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Chris J

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Well its the one you've been waiting for!

Behind the Scenes pictures and gossip has been added to the main site, with more entries to come!

Obviously general comments on the feature can go in here - but if you wish to discuss anything that you see in the pictures, please use the 'Spoiler' section!


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Wow, thanks Dan! for spending a day of your Holiday on location. Mind you, there would have been very stern words from me 'boy' :lol::P . If you had not spend at least one day on location and got us some spoilers :P . Even thou you suffered a bit, been a tad cold and hungry and tired towards the end of your day.

I'd like to say thanks a million chuck for doing this. Hmmm so many thoughts abt what you said and shown us.

EDIT: Wow you had a sneek peep, at the episodes which are 40 eps away(for Aussies) ... wow coooooool

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Great photos of Rhys and Lincoln. Have you ever considered taking up stalking as a profession :P?

Seriously though, thanks for that. The thing about the police car is really interesting. And I imagine reeeallly irritating to have to do EVERY time... You'd think they could just keep a car there, and give a heads up to the locals about it not being real. There aren't that many roads in the filming places of Palm Beach, I don't think... Ooh they could keep it in the "surf club" :). To hell with the lifesavers and their boat, they've had their turn!

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