Five’s Statement

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Following the editing of last weeks Seaplane Crash in the UK, many forum members wrote in complaint to ‘sFive’s

Member ‘sukfanatic’s was the first to receive the following response:

Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding Home And Away.

We can confirm that edits were made to Monday evening’ss edition of Home And Away. The scenes we edited featured bodies being dragged from the wreckage. It was decided that to broadcast these scenes unedited would be insensitive to those affected by the recent attacks in London.

In our experience, broadcasting things that mirror recent atrocities causes widespread offence. We also know that editing programmes and films is not appreciated by many viewers. However, as a Public Service Broadcaster we must be mindful not to offend vast numbers of viewers.

There are currently no plans to broadcast this programme in a different time slot.

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