The River Boys Return – First Look at a Blast from the Past

It’s been no secret for several months that the River Boys would be returning to Summer Bay after almost a three year absence.

The Mangrove River-based surfer gang first arrived in town in 2011, led by Darryl Braxton, when they attended a singles night at Angelo’s (which is now known as Salt). After several years of wreaking havoc, they moved on with Brax getting his happily ever after.

Now, the gang is led by newcomer Dean, played by Patrick O’Connor.

Patrick O’Connor as Dean

“This is my first role,” O’Connor told The Daily Telegraph.

Home and Away is obviously known as a launch pad for many ­actors’ careers. Obviously going into the type of role that this is, being a River Boy and there being a story there already that is so big and well known, it means there is a legacy there to play around with and being a bad boy on the show is exciting.”

The first picture of the new generation of River Boys was released today, with O’Connor front and centre.

Patrick O’Connor as Dean (centre), with Jerome Meyer to his right.

It is also known that the new police officer in town, Colby Thorne, played by Tim Franklin is also a former River Boy after scenes were captured of him bearing a ‘Blood and Sand’ on his chest.

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Home and Away returns Monday, 29th January at 7pm on Channel Seven.