May Editorial

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Is it really May already? 1/3 of the year has already passed us by in what feels like no time at all.

April brought with it a number of changes to the site, such as a revamped Multimedia section and Features index page. The Multimedia section has been completely cleaned out and sorted through, and now contains a number of older video clips which disappeared from the site over the years. We also fixed many broken links, so if you were having trouble downloading some of the clips from the site, chances are they’sll now work as they should.

We also added a number of new features, including Yearly Highlights, listing the various major events and storylines from years gone by. The 2000 season is currently up, with more seasons to be added soon. We also added Also Starring In…, allowing you to quickly find out where else you can see your favourite current Home and Away stars. It will be regularly updated as new cast projects are announced.

So, what can you expect from Back to the Bay in May? Well, as promised, we’sve started to reveal the results of our Most Popular Villain poll, and the results will continue to be revealed throughout May. Just who will be announced as Home and Away’ss most evil characters ever? As for what else we’sll be bringing you, well, it’ss a closely guarded secret! The sceptics among you may suspect that we simply haven’st planned the rest of our content for May yet… but we’sre simply trying to entice you back to the site on a daily basis by not revealing our plans 😉

Anyway, those of you in the right place in the world, enjoy the bank holiday. Those of you elsewhere, enjoy business as usual. Keep checking back daily for the latest Home and Away news, gossip and features, and I’sll be back with another editorial next month.

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