Oz Preview – A New Low

Episodes 66526657
Monday 8th to Thursday 11th May 2017 on Seven

Please note that there is a triple episode on Thursday

Brody Morgan (Jackson Heywood) plumbs to new depths this week as he carries out a desperate act in order to fuel his drug addiction.

Jackson Heywood

Despite having recently passed a drugs test, Brody’s sister Raffy (Olivia Deeble) can still sense that Brody is lying about being clean, and hides his bank cards in an attempt to help matters.

But as Brody hopelessly searches around the house, he eventually decides on another way to make some quick cash—Raffy’s sparrow necklace.

Olivia Deeble

He hesitates—he’s about to steal from his little sister,” Jackson told TV Week. “But he’s desperate to make some money.

Taking the necklace to a pawn shop, Brody’s anger reaches boiling point as the owner only offers him $10 for it, and he starts smashing up the shop with a hockey stick in an attempt to get what he thinks he’s owed.

Brody is unhinged and in a rage.” Jackson continued. “He’s making bad decision after bad decision.

On hearing sirens and realising the owner must have activated the silent alarm, Brody makes a run for it and flags down a car driven by Scarlett (Tania Nolan), forcing her to drive him to safety. She eventually stops and refuses to drive any further, giving him her handbag on the presumption he’s just after her money.

The next day, Mason asks a sober Brody about the handbag that has appeared, and everything he did the previous day suddenly comes flooding back to him. Using the excuse that someone left it at the restaurant, they open it and find the address of a Scarlett Snow.

Afraid of what she might say to the police, Brody heads over to the house in order to plea with her to stay quiet. “The side effects [of drug withdrawal] include agitation and paranoia, so he’s concerned Scarlett is going to expose his secret” Jackson explained.

Finding no-one at home, Brody lets himself in—only for Scarlett to jump out and crack him over the head with a vase. On coming to, Brody finds himself tied up with Scarlett standing over him—is Brody done for?

We first reported on Scarlett’s impending arrival back in November (link contains probable major spoilers), when we came across audition pieces for the character which appear to hint as to how Brody’s storyline will progress.

Scarlett will be sticking around for some time, but what tragic secret of her own is she hiding…?

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Also this week, Hunter goes ahead with the DNA test, Leah and Zac make a surprise attempt to rekindle their passion, and Summer Bay throws a farewell bash in Salt for Justin & Phoebe—but will they both depart for the US as planned?

For other storylines and a full rundown of what’s to come over the next couple of weeks, visit our Australian Spoilers page.

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