Home and Away Spoilers – Leah & Colby’s struggle

Following last week’s dramatic episodes, two Summer Bay residents face two very different struggles as they deal with the fallout…

The mystery of Leah Patterson’s (Ada Nicodemou) disappearance came to an end last week, when she was found to have been held captive by a deranged man named Douglas Maynard (Adam Booth) who had enslaved her to wait on him in an almost ‘Stepford wife’ fashion.


With the police unwilling to do anything further following a phone call from Leah, where she apparently confirmed she was safe, Justin (James Stewart) was forced to take matters into his own hands—assisted by Colby (Tim Franklin) who let Justin know Douglas’ address having looked into him as a matter of interest.

Making her escape just as Douglas was about to force her into marriage, Leah ran through the bush and luckily came across Justin as she ran out onto the road.

Later on, Colby and fellow officers stormed Douglas’ house, where Douglas jumped out from a cupboard and stabbed Colby in the leg before being restrained.



Colby was rushed to the hospital in agony, and this week it becomes clear that Colby’s injury is developing into something much more serious.

Colby knows from the off that something is wrong, and sister Bella (Courtney Miller) is horrified as she watches Colby writhe in pain. Amongst his outbursts, he demands that Bella be removed from the room.




Alex (Zoe Ventoura) realises that Colby is suffering from acute compartment syndrome, a very serious condition where bleeding or swelling inside a muscle can increase the pressure to the point that it decreases the blood supply.



There has been a complication to Colby’s injury,” Tim explained to New Idea magazine. “Internal bleeding has begun, and pressure is building up. It’s apparently one of the most painful things that can happen to someone, so expect a lot of screaming!

Unless the pressure is relieved quickly by emergency surgery, the damage could be irreversible and the tissue could die completely, with Alex confirming to his loved ones that there is a possibility that Colby could lose his leg. But with a surgeon still some distance away, Alex is forced to take immediate action herself.

Rushing to the hospital on hearing of her ex-boyfriend’s injuries, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) finds herself staying there the whole night as she realises her feelings for Colby have not gone away.


She later confides to Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) that she cannot bear to lose him, and is determined to work out her feelings for him.

Mackenzie and Dean’s familial relationship has strengthened, and they are very good mates now,” Emily told New Idea. “Mackenzie has also formed a great friendship with Ziggy, and both Ziggy and Dean are worried Mackenzie will get hurt again.

Meanwhile, despite now being out of danger, Leah’s ordeal is far from over.

After escaping Douglas, Leah regressed into an almost catatonic state as the trauma caught up with her on reaching the hospital.


This week Leah remains withdrawn whilst keeping her distance from Justin, and refuses to talk to anyone about what Douglas did to her, so much so that she refuses to make a statement to the police.

When Irene (Lynne McGranger) joins them both for dinner, she and Justin are puzzled to see Leah’s behaviour as she prepares the table.



Clearly still acting under Douglas’ influence, Leah panics when she realises there’s no napkins on the table, and obsesses over making sure everything is perfect for Justin. She fearfully waits for him to begin eating before even touching her own food.

On asking whether Leah wants to take his room that night, Leah replies “Whatever you think is best, sweetheart” in an almost robotic fashion.



We really see Leah in a completely different light now,” Ada told New Idea. “Her ordeal may well have changed her forever.

Later that evening, Leah is getting a glass of water in the kitchen when Justin walks in and surprises her, causing Leah to drop the glass on the floor. In sheer panic, Leah runs out of the back door.

This is very challenging for Justin too, and for his relationship with Leah,” Ada added. “We’ll have to watch and see whether they can move forward.

Full spoilers for this week:

Monday 2nd March
Alex’s quick medical actions save a Summer Bay favourite. Justin and Irene are deeply troubled by Leah’s behaviour. Mackenzie is forced to rethink her feelings for Colby.

Tuesday 3rd March
John’s concerned that the Paratas are taking advantage of Marilyn’s charity. Dean is sick of Bella’s attitude and gives her a reality check. Ari’s work hunt continues whilst Nikau makes a new friend.

Wednesday 4th March
Alex returns a favour for Ari. Nikau helps Bella find a clear direction after bonding over similar backgrounds. John’s ultimatum backfires.

Thursday 5th March
Sparks fly between Marilyn and John. Justin gets a harrowing insight into Leah’s behaviour.

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