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Summer Bay Merch Hits Stores


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Not gonna lie ... it doesn't look terrible? :ph34r: Someone's been doing their market research.

Remember that time H&A tried to bring out a clothing line through Kmart? (My fifteen year old self I did buy one of the tank tops ...)

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So @Ludub can back me up on this - this was clearly posted a week early on facebook and deleted swiftly afterwards. I tagged my friend in it when I saw it (very early in the morning) and when I asked him he said he didn't see it. I could not find any trace of it anywhere, and I genuinely ended up making myself believe I had dreamt it....Until I finally saw it again a week later.

It's some really nice stuff though so I'm definitely going to buy a few things for Xmas pressies. My mum wants one signed by everyone. Hope I can manage those high expectations. 


EDIT: Also, are any of you able to tell me (I know, I live local I can find out for myself and I will if nobody knows) if these are just available online or if we can get them in the merch shops in Palm Beach? 

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13 minutes ago, pembie said:

I'm only interested if they sell a life sized Billie doll :lol::wub: Or maybe a Brody chef outfit with some of his posh fancy food then I can pretend I can cook

Haha! For a second there, I thought you wanted a life size Brody doll too. I thought, 'my, he has varied taste' :lol:

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