Stacey’s Apartment


After losing both her home and fiancé Philip Matheson in the fire at Celia’s Store in April 1989, Stacey Macklin went on to move into a two bedroom apartment elsewhere in Summer Bay, gaining a flatmate in the form of Andrew Foley.

There were no actual scenes showing the exterior of Stacey’s apartment during her tenure, and we believe it was only seen once via a stock shot in Episode 427.

Although various alterations and vegetation now make the location difficult to see, the house used for this shot still stands on Barrenjoey Road in the heart of Palm Beach village. It commands a prime position on Snapperman Beach overlooking Pittwater, and sits directly adjacent to the main car park for Palm Beach Wharf and other amenities. A short walk south along the beach will also bring you to the filming location for the Norfolk Boatshed.


1139 Barrenjoey Road
Palm Beach NSW 2108