UK Home and Away Spoilers – Summer Bay mourns Robbo and Mason’s deaths

When the siege at Northern Districts Hospital comes to a dramatic end, and more tragic news filters through the town, Summer Bay takes time to reflect on those they’ve lost…

As the 2019 season came to a close, the siege had already claimed the life of Mason Morgan (Orpheus Pledger), who was shot by the Ouroboros gang as he created a distraction to help a number of the hostages escape.

With Jasmine’s AFP protection officer Jay Myers (Edmund Lembke-Hogan) unmasked as one of the gang, he now takes charge explaining to the gunmen that killing Mason wasn’t part of the plan.

Bella (Courtney Miller) is continuing to deteriorate following her overdose, and Alex (Zoe Ventoura) finally convinces a slightly more lenient Jay to let her fetch some charcoal in order to treat her before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, whilst the armed response unit show up outside, Colby (Tim Franklin) and Dean (Patrick Thompson) have already gained access to the hospital and make their way to the Emergency department via the shut down lift shaft.

Colby is able to quietly speak to Alex through the lift doors as she prepares Bella’s treatment, and she alerts him to Mason’s death as well as the fact that Jay is one of the bad guys.

Colby and Dean are forced to make a quick escape though when Dean’s phone goes off—picking up a voicemail later on, he finds that it’s Ziggy, who’s desperately waiting outside and berating Dean for going in there.

Dean is the only person who has broken into the hospital without a gun,” Patrick O’Connor told New Idea magazine. “Now he gets a phone call from Ziggy, who has found out what’s going on and that he’s gone into this incredibly dangerous situation.

Dean is playing the riskiest game, and anything could happen at this point. It could not be more intense” Patrick added.

Colby and Dean split up, and Dean is able to knock out the armed gang member on the stairwell before sneaking his way into a side room. There he encounters Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and tells her to warn everyone to stay down when he gives a signal.

Shortly afterwards the fire alarm is activated. Colby storms in from the lift just as the armed response unit enters the ward and apprehend the gunmen.

With the immediate danger now over, Colby rushes over to Bella who whilst responding well to the treatment, still has a long way to go. Colby is shocked when Alex tells him what caused her ailment—Bella is going to have some explaining to do when she rallies around!

Outside the hospital, a traumatised Marilyn is reunited with John, but her saviour Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) has already made a quick exit with his sister-in-law Gemma (Bree Peters).

Meanwhile McCarthy (Nicholas Cassim) pays a visit to the Morgan House where he has the sad duty of informing Tori (Penny McNamee) and Justin (James Stewart) of Mason’s tragic death.

Teasing the season return episodes earlier this year, Home and Away producer Lucy Addario told New Idea magazine “The shock loss of Mason has left the community devastated and even more worried for how the siege will resolve. It’s really edge-of-your seat watching in the first episode back.

Mason’s death is devastating to not just Justin and Tori, but to the whole community,” Lucy continued. “James Stewart and Penny McNamee are extraordinary in their portrayals of losing their brother. We will see Justin pushed to the brink trying to hold his family together, all the while looking for Leah.

If the loss of Mason wasn’t enough for the community to deal with, the following day further tragic news reaches the residents. Robbo (Jake Ryan) has also died, following the car crash caused by Scott (Trent Baines) as they were en-route to the hospital.

As Alf (Ray Meagher), Martha (Belinda Giblin) and Roo reflect on the tragedies, Alf suggests they need to organise something for everyone to pay their respects to both Mason and Robbo.

That evening, as Jasmine watches on from the balcony of the apartment, the residents gather for a poignant candlelit vigil on Flat Beach, where they release some lanterns into the water.

Here’s a full rundown and video slideshow of this week’s episode spoilers:

Monday 9th March – 2020 Season Premiere
Colby and Dean go rogue to try and save the hostages. Can Robbo convince Scott to spare his life and save Jasmine?

Tuesday 10th March
Heartache and grief overwhelm the community in the aftermath of the hospital siege. Marilyn is traumatised after witnessing Mason’s murder. Robbo is rushed into surgery.

Wednesday 11th March
Jasmine’s world comes crashing down when Colby gives her devastating news. Alf’s attempt to create a moment of joy with Martha backfires. Colby does his best to honour Robbo’s dying wish.

Thursday 12th March
Roo helps Alf and Martha through their miscommunication. Ryder’s attempts to warn Nikau about Jade fail. Maggie looks to help others anyway she can.

Friday 13th March
Marilyn attempts to cover her trauma and focus on helping the Paratas. Tori’s heartbroken when Justin shares more bad news. The Stewarts rally around Ryder to support him in his case against Jade. Alf and Martha have exciting news.

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