Newcomers and Returnees

Over the next few weeks there will be some fresh faces appearing in Summer Bay, including some that viewers will already know….

Penn Graham

Episode 5096 (to be shown on Monday 14th June) marks the debut of Penn Graham, played by Christian Clark, who we first see viewing the recent news report of the Summer Bay riots. Nicole is immediately taken with Penn, and when he later reads her palm he informs her that someone wicked is about to come into her life….

Underneath the charm however, Penn is a psychopathic game player, with a deep seated grudge that is rooted in a past connection with Summer Bay. He will be sticking around for a few months where he will cause havoc in the lives of many residents – especially one in particular….

– – – – – – – – – –

April Scott

The following day’ss episode (Tuesday 15th June) marks the first appearance of Rhiannon Fish as new regular character April Scott. A cosmopolitan free spirit who has just moved into town, April will bring a whiff of the glamour of the outside world into small town Summer Bay. It is Xavier who first encounters April, where he makes quite an impression on her by jumping off the pier.

– – – – – – – – – – 

The Walker Family

Tuesday 22nd June (Episode 5102) will see the permanent return of a family who proved popular with fans when they had a short stay in the bay last year. Sid Walker (Robert Mammone) is preparing to return to Summer Bay when he finds his children Indigo (Samara Weaving) and Dexter (newcomer Charles Cottier, taking over the role from Tom Green) on his doorstep. They have abandoned a trip to Europe with their mother and wish to return to Summer Bay with him.

Once back in the bay, the Walkers start renting the recently vacated farmhouse from Alf, and Sid starts to reconnect with his children. Sid has a lot to make up to both his children and the women of Summer Bay, given his romancing ways when last there. Sid will soon find love in an unlikely place, whilst Indi immediately sets her sights on Romeo.

– – – – – – – – – –

But that is not all, as we can reveal that there will soon be a startling revelation about a new regular, which will excite many long term fans of the show….and trust us, it’ss going to be huge…

Stay tuned!

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