family has descended into chaos in the past few weeks, following the arrival of Ben’s (Rohan Nichol) estranged brother Marco (Tim Walter).

Ben and Marco had fallen out in their late teens, when Marco had Ben charged with assault after Ben caught him cracking onto Maggie (Kestie Morassi) and landed him in hospital.

It has since transpired however, that Maggie and Marco had once slept together whilst she and Ben were on a short break before they were married.

After patching things up with his brother in recent weeks, Marco has been holding the secret of their one-night-stand over Maggie, forcing her to convince Ben to invest in his business.

Maggie couldn’t bear to keep the secret any longer however, and chose to tell Ben rather than let Marco fleece him.

Whilst Ben was devastated, things took a further unexpected turn when it was revealed that all this had happened around nine months before Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) was born—meaning there was a chance that Marco could be her real father!

Ben, Marco and Ziggy all agreed to take a paternity test to find out the truth once and for all, but since then both Ben and Ziggy have ostracised Maggie for her betrayal.

This week, Ziggy continues to ignore Maggie’s calls whilst out for dinner with Dean (Patrick Thompson). Dean tries in vain to convince Ziggy to start talking to her mum, but she threatens to walk out if he says another word about her.

The next day Maggie confides in Roo (Georgie Parker) and wonders if she should wait outside Dean’s apartment until she bumps into Ziggy, Roo comments that things couldn’t get much worse so it’s worth a shot.

But things only become more heated as Ziggy returns to the apartment to find Maggie waiting, and makes it clear that she has no interest in talking to her.

Later on, as Ziggy collects some more clothes from the farmhouse, Maggie arrives home and informs her that the paternity test results have arrived. There’s a copy for Ziggy, and a copy for Ben.

Maggie thinks they should open them together as a family and wants to call Ben, but Ziggy snatches her envelope from Maggie’s hand and storms out.

Maggie drops Ben’s results off to him at the board shop and again asks if they can open them together, but he also has no intention of reading them with Maggie present.

Dean heads home to find Ziggy in tears as she sits on the edge of the bed, she can’t open the results—what if Ben isn’t her real dad? Eventually she finds the strength she needs and holds her breath as she opens the envelope.

Ben isn’t able to summon the same courage however—whilst he manages to open the envelope halfway, he instead chooses to screw it up. As far as he’s concerned, he’ll always be Ziggy’s dad.

Meanwhile, feeling completely isolated, Maggie sits at home desperately waiting for a phone call… a visit… anything to put an end to her agony.

Ziggy heads down to the beach to find Ben. Confirming she’s read the results, Ziggy gets emotional as Ben reaffirms to her that it makes no difference, he couldn’t love her any less than he already does.

Ziggy suddenly clicks that Ben hasn’t read the results and she can’t help but laugh as she slaps him on the arm and calls him a goof – Ben IS her dad!


Back at the farmhouse, Maggie jumps up as she hears someone come through the door. But it’s the person she least expected—Marco.

She yells at him to get out but when Marco says he’s come over to celebrate the “good news”, Maggie stalls and realises he’s holding his own copy of the results.

Maggie needs to know, and Marco takes delight in teasing her, before begrudgingly revealing that Ziggy is Ben’s daughter.

Whilst Maggie is over the moon at the news, Marco is bitter that he’s lost all hope of having a daughter. Now feeling more desperate than ever, he professes his love for Maggie. He tells her that Ben and Ziggy are never going to trust her again, and that maybe this is all for the best—it means she can have a fresh start with him.

Maggie is dumbfounded, and it seems that Marco won’t refuse to give up on her.

Speaking to Roo the next day, they come up with a plan to outsmart Marco with a taste of his own medicine, which is sure to get rid of him for good!

But even with Marco out of the picture, will Ben and Maggie be able to get back on track? As they finally talk, Ben admits that he’s not sure their relationship would have survived even if he knew that Maggie had slept with Marco twenty years ago.

At this point, Ben cannot see a way forward for their marriage. Is it really all over?

As far as Ben is concerned, it’s not so much the act itself – it’s not the fact that Maggie spent the night with his brother 20 years ago – but more that she kept it from him all this time,” Kestie told New Idea. “Ben now feels that their entire marriage has been a lie.

Maggie, on the other hand, certainly doesn’t view it this way,” she continued. “While she couldn’t regret her actions more – and wishes she had been upfront with Ben from the beginning – she wants nothing more than for Ben to understand that everything they have shared has been real. But he just can’t seem to get past it.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 1st June (Episode 7316)
Colby makes a big decision to save Bella. Bella makes an unexpected breakthrough. Nikau struggles with his guilt over Bella’s breakdown.

Tuesday 2nd June (Episode 7317)
Colby faces a difficult dilemma with Bella. John proves a wise head for Nikau’s young shoulders. Ari orders Tane to stay away from the family.

Wednesday 3rd June (Episode 7318)
Maggie tries to make amends. Colby and Mac grow closer over the distress of Bella. Ari pulls the rug from under Mac.

Thursday 4th June (Episode 7319)
Marco makes admissions beyond Maggie’s comprehension. Ziggy and Ben finally see the positive in their life. Leah’s walls start to come down.

Friday 5th June (Episode 7320)
Leah and Justin are right where they’re supposed to be. Maggie hopes her threat will drive Marco out of town once and for all. Jasmine and Tori grow closer.

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