UK Preview – The Wedding & A Return

Episodes 6551-6555
Monday 30th January to Friday 3rd February 2017 on Channel 5

Wedding fever is about hit Summer Bay as the big day finally arrives for young couple VJ Patterson (Matt Little) and Billie Ashford (Tessa de Josselin) – but will the ceremony go off with, or without, a hitch?

Since the beginning of their relationship last year, Billie has been struggling with the massive secret she’s keeping from VJ – that the father of her baby is not in fact VJ, but her rapist Mick Jennings (Kristian Schmid). As people have come dangerously close to discovering the truth, Billie has been forced to resort to desperate measures.

When both Billie and her baby’s lives were threatened after she was hit by Phoebe’s car, routine blood tests revealed to Dr Nate Cooper (Kyle Pryor) that the baby Billie was carrying could not possibly be VJ’s.

Though he vowed to tell VJ if Billie didn’t come clean, Nate┬áreconsidered after the stress of the situation caused Billie to collapse and be rushed back to hospital.

With VJ’s proposal to Billie on his 18th birthday, Billie has found herself trapped in her lie, with only a short amount of time to avoid entering into a marriage founded on dishonesty.

As the couple’s loved ones gather for the beachside ceremony on Tuesday 31st January, will it all prove too much for Billie?

Future ‘stepfather-in-law’ Zac MacGuire (Charlie Clausen) provides his services as chauffeur and a proud Ash (George Mason) walks his sister up the aisle to a beaming VJ.

But when it comes to the vows, all are shocked when Billie falters and makes a quick dash back down the aisle….

Will Billie go through with the ceremony? Whether she does or not, we can reveal that some powerful scenes are on the way as VJ finally finds out the truth…

Elsewhere in the bay, Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Nate find themselves with an unexpected guest when Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley) turns up at the Beach House with her suitcase. Whilst it would appear to be a social visit at first, it soon becomes apparent that not all is well in her marriage.

This is Bianca and Heath – it hasn’t ever been smooth sailing for them. She needs some time away to figure things out” explained Lisa to TV Week. “They don’t know why she’s there and she doesn’t give a reason. But the bay is home for her – it’s definitely a place where she wants to feels safe.

After a failed attempt to talk to her over the phone, it isn’t long before Heath Braxton (Dan Ewing) rocks up in town looking to reconcile with his wife, and, whilst Irene tries to convince Bianca to sort things out, it’s clear that this isn’t a problem which is going to blow over quickly. Will the couple patch things up or is it over for good?

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