UK Home and Away Spoilers – Robbo discovers the identity of the mole

Just when things had finally settled down for Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Jasmine (Sam Frost), Robbo is forced to face the Ouroboros gang once again, in what could prove to be a final showdown…

Everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief when Victor Devlin (Patrick Thompson), the man who murdered Robbo’s family, and his men were locked up several weeks ago. With Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) also ready to testify against them, the case finally seemed to be drawing to a close.

But when Robbo received a grim package at the end of last week, his best mate Lance’s (Angus McLaren) bloodstained police badge alongside the Ouroboros symbol, it signalled that everyone was in danger once again.

Robbo’s AFP colleague Scott Larkin (Trent Baines) rushes to find Jasmine and bring her home to safety, and it’s not long before they receive the news that Dylan has been found dead in his cell.

Later that evening, Scott is forced to tell Robbo that Lance’s body has also been found on an industrial estate in Reefton Lakes.

Dylan Carter (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) was a key witness in the case against the Ouroboros gang

Lance Salisbury (Angus McLaren) was Robbo’s best friend, AFP colleague, and best man at his wedding

The next morning it’s action stations as Scott assigns handpicked protection officers to watch over Jasmine and Tori once again, and the two start the investigation into Dylan & Lance’s murders, in the hope of putting an end to everything once and for all. WIth Dylan now dead, the only remaining witnesses in the case against the Ouroboros gang are Robbo and Jasmine themselves.

Robbo thought the threat from the Ouroboros gang was over,” Jake Ryan told New Idea magazine. “Now he’s horrified to learn that Lance is dead.

The ballistics report from Lance’s death show that he was shot at close range, leaving Robbo convinced that Lance must have been meeting someone he knew and trusted, there’s no doubt in his mind that there are still moles inside the force working for Victor. But with no other evidence to go on, it doesn’t seem like they’re going to get anywhere anytime soon.

Robbo decides to bring in Victor and his cronie Des (Matt Zeremes) to question them. Scott states they they’re not likely to tell them anything they don’t already know, but it’s Robbo’s only option. Scott offers to do the interviews himself but Robbo insists, he wants to knock some fear into them to show they’re not giving up.

The next day Scott keeps trying to convince Robbo that he should perhaps lie low with Jasmine rather than head the investigation, but Robbo refuses to be intimidated.

Des is brought to the facility and takes delight in taunting Robbo about Lance’s death, and the fact that the case is going to be pretty weak without some of the key witnesses around. Robbo demends to know who he’s got on the inside, but Des isn’t budging.

Meanwhile, Robbo’s phone rings—it’s Colby who’s been trying to reach him for a while, Scott offers to take the call whilst Robbo continues the interviews.

Having got nowhere with Des, he is removed just as Victor himself is brought in.

Victor also refuses to answer Robbo’s questions, and tells him that Robbo had his chance to take him out but he bottled it.

Robbo loses it as Victor plays ignorant and orders him to be removed. As Victor’s dragged out, he makes a comment about hoping “wifey has a nice day at work”.

Scott finally reveals to Robbo that Colby had rang to tell him that Northern Districts Hospital had been taken over by four gunmen, and are holding everyone, including Jasmine hostage.

As Robbo and Scott race to the hospital, Robbo is confused when Scott tells him to take another route.

When Scott coldly insists to “just do it”, a horrifying realisation falls on Robbo—Victor’s men have got to Scott!

Robbo has known Scott (Trent Baines) for years, having trained him himself

With the last person he thought he could truly trust now working against him, will Robbo be able to get out of this?

The 2019 season finale airs at 6pm on Channel 5 on Friday 6th March.

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Episodes 7266-7270

Monday 2nd March
A betrayed and humiliated Ryder deals with the fallout of the allegations. An escalation in the case leaves Robbo vowing to protect his family and end things once and for all.

Tuesday 3rd March
Tori is finally able to be a mother to her child. A fraught Jasmine struggles with being separated from Grace. Mackenzie learns of Jade’s allegations against Ryder.

Wednesday 4th March
Tori is determined to return home with Grace. A reckless Bella takes desperate measures to prove her sickness. An unexpected threat arises at the hospital.

Thursday 5th March
Lives hang in the balance as Northern Districts Hospital remains under siege, but what do the gunmen want? Mackenzie tries to support Bella as her condition worsens. Can Robbo crack the case before more lives are lost? An emotional Ziggy returns to Summer Bay.

Friday 6th March – 2019 Season Finale
Tragedy strikes at the hospital when a Summer Bay resident is killed. Robbo discovers the identity of the mole. Dean decides to take matters into his own hands. Justin hides the truth from Tori as she enjoys her time with Grace.