UK Home and Away Spoilers – Justin falls apart after Mason is laid to rest

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Just as the Morgans were beginning to move on from the trauma of the past months, they’re brought back down to earth with a bump by the arrival of Mason’s ashes. But could an emotional day have a silver lining for Justin and Leah?

Two months have passed since Mason Morgan (Orpheus Pledger) was shot dead in the siege at Northern Districts Hospital, which was one of many tragic events to befall the Morgan family in only a matter of months.

Tori (Penny McNamee) had only recently been released from hospital, after spending six weeks in a coma immediately after giving birth, and had to come to terms with the fact she’d missed the first six weeks of baby Grace’s life.

Amongst all this, Justin’s (James Stewart) girlfriend Leah (Ada Nicodemou) had disapeared without a trace, leaving Justin frantic with worry.

So when Sgt McCarthy arrived at the Morgan house in the midst of all this to inform them that their brother Mason had been killed, Justin and Tori were devastated.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Tori then learnt a few days later that Grace’s father, Robbo (Jake Ryan), had also died following a horror car crash.

With the other Morgan siblings Brody and Raffy now living in Victoria, it was decided that Mason’s funeral would take place halfway between there and Summer Bay.

Justin and Tori, along with Alex (Zoe Ventoura), Willow (Sarah Roberts), John (Shane Withington) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) attended the ceremony off-screen.

In the months since, Leah has finally returned home following her kidnap ordeal, but has struggled in her attempts to resume a normal life. Still unable to have any sort of physical contact with his girlfriend, Justin has tried to support her as best he can.

Trying to dissuade her from doing too much at the diner, in the worry that she was taking things too fast, Leah unfortunately began to find Justin’s concern overbearing. She eventually snapped and accused him of being just like her kidnapper Douglas. Thankfully the couple got back on track after sitting down to talk things through.

As things begin to look up, Leah and Justin head out to the diner whilst Tori remains at home with Grace. When Jasmine calls in to see her, Tori is sat in silence staring at a box on the coffee table. Mason’s ashes have just been delivered.

Justin and Leah rush home and the family are taken right back into their despair. Tori explains they were just starting to move on and able to smile again, whilst Justin can’t come to terms with the fact that his brother’s whole life has been reduced to a box of dust.

It’s Leah that is able to provide some words of comfort to the Morgans, reiterating that Mason will always live on in their hearts and memories.

The Morgan family arrived in Summer Bay in 2016

As Justin and Tori try to decide what to do with the ashes, Tori recalls a time when they were children and Mason had to be comforted after the death of his pet rabbit. Sleeping between his parents in their bed, he commented “This must be what heaven’s like“. And with that, Tori knows the perfect place.

After getting the OK from Brody and Raffy over the phone, Tori and Justin set out with Leah, who herself only learnt of Mason’s death a couple of weeks ago.

Leah didn’t know about Mason and Robbo for a long time,” Ada told TV Week. “So it came as a huge shock when she found out and she didn’t get to grieve them.

The Morgans head back to a very special place, the resting place of their parents, Koby and Kate Lee.

As explained at the time, the secluded park is a place especially for those who have lost loved ones whilst living in witness protection.

Mason (birthname Michael Lee) visited the graves alongside his siblings for the first time in 2017, at a time when the family was going through a crisis following Mason’s car crash, which Brody had caused. The two finally were able to heal the great rift between them as they stood next to their parents final resting place.

Tori gives a heartfelt speech as she stands at the graveside, remembering her brother’s selflessness

Justin finally takes Mason’s ashes from Tori and buries them inbetween Koby and Kate’s graves, just where Mason would have wanted—they can finally protect their baby boy once again.

A third unmarked white cross is placed, and Leah places a bunch of white roses as Justin and Tori watch on in reflection.

As Justin finds himself unable to leave the grave, Leah goes back to check on him, and finds him in a mess. He explains that he let his parents down, he was supposed to look after Mason. It’s his fault that Mason is dead.

After returning home, Justin takes a shower and the full extent of his grief finally hits him, and he breaks down.

Leah goes to check on Justin, and he tries to put on a brave face when he so desperately needs some comfort.

But Leah can see that he’s falling apart, and she is finally able to put aside her apprehension by pulling Justin in for a hug, telling him that everything is going to be alright.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 18th May (Episode 7306)
Maggie is blackmailed into a compromising position. Jasmine’s attempt to spread good news is unexpectedly tempered. Justin and Leah’s reconnection hits bumpy ground with an unexpected package.

Tuesday 19th May (Episode 7307)
An emotional farewell leads to a new beginning in the Morgan house. Willow’s breakup is causing her to lash out at friends. The town discovers Jasmine’s big news. Maggie tells Roo her big secret.

Wednesday 20th May (Episode 7308)
A reluctant Dean gets caught up in Mackenzie’s love triangle. Willow continues to emotionally struggle with her break-up. Leah and Justin try to move forward and get their groove back.

Thursday 21st May (Episode 7309)
Ari’s attempt to set Mackenzie straight doesn’t go to plan. John’s gossiping gets more than just himself in trouble. Bella attempts to flirt. Colby finally gets his answer.

Friday 22nd May (Episode 7310)
Maggie must decide between two paths fraught with danger. Will Nikau and Bella be able to find a path forward together? Will Gemma be able to get John to see sense?

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