New Family Heading to Summer Bay!

With filming of Home and Away resuming at Palm Beach this week, news has come to light of a new family heading to Summer Bay.

Press photographers pictured the new characters – who, whilst not officially confirmed, we understand from a source at Palm Beach to be the Astoni family – posing for publicity photos whilst filming what looks to be their arrival scene in Summer Bay.

Mum and Dad are played by Rohan Nichol & Kestie Morassi, with their two daughters played by Anna Cocquerel & Sophie Dillman

Long-term Home and Away viewers may remember Rohan Nichol in his role as Stafford McRae, the personal assistant of Tasha’s millionaire father Ian Osbourne, back in 2004.

With our understanding that the new arrivals are indeed set to become part of the main cast, the move will actually mark the first regular, nuclear family to be introduced to the bay since the Sutherland family – nearly 17 years ago.

We can expect to see the family on-screen in approximately June-July 2017.


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