The Return – Picture Preview

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Episode 5035, to air in Australia on Friday 19th March (UK 26th March), sees the highly anticipated return of Marilyn Fisher, played by Emily Symons.

Viewers first hint of Marilyn’ss return comes in the shape of a phone call to Alf, who is delighted to hear that the person he is speaking to is not only in the country, but heading to Summer Bay as they speak. We cut to a road outside Sydney Airport where the caller is revealed as Marilyn, already chatting away on the phone to another friend and excited about her return to Summer Bay – where she will be able to start a new and better life….

However before she can reach Summer Bay, she has to swerve her car to avoid a bloodied man stumbling in the middle of the road – who is later revealed to be Aden’ss brother, Justin Jefferies (played by Matthew Walker).

As Marilyn takes him to the hospital she tells him that she is somewhat of a minor celebrity in the UK, and whilst some very good things have happened to her….some very bad things have also occured….

Whilst Alf and Irene are excited about Marilyn’ss impending arrival, one person certainly is not. As we revealed a while back, Maz will soon find herself comically at odds with Colleen, who still hasn’st forgiven her for “breaking her Lancey’ss heart” 20 years ago.

Marilyn finally arrives in Summer Bay in Episode 5036, and Alf invites her to move into Summer Bay House – where she soon makes her mark!

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