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  1. I swear i've seen her in a couple of commercials.
  2. She was the last of the good over the top villains. Compared to the more recent rubbish like Jade or Charlotte. In fact all villains these days, female anyway, are just written as 50% Eve, 50% Angie.
  3. I thought actually songs still played in background in like the diner and surf club on occasion
  4. But don't 7 own it? I heard it had a bit to do with Music as well. Could be wrong.
  5. Lucky you. Sadly it's like 30% boring, 30% crap, 30% alright, 10% good.
  6. That's why he was annoying, such a goody two shoes. Ugh. True. I like to block Ash from my mind.
  7. Most annoying male character since Nate.
  8. I give it 2 months till he breaks the law.
  9. Willow Ranger? LOL. When will Rita Repulsa turn up?
  10. It is strange that a well established character like Irene has changed so much recently. It's odd to say the least. I don't why exactly? Lazy writing i guess. Don't they have a "bible" with stuff written down to use as a template if needed? Most soaps do.
  11. I honestly don't remember any of this, mainly because where Melody is concerned i try to block it out.
  12. Someone to fill that void. There aren't many characters who other characters can turn to for advice. At least how some characters are written these days anyway.
  13. If he retires (okay, so more a question of when) i'd like them to bring someone back (who'd wanna come back long term) It's just a question of who...
  14. Interesting character so far. Pity her X-Men sounding name is so idiotic.
  15. Can he please get custody of Luc and go away to start somewhere fresh? Or just kill him off i don't care at this point Utter deadwood.
  16. So do, i Will McDonald could act. Unlike others i could mention...
  17. No. Mainly because i live in Sydney
  18. 13 huh? Getting to that age when you are all moody and think you know everything. I guess we go hang out at the shops by ourselves now though
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