Fiver ‘Disasters Down Under’ fortnight – UPDATED

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For a small town, Summer Bay has certainly had its fair share of calamity and strife. Following their ‘sSun, Sea and Scandal fortnight, the following fortnight beginning Monday 17th August will see Fiver offer viewers a chance to revisit some of the more devastating disasters.

Here is how the schedule currently stands:

Monday 17th August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 3722

Original Oz Airdate: 20th April 2004

At the party, Kirsty is cornered by a drunk guy but Kane saves the day. Meanwhile, Jade tries to convince Seb that there is nothing between her and Duncan. Later, Duncan and Jade leave the party and jump into Robbie’ss new car. Seb jumps onto the car, urging a drugged-up Duncan to stop, but before long, Duncan has raced over the edge of a cliff, and their lives hang in the balance.

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 3723 (also repeated at 07:35 on Tuesday 18th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 21st April 2004

The news of the accident spreads quickly throughout the Bay and the rescuers begin their search for Jade and Seb. Seb is found, albeit badly injured, but there is no sign of Jade. Could she have been thrown from the car into the ocean?

Tuesday 18th August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 3776

Original Oz Airdate: 5th July 2004

After the toxicology results show that Felix died from an intravenous injection of crystal meth, causing a huge heart attack, Sarah is the prime suspect. Meanwhile, Tasha and Robbie share their first passionate kiss. Later, a foolish move by Tasha leads to a dangerous situation for Jesse

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 3777 (also repeated at 07:35 on Wednesday 19th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 6th July 2004

A delusional Sarah has taken Jesse captive in the gym and demands to know who killed Felix. Robbie, Tasha and Kane race to the gym and hear a single gun shot. Tasha tries to stop Sarah from fleeing but Kane pulls her away. Jesse is ok, but everyone else is terrified by what Sarah will do next.

Wednesday 19th August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 3236

Original Oz Airdate: 18th March 2002

The residents of Summer Bay band together as they desperately try to rescue the people trapped in the bus. Fisher has suffered a head injury while Nick and Jade are unable to move. As Alf stabilises the area, the situation takes a turn for the worse and flames begin to engulf the vehicle. Can everyone make it out before the bus explodes?

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 4101 – 2006 Season Opener (also repeated at 07:35 on Thursday 20th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 16th January 2006

As a cyclone heads towards the Bay, an unconscious Kim is found in the gutter outside the hospital. Suffering from a lethal drug overdose, Kim goes into cardiac arrest, just as the power to the hospital is cut. Meanwhile, Cassie goes missing after she overhears Flynn’ss wish for an assisted suicide.

Thursday 20th August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 4102

Original Oz Airdate: 17th January 2006

As Rachel fights to save Kim from his lethal drug overdose, Ric searches for Cassie. He finds her at the caravan park, but the couple become trapped when live power cables fall, electrifying the caravan they are in. As Robbie drives through the terrible storm to The Believers camp and Tasha, the rest of the Hunters cling to each other as their home is bombarded by debris.

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 4103 (also repeated at 07:35 on Friday 21st August)

Original Oz Airdate: 18th January 2006

The cyclone continues to devastate Summer Bay. Sally lies unconscious after being electrocuted, while Ric and Cassie are still trapped within the electrified caravan. Meanwhile, Leah tells Dan to leave when he arrives at her home. But someone is watching Leah through the kitchen window. There is a second knock on her front door, and Leah finds Dudley on her doorstep. He has escaped from the police and now it’ss payback time.

Friday 21st August

10:30 & 18:00 – Episode 4211

Original Oz Airdate: 19th June 2006

The day of Jack and Martha’ss wedding has finally arrived and the happy couple exchange their vows. As the reception goes ahead in a massive barn, Macca hides around the corner, deeply upset at not being invited. However, Zoe has escaped custody, and she has her own plans for Martha and Jack’ss happy day. The barn fills with gas and, as someone lights the candles on a cake, the building explodes.

11:00 & 18:30 – Episode 4212 (also repeated at 07:35 on Monday 24th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 20th June 2006

The barn where Martha and Jack’ss wedding reception was being held has exploded. Dan and Leah desperately try to help Peter, who lies unconscious. Meanwhile, Macca is pinned down by a wooden beam after he enters the burning building to help Jack, who is seriously injured. Jack is rushed to hospital, but it seems only a liver transplant will save him.

Please take note of the different airing times for the following week, with one episode only being shown once:

Monday 24th August

18:00 – Episode 4236

Original Oz Airdate: 24th July 2006

While Matilda’ss eating disorder grows still more serious, and Belle’ss plot to shatter Ric and Cassie’ss relationship becomes more devious, the high school is set on fire.

10:30 & 18:30 – Episode 4237 (also repeated at 07:35 on Tuesday 25th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 25th July 2006

The residents face another disaster when Sally and Belle are trapped inside the burning high school. Matilda’ss eating disorder reaches a dramatic crisis point.

Tuesday 25th August

18:00 – Episode 4401

Original Oz Airdate: 23rd April 2007

Kit’ss contractions grow stronger, but her journey to the hospital with Kim is foiled by traffic jams and the car spluttering to a halt. A concerned Tony and Alf go in search of them, but will they find them in time? Meanwhile, Jack puts his career in jeopardy in order to save Martha’ss skin.

10:30 & 18:30 – Episode 4462 (also repeated at 07:35 on Wednesday 26th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 17th July 2007

Sally is shocked when Brad proposes to her – she’ss not ready to take such a giant step. Brad is devastated and decides to go on a fishing trip with Alf, Jack, Ric and Dan, but when a storm capsizes their boat, all of their lives are in danger.

Wednesday 26th August

18:00 – Episode 4700
Original Oz Airdate: 7th August 2008
Jack and Martha decide to marry, but their wedded bliss may end in tragedy as Martha falls unconscious. Elliot kidnaps Nicole and takes her out on his boat. Geoff manages to tag along, but when Elliot returns from diving without Nicole and confronts Geoff with a spear gun, Geoff must dive into the sea. Meanwhile, Roman is confronted by a DVD of a bound and gagged Nicole with a message from Elliot that states: either drink a flask of liquid or never see Nicole again – Roman drinks, and collapses.

10:30 & 18:30 – Episode 4701 (also repeated at 07:35 on Thursday 27th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 25th August 2008

The doctors manage to revive Martha after she collapsed on her wedding day, but more tragedy lies in store. A search party is sent out to find Geoff and Nicole, who are stranded on a deserted island. Meanwhile, Roman wakes to find himself dangling from a rope over a precipice.

Thursday 27th August

18:00 – Episode 4702

Original Oz Airdate: 26th August 2008

An explosion rips through the Australian bush – has Elliot finally taken his deadly revenge on Roman? Meanwhile, Nicole’ss health deteriorates as she and Geoff struggle to survive on a deserted island. But a rescue effort can’st be mounted immediately because of an oncoming storm.

10:30 & 18:30 – Episode 4770 – 2008 Season Finale (also repeated at 07:35 on Friday 28th August)

Original Oz Airdate: 28th November 2008

Melody breaks Miles’s rules and goes to the school formal. But after becoming paranoid that everyone is laughing at her, Melody flees the school, only stopping to lock the doors behind her. She runs out in front of Kane’ss car, causing him to crash into the school. While panic reigns inside, Kane and his passengers, Annie and Jai, lie unconscious as petrol leaks from the car. Meanwhile, the constant fear of being attacked has Angelo on edge, and his paranoia leads to tragedy for Jack.

Friday 28th August

18:00 – Episode 4771 – 2009 Season Opener

Original Oz Airdate: 19th January 2009

Belle and Leah are trapped after Kane crashes his car into the school building while the school formal is in full swing. As fire spreads through the school hall, people attempt to escape, but the doors have been locked by Melody. Annie and Charlie must rescue Jai and Kane from the car before it explodes. Meanwhile, Martha becomes trapped in the burning building, and Angelo risks his life to save her, just as Tony discovers Jack’ss lifeless body, which was left for dead by Angelo.

10:30 & 18:30 – Episode 4772

Original Oz Airdate: 20th January 2009

Sitting next to Jack in hospital, Martha is unable to acknowledge the extent of the recent disaster, until she is comforted by Tony. Kane’ss survival is by no means certain as he remains unconscious after surgery, causing Kirsty to be sick with worry.

These details are correct at the time of writing, but please check back nearer the time for any changes. Current episodes of Home and Away return to Five on Monday 31st August.

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