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Actors who auditioned for other roles

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Tim Campbell auditioned for Peter Baker before getting the part of his brother Dan.

Lincoln Lewis auditioned for Ric Dalby.

Ben Unwin auditioned for Liam.

I could definitely see Kevin in either role though, but I suspect they wanted younger actors to play the Sutherland parents. Kevin would have been in his early 50s at the time, and Michael Beckley would have been in his late 30s/early 40s I suspect. But then maybe they would have cast a different Shelley had Kevin played Rhys?

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On 25/06/2020 at 14:32, Sally Keating said:

She was great as Roo but sadly for Justine, playing a villain (and the audience reaction to that) affected her badly resulting in such an early exit. It may have worked out better for us had she played another part and someone else played Roo, who may have stayed on longer. I often wonder how different the show may have been had Roo stayed on. Her exit always feels like it comes way too early for me.

In this old TV movie, a younger Justine looks a lot like Helena Bozich (Lynn). So I could actually see her playing Lynn. It also features a very young Rebekah Elmaloglou (Sophie, also in the trailer) and Mouche Phillips (Viv), and probably others.


Me too. Not sure about storylines, but In my opinion she would've been friends with Bobby, considering that appeared to be the direction it was going when Roo returned for Duncan's christening. I think eventually the character would've left at some point to move to the city, but would've been seen more frequently.

I think Alex Papps left too soon as well, but from his interviews, he was also having a hard time with the fame aspect of being an actor in a show with a yound demographic. 

I've always thought that shows with teen actors should also invest in counseling services for them to ensure they are handling the fame well, or at the very least advise them on what to expect. 

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On 06/07/2020 at 22:01, adam436 said:

Or maybe Ken Smith? Ken was a major character in the sense in he was a regular, even though he only lasted a year or so

A bit longer if you add up his ghost visits 

Also Zac Drayson went out for the part of Tom Nash

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