Oz Preview – Shock Collapse

Episodes 66586663
Monday 15th to Thursday 18th May 2017 on Seven

Please note that there is a triple episode on Thursday

Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) will find herself fighting for her life this week, after collapsing at the side of the road in agony.

After initially thinking she was going through the menopause, the news of her pregnancy came as a huge shock to Roo, especially since new beau James (Tim Ross) had already stated that he had no plans to start a family.

Sadly for Roo, James was true to his word, and on learning that Roo intended to keep the baby, James made a quick exit from Summer Bay.

Since then, Roo has been dealing with her pregnancy alone, with only her closest friends and family so far privy to her secret.

After ignoring calls from James over the past couple of weeks, Roo is surprised when James’ father David (Noel Hodda) pays her a visit, with a shocking proposition. He is prepared to give Roo a $250,000 cheque for her baby, on the condition that she signs a contract agreeing to never contact James or his family.

A furious Roo and Alf tell David where to go, and Alf suggests she rip up the contract, but the prospect of stability for her child causes Roo to pause for thought.

The next day she meets with David again, and whilst the offer is very tempting, she eventually decides to decline the money.

But as Roo drives home with a clear conscience, severe pains in her abdomen force her to pull over. As she clambers from the car doubled over in pain, she attempts to reach her phone to call for help, but collapses on the side of the road.

When Roo eventually gets rushed into hospital in a critical condition, Alf is determined to be by her bedside, despite being sick himself. But has her baby survived…?

Elsewhere in the bay, Irene (Lynne McGranger) considers her future in Summer Bay this week after another blazing row with Leah (Ada Nicodemou) makes her realise their friendship could really be over for good.

It seems for a moment that the duo are getting back on track, when Leah pours her heart out to Irene over her recent intimacy and subsequent fight with soon-to-be ex-husband Zac. But when Leah then overhears Irene talking to Roo about her and Zac, it seems that’s the final straw.

Irene witnessed the fight between Zac and Leah and is secretly happy she’s there to comfort her” Lynne told TV Week. “She feels things are going to get back on track. But it all goes to hell in a handbasket.

Leah lets rip at Irene, who tries to apologise, but Leah won’t hear it. She then announces that it’s time for a change, and that sh’s going to sell her share of the Diner, that she co-owns with Irene. “It’s like a knife into the chest for Irene,” Lynne continued. “In some ways it’s the final straw for them.

But as Leah later meets with Irene to discuss the legalities, a devastated Irene shocks her by announcing her own plans to leave Summer Bay, and hands her a letter before departing. “Irene hopes the letter will show Leah how much their friendship means to her,” Lynne explained. “But Irene needs to get away. Summer Bay isn’t holding anything for her anymore.

NOTE: With the exaggerated stories about Irene ‘leaving the bay forever’ in the press this week, it’s important for us to note that Irene will be back in a few weeks time.

Irene’s temporary departure is simply down to Lynne McGranger’s annual leave from the show back in December, to take part in panto in the UK.

Many fans have been expressing their upset at the prospect of Irene leaving permanently, with Lynne having to take to Twitter to reassure concerned viewers that she’s not going anywhere just yet.

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