Also Starring In...

Posted on April 15, 2007 Categories Miscellaneous
You watch them every day on Home and Away, but if that's not enough for you, you can still catch them in various other films and TV shows. Find out where else you can see your favourite current Home and Away stars.

Kate Ritchie (Sally Fletcher)

She recently starred in
Mere Oblivion, a
7-minute short film directed by Burleigh Smith. She's also
the co-host of The Akmal Saleh Show with Kate Ritchie,
a two-hour afternoon programme on Australia's
Nova FM.

Campbell (Dan Baker)

At the moment, he's
taking part in the sixth series of
Dancing With the Stars,
and is currently favourite to win the show.

  Amy Matthews
(Rachel Armstrong)

She's soon to be starring in
Gabrial, the
release date for which is currently unknown. According to
IMDB, it tells the story of "an Arc Angel who fights to
bring light back to purgatory - a place where darkness rules
- and save the souls of the city's inhabitants."

  Paul O'Brien (Jack Holden)

He's starring as Gerald in a new film,
The Life
, currently in post-production. It's the story of
an obsessive man who finally gets the opportunity to execute
his obsessions, resulting in all hell breaking loose.
Editing of the movie was due to be completed in March 2007,
so more details of the film should be available soon.

Wakefield (Lucas Holden)

He has just completed filming on
The Black
, which is currently in post-production. He takes
a lead role, starring as Thomas, who undergoes an emotional
rollercoaster while caring for his autistic older brother.
It is reportedly scheduled to be released in Australia in