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  1. Oh how scary! Poor Kyle! Hope they can find a match soon. Kyle needs to wise up about this and let his family help him. Glad Ricky made him see sense! If I had a family member that needed a kidney I'd be getting tested! How are they meant to just sit there and watch him die?!
  2. Glad Kyle has forgiven Phoebe. He really was being very silly, and unfortunately he's created a very big mess for himself. His kidney failure is largely a result of his own stupidity. I get that he's a teenager and they're generally not great at making sensible decisions, but he did know that he had a problem. He allowed this to get out of control and now the reality is that he might need dialysis long term. I do feel sorry for him, but it is also his own fault.
  3. Oh what a beautiful ending! That really brought a tear to my eye! So lovely that Heath got to apologise and Kyle got to tell him that he didn't resent him in the first place. He can really move on now. It doesn't matter that no-one else believes him, he knows what he saw. And so sweet that they named the baby after Kyle. Lovely! Just lovely! Thank you so much for sharing! xx
  4. If only life was that simple... Of course, from Justin, whoever Martha was crying about, and Denny's perspective, it isn't.
  5. Slightly disturbing scene there, a partly born baby (half in, half out? ) being taunted by a candy (and seemingly dummy) stealing Josh. He should not be down the 'business end' while she's giving birth! Why is he always a particularly odd criminal (with really weird fetishes) in all your stories? Pretty funny that Ben's pretty much pointing Brody at Ziggy in this, and giving them his blessing to go at it! And I love Brax and all his 'eh's Arrested for being a grumpy pants and a Grinch?!! Oh no! Guess I'd better watch myself then! I wouldn't want Kat breaking down my door. That woman annoys me. I kinda wish she was the one that got punched in the nose, and not Ash. Merry Christmas to you too Pembie, and thanks as always for giving us a glimpse into the wondrously weird world that you seem to inhabit. Lol!
  6. Emmmmm okay????? So, two out of three of the wise men aren't very chivalrous (I knew Justin wouldn't let me down) Ben and Tori working together in some strange collaboration of cooking and building is... random to say the least. And what nativity story would be complete without demonic sheep? And ewwww indeed! nice image there Pembie, thanks for that!
  7. Hahaha! I'm kind of glad I saved this for this morning's bus ride to work. I'm making a bit of a show of myself giggling but it's worth it. What is it with you and hair??? You do seem to have quite an interest in Ash's flowing blonde locks, and in a certain 'someone's' floppy dark hair. Should I be buying you a wig for Christmas? haha! King Ash, eh? With a strangely brotherly liking for Billie haha! The relationship between Ash and April /Bianca, and Heath /April is.... weird (to say the least) So little Heath has the hots for his biological aunt? Ewww! Love the other two kings not being there to steal Ash's gold... nothing like that. And Alf is the abominable snowman (and Santa), and apparently has digestive problems brought on by the excessive and exclusive consumption of Brussel sprouts? Well, that would make anyone a grumpy bottom, wouldn't it?! Oh, Pembie, thank you so much for cheering up my morning! Delightfully weird as always!
  8. Can you?! I'd be interested to see that!
  9. Well Kat certainly got rid of the cancer cluster! That's one way to go about it! haha! Matt and Roo as a randy couple?! (wherever did you get that idea? lol) and who is this 'angel' with the cocky little head tilt? (Is it who I think it is? ...Do I need to hunt for the answer? haha!) Weird, as always...
  10. hahaha! Love this! Particularly liked the 'bitch alert' Loved Billie's sarcasm too! VJ deserved it, he was being quite the plonker here, wasn't he?! And Brody's camp 'oooh Mr VJ' really made me laugh. Made me think of something from 'Are you being served?' I know I often write him as gay but I don't think he's usually quite this camp?! haha! NIce of VJ to bribe Brody with an armful of his own bread too! Very funny!
  11. Well you did say 'could' tear the bay apart... Apparently not
  12. Kyle is being very stubborn and silly. Phoebe did the right thing (eventually) and if she hadn't, he'd probably be dead. As it is, things don't look good. Nice little detail that Kyle experienced an aura (the gasoline smell) before having his seizure.
  13. Oh my goodness! Mason really does have it bad for Beth, doesn't he?! Allowing her to flutter into his room every night and drain him of blood?! ( Or suck him dry. I saw what you did there ) Nice twist on the 'bird on the window sill' scenes by the way. Raffy was right in pretty much every way in that little scene she had with him. Mason is weird and not just because he's happy to have sex with a vampire, or has Little Mix posters on his wall. but because he brags to his little sister about getting blowjobs. She's right, that is gross! At least the other Morgans have stumbled upon career paths that suit them better. Tori's a pretty crap doctor who misses all the signs that Mason is probably dying (possibly because she's more interested in exploding guts?) and Brody's had enough of being a clown and has decided to make dinner for everyone instead. All's well that ends well eh?! Now... if only Raffy could get that spider web out of her hair. Thanks for sharing Pembie. Weird. So very weird. haha!
  14. Hahaha! Can't say I'm in any way sorry. I did find Tori fantasising about brushing Ash's golden locks like a My Little Pony very funny. Especially since he'd just been eaten right in front of her eyes. And Mason completely losing control and just shooting at anything and everything is actually scarily in character! (Also, is it bad that I'm kinda pleased he killed Beth?) And finally Brody really is a wimp in this, isn't he??! I've said it before, and Ill say it again, THIS. IS. BONKERS!
  15. Billie's got some serious skills to get in and out of the prison unnoticed like that! And all for a bit of 'special time' with Kyle! Did she get in the same way that Ash did? Through the air vents? Did he draw her a map? Surprising that Mick backed off as easily as he did but it's nice that things have worked out so well for everyone Kyle's got the family he always wanted.
  16. I don't know why, but the name Timothy for a lion just make me laugh... Is there some significance there that I don't know of (I'm a bit behind with the show) It certainly sounds like Robbo got the better deal out of the three of them. Living with lions in the jungle doesn't sound too bad, when the alternative is being snatched from your bathroom and taken to some sort of underworld, or having an icicle rammed through your head These are very unusual case files!
  17. Kyle seems to have found his feet very easily on his return to Summer Bay, with everyone welcoming him with open arms, and telling him how much they prefer him to his brothers... That's nice. Sounds like he's in the money too! And well sorted for staff, what with Brody being happy to take a job in his old restaurant, and Matt having ditched his girlfriend and his sister to come back home. Feel bad for Ellie having to go back to Aunt May though. Nice one shot.
  18. I echo Red's thoughts on this one. Bonkers, utterly bonkers! I'm beginning to wonder whether I've fallen into Brody's imagination myself! Heath and Kyle as garden gnomes (of the 'River') has to be one of the most random things ever, but I enjoyed their squabbling. Love the 'Buddy-verse' view in this story, with everything being solved by a tummy rub (haha!) but it took me a while to realise that Justin and Scarlett have been shrunk and Buddy is still his normal size (Very 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids', lol!) Does Ash look like Orlando Bloom?! Or is that just how Tori sees him? I think you've got her fawning behaviour down to a tee in this! And finally, Kat and Mason (the vainest characters on the show) end up in a hellish hall of mirrors, presumably where they're going to get their comeuppance? Nuts... Just completely nuts! Sometimes I worry for your sanity! hahaha!
  19. Well..... Kat is doing a bang up job! Not worried about who stole her gun (again!) because she's packing much more impressive heat in the boot of her car? Okay then... I'm wondering now what actually happened to Zannis, Robbo, and Lena, unlike Kat (who couldn't be bothered reading the case file!) Not sure why McCarthy would be worried about case files getting dirty when he runs such a shoddy operation himself. If the very best cop he has is Kat Chapman then god save us! And it is indeed a pity that Raffy's rescue plan went wrong. It all seemed so simple! That was until Brody's imagination threw up a completely different challenge! This story is so weird... Loving it though! haha!
  20. Oh, I really enjoyed this very different chapter! As you say, very dark (especially for you). Interesting that Brody's coping mechanisms have manifested in real life to defend him and his mother against an abusive father. But that begs the question, did he kill his dad himself? And this whole clown thing is his way of coping with the guilt? Love that it's blind Freddie too! And Decker is indeed an interesting choice as Brody's dad. Love this!
  21. Ah, Kat at her absolute best. The sad thing is, this is 100% accurate. Kat would sell anyone down the river if she thought it would advance her career, while being simultaneously the most ridiculously rubbish cop the Bay has ever seen. The fact that she still thinks she can flirt with Ash, having betrayed him, is absolutely the Kat we all know and hate. Love your description of her smugness. Leaving a loaded weapon lying around wouldn't be at all out of character for her either, and she probably would get a pat on the back from McCarthy for it. So true... And I especially love the glimpse of Mason as his weird and unhinged self. Getting ready to go down the police station and wreak some havoc, all in the name of his unbridled love for... Beth, was it?
  22. Oooh! Interesting! So, this is all taking place inside Brody's twisted subconscious? He's the one partially controlling this? Marilyn as a demonic hairdresser is an interesting development. Love your description of her. More old H&A than the current incarnation, isn't she? I liked you bringing in the pepperpot! I'm glad my hairdresser doesn't decide my haircuts that way (or pour molten lava on my head) Does Beth have particularly special hair? (or is that the point?)
  23. I take it Buddy's barking at his own reflection?! It must be very annoying having to put up with the whims of these pesky humans. I can definitely see things from his point of view. I often think my dad's dog is looking at me with misgivings when we sit down to eat our lovely dinner and then scoop her out some cold jellied dog food. It makes you wonder why she's so happy to see us all the time. Stockholm syndrome? ....sorry went off on my own little tangent there... back to your story... Loved the return of weird obsessive stalker Mason. We haven't seen him for a while. And I liked your little dig at Justin being a (very) part-time mechanic. Is he ever at that garage??!!
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