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Chris J

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:lol: Observant aren't you? :P

They were pinned in Aus discussion and general discussion for over a month. ;p

The countdown has begun btw.

:o Really? How long ago?

There was a stage where I wasn't visiting as much :( Must of been then... How embaressing.

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Why doesn't that surprise me Lil :P

:o I'm offended

No... seriously I missed out on voting for Panda :(

I know! I would of voted for them too! :(

And Amanda and Graham :P Any marriage with Amanda in it will get my vote lol.

Wow... I'm really crushed I never voted.

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I never saw the poll. :P But i'll admit i've not been in the poll section for about a year.

Jack and Martha better be number one :ph34r: Who did actually vote? I swear everyone i've spoke to knew nothing about it. :P


Aaron I can't believe you're a Jack and Martha fan!

Well I know I never got the chance to vote, but I'm hoping Vinnie and Leah are first :P

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